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September, 1849 Lurgan, Portadown and Banbridge Advertiser and Agricultural Gazette


THE MOST DELICIOUS COFFEE ON SALE IS ALFORD'S LONDON PATENT CANISTER COFFEE, Got up in Elegant Tin Canisters of 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 1 lb. each, Price 1s. 4d., 1s. 8d. and 2s. per lb.


From the careful manner this Coffee is prepared, being Steam Roasted and Ground, and a genuine article free from adulteration and spurious compounds; also put up in Tin Canisters, and not in Paper, in which the common Coffee, so widely sold, is packed, it commands a large sale. There can be no complaints of the Coffee contracting damp, as that in Paper, by which the aroma of the Coffee is destroyed, and rendered flavourless.

The Canister Coffee will keep fresh and sweet, retaining its original flavour for any length of time.--The great demand for, and increasing popularity of ALFORD'S LONDON CANISTER COFFEE, is the best guarantee for its excellence, there being treble the amount of this Coffee sold than any other in the Market. The cause is obvious--it has been tried, and proved to be a genuine article, containing nothing save a combination of Coffee of various fine flavours, prepared in price and quality to please the most humble and opulent housekeeper. The great public objection to the Paper Coffee is--even if, perchance, got fresh--if once broken, and not all used, what remains loses whatever flavor it may have.

This is obviated by the Canister, got up so low as 2 oz. each, in which the Coffee is always fresh and strong, never losing its natural richness, and from which the Coffee can be taken at pleasure, and the remainder secured in the Canister, so as to be always fresh. Respectable Families are requested to patronise

ALFORD'S CANISTER COFFEE; they are invited to try the fine Mountain Jamaica at 1/8, and the Rich Turkey Coffee at 2/0 ? lb., in elegant Canisters of 2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., and 1 lb. each. Sold by upwards of Eight Hundred Agents throughout England and Ireland.

Sold in Lurgan, by RICHARD J. EVANS.
Portadown, -- WILLIAM MATHEWS.
Banbridge, -- JAMES THOMPSON.
Tandragee, -- R. ROWLEY.
Armagh, -- ROBERT M'CULLA.
Dungannon, -- JOHN STEVENSON.
Lisburn, -- S. & W. YOUNG.
Dundalk, -- H. BACKHOUSE.
Carrickfergus, -- CUNNINGHAM & Co.
Coleraine, -- R. SMALL.
Ballymena, -- PRESTON MINNIS.






On Thursday, the 6th Inst., in Magherally Presbyterian Meeting House, by the Rev. J. Thompson, Mr. Hugh Bell, Merchant, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr. Samuel Glass, both of Banbridge.



Found inside a book of Latin verse 11 September 1849

Don't steal this book
For fear of shame
For on it is
The owners name
But if you do
The Lord will say
Where is the book
You stole away
And if you say
You do not know
He will send you
Down Below

This book belongs to Jas -------



On Saturday, 22nd Inst. the Pupils in Mrs. Harpur's School, presented the following Address, accompanied by a handsome Rosewood Work Box, to Miss Edmondson, as a slight testimony of their regard for her worth and labours amongst them, she being about to leave on the 1st of October next.

Presented to Miss Edmondson, by the undersigned, as a small token of their regard towards their much esteemed Governess. The foregoing was unanimously signed by all the Pupils. Lurgan, Sept. 24th, 1849.



will, on Thursday, the 27th Inst., receive and consider Proposals for Supplying the Workhouse free of any extra charge, with the following articles, in such quantities as may be ordered for the time herein specified, viz.--

From 29th September, 1849, to 25th March, 1850, White Bread, per lb.; Wheatmeal, Oatmeal, Yellow Indian Meal, and Rice, per ton; Flour, per cwt.; Well-cleaned Barley, per cwt.; Peas, per cwt.; Good Beef in Quarters or Half-Quarters, per lb. From 29th September 1849, to 29th September, 1850, Tea, per lb.; Brown Sugar, per st.; Pepper, per lb.; Saltpetre, per lb.; Salt, per cwt.; Best Brown Soap, per cwt; Baking Soda, per stone,; Bogwood per Hogshead ; Port Wine, per doz.; Stones for breaking, per ton; Chambray, Dowlas, Cotton Stripe, Brown Linen, Grey Calico, Shrouding Calico, Moleskins, Galway Flannel, Frieze and Ticken, per yard; Blue Bonnets (Men's and Boy's); Worsted, Wool, and Thread, per lb.; Horn studs, (drab and white) per gross.; Leather of different kinds, per lb.; and shoe Findings.; Spun Hemp, per lb.; Nails, per thousand; Paint, (mixed) per lb.; Boiled and Train Oil per gallon; Window Glass; Whitewash, Sweeping, Deck, Shoe, and Black Lead Brushes ; Brooms, per doz.; Quart and Pint Tins, per doz.; Spoons, per gross; Freestone, per ton; Lime, per barrel; Oat Straw, per ton; and Medicine, a list of which may be seen on application to the Medical Officer at the the Workhouse.

The Clothing Materials to be supplied according to Samples to be seen on application to the Master of the Workhouse.-- Samples of the other articles, as far as practicable, to accompany the Tenders, which should be endorsed, "Tender for -------" as the case may be, and lodged with the Porter at the Work-house, at or before 10 o'clock on Thursday, the 27th Inst, and no Tender will, on any account be received after that hour.

Security for the due performance of the Contracts will be required.

Clerk of the Union.
Workhouse, Lurgan,
6th Sept. 1849

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