Tithe Applotments for Montiaghs 1833
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Name Townland
Maguran, Thomas Ardmore
Magurran, Daniel Derryvicassie
Magurran, James Derryadda
Malcomson, Nancy Derryloste
Mallan, John Derryinver
Matchet, James Derryadda
Mathers, Henry Derrytagh
Mathers, Henry Derrytrasna
McAuney, Widow ??? Ardmore
McBride, James Ballynary
McCann, Arthur Derryinver
McCann, Arthur Derrytrasna
McCann, Bernard Ballynary
McCann, Bernd. Derryinver
McCann, George Ballynary
McCann, George Derrytagh
McCann, Henry Ballynary
McCann, Hugh Ballynary
McCann, Hugh Derrytagh
McCann, James Derrycorr
McCann, John Derryvicassie
McCann, Luke Derryinver
McCann, Mathew Derryvicassie
McCann, Patrick Ballynary
McCann, Patrick Derryinver
McCann, Thomas Derryinver
McCarvill, James Ballynary
McCarvill, John Ballynary
McCaughelly, Daniel Derrycorr
McCaughelly, James Ballynary
McCaughelly, John Ballynary
McCaughelly, John Derryloste
McCaughelly, John Derrytrasna
McCaughelly, Mary Derrytrasna
McCaughelly, Widow ??? Ballynary
McCaughilly, Edward Ballynary
McCawley, Ann Derryadda
McCawley, Samuel Derryadda
McClelland, Francis Derryinver
McClelland, William Derryinver
McCluskey, Edward Ballynary
McCluskey, John Ballynary
McCluskey, Mary Ballynary
McComb, Joseph Derryadda
McComb, Richard Derryadda
McConnell, Patrick Derrytrasna
McConnell, Widow ??? Ballynary
McConnell, William Ballynary
McConvill, Bernd., Jr. Ballynary
McConvill, Bernd., Sr. Ballynary
McConvill, David Derryadda
McConvill, John Ballynary
McConvill, Patrick Ballynary
McConvill, Thomas Derryinver
McCorry, Henry Derryinver
McCorry, James Derryinver
McDonald, Alexr. Derryloste
McDonald, David Derryinver
McDonald, Eneas Derryloste
McDonald, Eneas Derrytrasna
McDonald, Henry Derrytrasna
McDonald, James Derrytrasna
McDonald, James Derryvicassie
McIlduff, Bernard Ballynary
McIlduff, James Ballynary
McIlduff, James Derryadda
McIlduff, John Ballynary
McKeown, John Derrytrasna
McKinney, John Derryinver
McKinney, Michael Derryinver
McKonkey, John Derryadda
McLeduff, Eleanor Derryvicassie
McLeduff, James Derryadda
McLeduff, John Derryvicassie
McLeduff, Margt. Derrytagh
McLeduff, Michael Derryvicassie
McLeduff, William Derrytagh
McLinden, James Derrytagh
McLindon, James Derrycorr
McLindon, John Derryloste
McLindon, Patrick Derryadda
McLindon, Patrick Derrytrasna
McLindon, William Derrytrasna
McMahan, Hugh Derrytagh
McMahan, John Derrycorr
McMahan, John Derrytrasna
McMahan, John, Sr. Derrytrasna
McMahan, Patrick Derrytrasna
McMahon, Patrick Derrytrasna
McMahon, Redmond Derrytrasna
McMahon, Widow ??? Derrytrasna
McMurtagh, James Derryvicassie
McQueelan, James Ballynary
McShane, Hugh Derryadda
McSherry, Hugh Ardmore
McStravock, Dynes Derrytagh
McStravock, Hugh Derrytrasna
McStravock, John Derrytagh
McStravock, Neal Derrytagh
McStravock, Patrick Derrytagh
McStravock, Widow ??? Derrytagh
McTamney, Henry Ballynary
McTamney, Margt. Derryvicassie
McTamney, Sarah Derryvicassie
McVeagh, Eleanor Ballynary
McVeagh, John Ballynary
McVeagh, John Derryadda
Mercer, Wm. Derryadda
Midkiff, Joseph Derryinver
Midkiff, Richard Derryinver
Midkiff, William Derryinver
Mooney, Hugh Ardmore
Moore, Henry Derryadda
Mulholland, George Derryvicassie
Mullan, Patrick Derrycorr
Murphy, Alexander Derryinver
Murphy, Alexr. Derryadda
Murphy, Ann Derryadda
Murphy, Edward Derryadda
Murphy, Landers Derryadda
Murphy, Robert Ardmore
Murphy, Robert Derryinver
Murphy, Widow ??? Derryadda
Murray, David Derrytrasna
Murray, Edward Derrytrasna
Murray, John Derryloste
Murray, Mesich. Derryinver
Murray, Widow ??? Derryloste
Murray, William Derrytrasna
Neeson, David Ballynary
Neeson, Margt. Derrytagh
Nesbitt, James Ballynary
Nowlan, William Ballynary
O'Brien, Edward Derryloste
O'Brien, John Derryloste
O'Brien, Patrick Derryloste
O'Neill, Edward, Sr. Ballynary
O'Neill, Edwd., Jr. Ballynary
O'Neill, Felix Derrycorr
O'Neill, Henry Ballynary
O'Neill, Hugh Ballynary
O'Neill, James Derrycorr
O'Neill, James Derrytrasna
O'Neill, Jane Derrytagh
O'Neill, John Ballynary
O'Neill, John Derrytrasna
O'Neill, John Derryvicassie
O'Neill, Michael Derrytagh
O'Neill, Neal Derrycorr
O'Neill, Neal Derrytagh
O'Neill, Patrick Derrycorr
O'Neill, Roger Ballynary
Orson, James Derryinver
Owens, James Derryloste
Parks, David Ardmore
Parks, Mathew Ardmore
Pickeran, James Ardmore
Pickeran, John Ardmore
Pickeran, Richd. Ardmore
Quinn, John Ardmore
Quinn, Patrick Derryadda
Reid, Bernard, Sr. Derrytrasna
Reid, John, Jr. Derrytrasna
Reid, John, Sr. Derrytrasna
Richardson, John Derryinver
Richardson, Margt. Derryinver
Richardson, Robert Derryinver
Richardson, William Derryinver
Richmond, Alexr. Derryloste
Robb, James Ballynary
Robb, William Ballynary
Robinson, Joseph Ardmore
Rock, Dennis Derrytrasna
Ruddell, George Derryloste
Ruddell, George Derryvicassie
Ruddell, John Derryadda
Ruddell, Samuel Derryadda
Ruddell, Thomas Derryvicassie
Russell, Felix Ballynary
Russell, William Derryadda
Scullian, John Derryvicassie
Scullian, Thomas Derryvicassie
Scullion, James Derryadda
Scullion, Jerry Derryadda
Scullion, John Derryadda
Scullion, Thomas Derryadda
Sergeans, William Derryinver
Sharkey, James, Jr. Derrytrasna
Sharkey, James, Sr. Derrytrasna
Simonton, Alexr. Derryinver
Simonton, Joseph Derryadda
Simonton, Widow ??? Derryinver
Small, Hugh Derrytagh
Small, John, Jr. Derrytagh
Small, John, Sr. Derrytagh
Smith, John Derrycorr
Stevenson, Ann Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Christopher Derryadda
Stevenson, Christopher Derryvicassie
Stevenson, Christr. Derryadda
Stevenson, Christy Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Christy. Derryadda
Stevenson, Edwd. Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Edwd., Jr. Derrytrasna
Stevenson, John Ardmore
Stevenson, John, Jr. Derrytrasna
Stevenson, John, Sr. Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Judith Derrytrasna
Stewart, Dennis Derryvicassie
Stewart, Henry Derryvicassie
Tate, James Ardmore
Tate, John Ardmore
Tate, Samuel Derryadda
Tate, Samuel Derryvicassie
Tate, William Derryvicassie
Teigh, Charles Derrytagh
Tennison, John Derryloste
Thompson, Bernd. Ballynary
Thompson, Catherine Ardmore
Thompson, John Ardmore
Thompson, Margt. Ardmore
Turk, James Derryadda
Turk, William Derrytrasna
Turkington, David Derryinver
Turkington, David Derrytrasna
Turkington, Henry Derryinver
Turkington, Hugh Derryinver
Turkington, James Derryinver
Turkington, James Derryloste
Turkington, James Derrytrasna
Turkington, James, Jr. Derryinver
Turkington, John Derryinver
Turkington, John Derryloste
Turkington, Joseph Derrytrasna
Turkington, Oliver Derryloste
Turkington, Robert Derryinver
Turkington, Samuel Derryloste
Turkington, Widow ??? Derryloste
Turkinton, David Derryinver
Turkinton, John Derryinver
Turtington, William Derryloste
Walker, John Derryloste
Walsh, Arthur Derryloste
Walsh, Henry Derrycorr
Walsh, James Derrytrasna
Walsh, Patrick Derryloste
Walsh, Richard Derrycorr
Walsh, William Derryloste
Wilkinson, Barthw. Derryinver
Wilkinson, Christopher Derryinver
Wilkinson, Robert Derryinver
Wilkinson, Thomas Derryinver
Wilson, Francis Derryinver
Wilson, John Derryinver
Wilson, Joseph Derryadda
Wilson, Richard, Sr. Derryinver
Wilson, Robert Derryinver
Wilson, Thomas Derryinver
Wilson, Widow Jane Derryinver
Wilson, William Derryinver
Wright, Thomas Derryinver

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