Tithe Applotments for Montiaghs 1833
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Name Townland
Abraham, Alexr. Derryadda
Abraham, Christr. Derryadda
Abraham, George Derryadda
Abraham, John Ballynary
Abraham, John Derryadda
Abraham, Robert Derryadda
Abraham, Robert Derryvicassie
Abraham, Robert, Jr. Derryadda
Abraham, Sarah Derryadda
Addy, John Derryinver
Addy, Widow ??? Derryinver
Addy, William Derryinver
Armstrong, William Ardmore
Bannon, Mary Derryloste
Barnett, John Derryvicassie
Baxter, George Derryinver
Blair, Robert Ballynary
Blair, Thomas Ballynary
Breen, Mary Derryinver
Breen, Widow ??? Derrytagh
Brown, James Derryvicassie
Brownlow, ??? Derrytagh
Brownlow, Charles Derrytagh
Brownlow, Charles, Esq. Ballynary
Brownlow, Charles, Esq. Derrytagh
Brownlow, Charls., Esq. Ardmore
Brownlow, Charls., Esq. Derryinver
Brownlow, Charls., Esq. Derryloste
Brownlow, Chars., Esq. Derryadda
Brownlow, Chars., Esq. Derryvicassie
Brownlow, Chas., Esq. Derrytrasna
Byrne, Francis Derrytagh
Byrne, Patrick Derrytagh
Caddle, Henry Ballynary
Caddle, Hugh Ballynary
Caddle, James Ballynary
Caddle, Richard Ballynary
Call, Elizabeth Derryadda
Campbell, George Derryvicassie
Campbell, James Derrytrasna
Campbell, John Ballynary
Canovan, Richard Ballynary
Carberry, James Ballynary
Carvill, Patrick Ballynary
Carvill, Patrick Derryvicassie
Cassidy, Henry Ballynary
Castles, Alexanr., Sr. Derryvicassie
Castles, Dawson Derryvicassie
Castles, John Derryvicassie
Castles, John, Jr. Derryadda
Castles, John, Sr. Derryadda
Castles, William Ballynary
Castles, William Derryadda
Caulfield, Jane Ballynary
Caulfield, John Derrytrasna
Clearon, Arthur Derryinver
Clearon, Hugh Derryinver
Cochrane, James Derrytagh
Cochrane, John Derrytagh
Corner, Charles Derryinver
Corner, Christopher Derryinver
Corner, Christopher, Jr. Derryinver
Corner, Christopher, Sr. Derryinver
Corner, Edward Derryinver
Corner, Eleanor Derryinver
Corner, Jane Derryloste
Corner, John Derryloste
Corner, Richard Derryinver
Corner, Widow Jane Derrytrasna
Corner, William Derryinver
Cournay, John Derrycorr
Courtney, Robert Derryinver
Craig, Thomas Derryinver
Craney, Bernard Derryvicassie
Crossey, John Derrytagh
Crossey, Owen Ballynary
Cull, Widow ??? Derryadda
Cunningham, John Derryvicassie
Devlin, Felix Derrytagh
Devlin, John Ballynary
Devlin, Mary Ballynary
Donaldson, David Ardmore
Donnelly, Arthur Derryloste
Donnelly, Christy. Ballynary
Donnelly, Eleanor Derrytrasna
Donnelly, Henry Derryinver
Donnelly, John Derryloste
Donnelly, Thomas Derrytrasna
Doone, Daniel Derryvicassie
Doone, Edwd. Derryvicassie
Doone, James Derryvicassie
Doone, James, Jr. Derryvicassie
Doone, James, Sr. Derryvicassie
Doone, Murtagh Derryvicassie
Doran, John Derryadda
Dougan, Bernard Ardmore
Doyle, Hugh Derrytagh
Doyle, John Derrytagh
Drone, John Ballynary
Duffey, Patrick Derryloste
Dynes, Acheson Derrytagh
Dynes, Alexr. Ballynary
Dynes, Arthur Derryadda
Dynes, Henry Ballynary
Dynes, James Ballynary
Dynes, John Ballynary
Dynes, John Derrycorr
Dynes, Richard Derrytagh
Dynes, Val. Derrytagh
Dynes, Widow Mary Ballynary
Dynes, William Ballynary
Dynes, William Derrytagh
Emerson, George Ardmore
Emerson, Joseph Ardmore
Emerson, William Ardmore
Falloon, Neal Derrytrasna
Falloon, Peter Derrytrasna
Farrell, Charles, Jr. Ballynary
Farrell, Charles, Sr. Ballynary
Farrell, Henry Ballynary
Farrell, James Ballynary
Farrell, John Ballynary
Farrell, John, Jr. Ballynary
Farrell, John, Sr. Ballynary
Farrell, Stephen Ballynary
Fleming, James Derrytrasna
Ford, James, Esq. Ballynary
Ford, James, Esq. Derryadda
Ford, James, Esq. Derryvicassie
Forquar, Cathrine Derryinver
Forquar, Robert Derryinver
Fox, Charles Derrytrasna
Gibson, James Ardmore
Gibson, Joseph Derryinver
Gibson, Thomas Ardmore
Goorley, James Derryinver
Goorley, Thomas Derryinver
Green, George Ardmore
Hagan, James Derrytagh
Halls, Mr. ??? Derrytagh
Hamill, Arthur Derryinver
Hamill, Bernard Derryinver
Hamill, Henry Derrycorr
Hamill, James Derrycorr
Hamill, John Derryinver
Hamill, Michael Derrytagh
Hamill, Mimchl. Derrytagh
Hanning, Patrick Derrycorr
Hart, John Derryinver
Haughian, Henry Derrytagh
Haughian, James Derrytagh
Haughian, James, Jr. Derryadda
Haughian, James, Sr. Derryadda
Haughian, John Derrytagh
Haughian, John Derrytrasna
Heaney, Bernard Ballynary
Heaney, Widow ??? Derrytagh
Hendran, Oliver Derrytagh
Hendran, Patrick Derrycorr
Hendran, Patrick Derrytagh
Hendron, Hugh Derrytagh
Hendron, Michael Derrytagh
Hendron, Patrick Ballynary
Hendron, Patrick Derrytagh
Hennan, Bernard Derryvicassie
Hennon, Arthur Derryvicassie
Hennon, Bernard Derryvicassie
Hennon, James Derryvicassie
Hennon, John Derryvicassie
Hennon, Lous Derryvicassie
Hennon, Patrick Ballynary
Hennon, Paul Derryvicassie
Hennon, Widow Rose Derryvicassie
Hewitt, Carson Derryinver
Hewitt, William, Jr. Derryinver
Hewitt, William, Sr. Derryinver
Hobbs, Christopher Derryinver
Hughes, George Derryinver
Hughes, John Ardmore
Humphrey, Widow S. Derryinver
Humphreys, Alexr. Derryinver
Humphry, Alexr. Derryadda
Humphry, Edwd. Derryvicassie
Humphry, John Derryadda
Humphry, Robert Derryadda
Humphry, Thomas Derryadda
Humphry, Thomas Derryvicassie
Humphry, William Derryvicassie
Johnston, John Ballynary
Johnston, Thomas Ballynary
Kaine, John Ballynary
Kairn, John Ballynary
Kairns, George Derrytagh
Kairns, Hugh Derrytagh
Kairns, Mary Derrytagh
Kairns, Mathew Derrytagh
Kane, Cicilia Ballynary
Kane, Widow Cathn. Ballynary
Kane, Widow Mary Ballynary
Kane, Widow Rose Ballynary
Kearns, David Derrytagh
Kelly, Bernd. Ardmore
Kelly, Daniel Derrytagh
Kelly, James Derrytrasna
Kelly, John Ardmore
Kelly, John Ballynary
Kelly, Owen Ardmore
Kelly, Patrick Ballynary
Kelly, Patrick Derrytagh
Kelly, William Ardmore
Kerr, John M. Derrytagh
Kerr, Widow ??? Derrytagh
Lavery, Patrick Derryadda
Lennon, Edward Derryloste
Lennon, Felix Derrycorr
Lennon, Henry Derrycorr
Lennon, John Derrycorr
Lennon, John Derrytagh
Lennon, Michael Derryinver
Lennon, Thomas Derrycorr
Little, Thomas Derryadda
Macmullan, Rev. D. Derryadda
Madale, Moses Derrytagh
Madole, John Derrytagh
Magee, John Ballynary
Magee, Phillip Derryadda
Magennis, John Ballynary
Maghan, Margt. Derrytagh
Magrath, James Derryinver
Maguone, Arthur Derrycorr
Maguone, Arthur Derrytagh
Maguone, Bernard Derrycorr
Maguone, Bryan Derrytagh
Maguone, Daniel Derryadda
Maguone, Felix Ballynary
Maguone, Felix Derrycorr
Maguone, Francis Derryadda
Maguone, George Derrytagh
Maguone, Hugh Ballynary
Maguone, James Derryadda
Maguone, James Derrytrasna
Maguone, John Derryadda
Maguone, John Derrycorr
Maguone, John Derryloste
Maguone, John Derrytagh
Maguone, Michael Derryloste
Maguone, Nathl. Ballynary
Maguone, Patrick Derryadda
Maguone, Patrick Derrycorr
Maguone, Patrick Derrytrasna
Maguone, Peter Derryadda
Maguone, Widow ??? Ballynary
Maguone, Widow M. Ardmore

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