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Newmills Presbyterian Graveyard


Here Lieth the remains of George Adamson, late of Ballydougan, who departed this life 30th September 1805 aged 42 years. Also Eleanor his daughter who departed this life, 30th June 1829 aged 30 years. Also Mary Adamson, wife to the above named George who departed this life 15 July 1835 aged 72 years. Also Robert Adamson son of the above named who departed this life 8th February 1847 aged 59 years. Also his daughter-in-law Mary Adamson who departed this life 1st September 1872 aged 78 years. Also George Adamson son of the above named George and Mary Adamson, who departed this life 4 November 1911 aged 87 years. Also his wife Mary Adamson who died 26 January 1918 aged 86 years. Also their daughter Mary Eliza, died 11th April 1963.

In Loving Memory of John Adamson of Ballydougan who died 13th July 1889 aged 77 yrs. Also his wife Elizabeth Ann who died 21st December 1897 aged 77 yrs and their children. Elizabeth died in infancy, Martha Jane died 8th March 1863 aged 22, Francis died 31st May 1870 aged 21, Robert died 20th Oct. 1876 aged 32, Sarah died 16th Aug. 1884 aged 22, John George died 12th June 1890 aged 43, Margaretta died 16th June 1890 aged 37, Lizzie died 15th Dec. 1902 aged 51, James died 13th Feb.1920 aged 76, William died 25th March 1920 aged 67, Henry died 19th Aug. 1925 aged 67, Thomas Lowry died 12th Sept.1926 aged 69, Annie died 7th Feb.1935 aged 75. Also Annie Moore wife of above Thomas Lowry Adamson died 26th Dec. 1932 aged 75.

Erected by the Congregation of Newmills in Testimony of their sincere regard for their first Pastor the Rev. William Agnew who died on the 5th of December 1836 aged 71 years. Having been a faithful zealous and efficient Minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ amongst them for the period of 10 years.
The righteous shall be in lasting remembrance.



Erected by Elizabeth Boyce in Loving memory of her husband William Boyce of Ballydougan who died 14th January 1911 Aged 59 yrs. The above Elizabeth who died 4th February 1925 aged 65 yrs Also Agnes Boyce who died 23rd December 1940 aged 79 yrs.

Erected by his children in Loving Memory of their father James Brown who died 11th Oct.1896 aged 75 yrs. Also their Mother Jane Brown who died 31st May 1909 aged 84 yrs. Also Sarah Fitzsimons daughter of the above named who died 2nd April 1943 aged 77 yrs. Also their son Thomas Brown of Canada Royal Oak who died 31st December 1946 aged 84 yrs.



In Affectionate Remembrance of Deborah the beloved wife of James Doak Gilford who departed this life June 25th 1895 aged 74 yrs and of Annie Doak daughter of James and Deborah Doak who died 27th Oct.1907 aged 50yrs. Also of the above James Doak who died 27th Feb.1912 in his 90th year. And their son Joseph Doak who died 3rd Nov. 1928 aged 73 yrs. Also their daughter Elizabeth Doak who died 25th March 1927 aged 76 yrs

Erected to the Memory of William Doak who departed this life 11th day of February 1910 aged 84yrs and of his wife Jane Doak who died 3rd June 1906 aged 79 yrs. Also Jane Elizabeth Doak who died 29th May 1940 aged 76 yrs. James Alexander Doak J.P. who died 17th April 1959 aged 90 yrs. Also David Percival Doak who died 10th March 1973 aged 76 yrs. Also his wife Alice Grace died 6th May 1977.



Erected by James Fulton In memory of his mother Elizabeth who died 7th March 1863 aged 62 years.



Erected by Alexander Hamilton of Ballydougan, In memory of his daughter Ann Jane Hamilton who died 25th March 1847 aged 24yrs. Also his wife Sarah Hamilton who died 26th February 1860 aged 76 yrs. Also the above named Alexander Hamilton who died 17th April 1864 aged 81 yrs. Also his grandson Alexander Hamilton who died 15th December 1876 aged 21 yrs Also his son Alexander Hamilton who died 9th December 1878 aged 62 years. Also his daughter in law Ann Hamilton who died 25th February 1889 aged 55 years.



Joseph Kennedy of Ballynagarrick died 2nd January 1892 aged 85 yrs in a full age like as a shock of corn cometh in in its season. Hannah his wife died 8th August 1895 aged 83yrs. James their eldest son died in Derby 28th April 1876 aged 33 yrs. George Henry the third son died in Blackburn 21st March 1878 aged 32 yrs. Hannah the younger daughter died 13th February 1872 aged 21 yrs. Eliza Jane the elder daughter wife of Joseph Macoun died 11th May 1895 aged 48yrs. Interred in Seagoe. William the second son died 14th March 1913 aged 69yrs. Interred in Brooklands Cheshire. Joseph Edward their youngest son died 16th February 1927 aged 74 yrs. Interred in Brooklands Cheshire.

Erected in memory of James Kennedy of Ballydougan died June 21st 1838 aged 68yrs William Kennedy his son died May 24th1827 aged 17 yrs. Also Margaret Kennedy wife of the above named James died February 27 1860 aged 87 yrs. Also George Kennedy his son died January 20th 1867 aged ?58 yrs and here also lies the remains of Henry Kennedy son of the above named who departed this life in the ??? 18?? aged 60yrs.



Erected by Alexander Maxwell of Bleary in Loving memory of his wife Jane who departed this life 1st April 1828 aged 79 yrs Also his two children Robert and Jennie who died in childhood. Also the above named Alexander Maxwell who departed this life 16th November 1932 aged 84 yrs. Also his son Joseph Thomas who departed this life 27th April 1945 aged 57 yrs.

Erected in Loving memory of George McCormick who died 15th May 1900 aged 47 years by his wife Annie McCormick. The above Annie McCormick died 11th January 1945 aged 74 years.

Erected by Her children in memory of their Loving mother Mary McMurran who departed this life 16th March 1891 aged 54 years. Also her daughter Ellen aged 18 months. Also her son James McMurran who died 25th June 1900 aged 25 years. Also her husband Richard McMurran aged 82 and Eliza McMurran.



Erected by the Congregation of Newmills in Loving memory of Rev. James Orr who for 38 years was their faithful and devoted Minister born 9th December 1813 Died 4th May 1888. Also his wife Margaret died 20th August 1872 aged 48 yrs and their daughter Annie Charlotte died 31st August 1879 aged 16 yrs.



In Loving memory of Deborah Park who departed this life 14th February 1885 aged 78 yrs. Also her son Samuel Park M.D. who died 5th March 1878 aged 31 yrs. Also George Kent Park who died 29th March 1894 aged 47 yrs. Also James Park who died 2nd May 1906 aged 65 yrs. Also Joshua Park who died 27th April 1923 aged 81 yrs. Also William John Park who died 31st March 1920 aged 86 yrs. Also Ann Jane Park who died 8th June 1925 aged 77 yrs.



Erected by Lewis J Spence In Loving Memory of his beloved wife Sarah Jane (Janie) who died 3rd December 1938 Also the above named Lewis J Spence who died 18th August 1947 also his beloved wife Matilda Jane who died 2nd February 1981

In Loving Memory of our dear parents DAVID STURGEON died 15th February 1925 MARY STURGEON died 1st March 1942 Also their daughter MARGARET WEIR Died 19th January 1970 And their daughter MARY ELLEN STURGEON Died 25th January 1981.



Erected by his wife and family In Loving Memory of Samuel James Watson who died 25th July 1955 aged 92 years Also his beloved wife Alicia Watson who died 10th February 1957 Also their son Samuel James Watson who died 21st March 2001 aged 76 years

In Loving Memory of ROBERT GEORGE WILSON The Bungalow Who died 1st February 1951 Also his wife MARY JANE who died 4th June 1958

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