Lurgan History Timeline

From the Lurgan Parochial Magazine 1881

January, 1881.
1   S First Number of Ulster Magazine published in Lurgan, 1804.
2   S First Presbyterian Church re-opened after enlargement, 1860.
3   M Ragged School Association established in Lurgan, 1862.
4   Tu     Gas was first introduced into Lurgan in 1847.
5   W James Jameson, parish clerk, buried, 1713.
6   Th Dowager Lady Lurgan died, 1878.
7   F Lurgan Penny Savings Bank started, 1860.
8   S Rev. Edward Kent, formerly curate of Lurgan, died, 1863.
9   S Knocknamuckly Church opened for devine service, 1853.
10   M The word Lurgan means in Irish “The Shin,” and was applied to a long low ridge,
11   Tu     or a long stripe of land. There are about thirty places in Ireland called Lurgan.
12   W New Wesleyan Church built in Castle Lane.1803
13   Th First election of Town Commissioners in Lurgan, 1855.
14   F The population of Lurgan in 1819 was 2,207.
15   S Shankill Buildings opened, 1879.
16   S The Average weekly sale of linen in Lurgan Market in 1816, was  £1,950.
17   M Church of England and Ireland Young Mens’ Association inaugurated in Lurgan, 1860.
18   Tu Rev. Richard Buckby, vicar of Seagoe, died, 1796.
19   W Vestry of Shankill agreed to purchase bell for Church, 1675.
20   Th Sir William Brownlow, original grantee of Lurgan estate died, 1661.
21   F In 1809 a piece of cambric was bought in Lurgan market at two guineas per yard,
22   S     and presented to Princess Charlotte.
23   S Richard Eustace, J.P., of Lurgan, died, 1795.
24   M Fire in Lurgan Mechanics’ Institute, 1863.
25   Tu Collection made in Lurgan for distressed inhabitants of Lisburn, 1707.
26   W Rev. Hamilton Dobbin installed as Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, 1802.
27   Th Madame Beversham, heiress of Sir William Brownlow, buried in Shankill, 1700.
28   F Waringstown House was erected in 1667.
29   S First annual general meeting of Penny Savings’ Bank, 1861.
30   S In 1808, the Lurgan Bank had in circulation paper to the amount of  £170,000.
31   M  
February, 1881.
1   Tu In 1693 there were only 99 houses in Lurgan.
2   W Rev. Arthur Forde, Rector of Shankill, baptized in Lurgan Church, 1703.
3   Th The Greer Family first settled in Lurgan in 1653.
4   F The ancient name of Lurgantarry was Lorogine Itarry.
5   S First meeting of Town Commissioners, 1855. James Malcolm died, 1864.
6   S Parishioners protest against any cross being put on outside of new church, 1860.
7   M Armagh Election, 1874 – Verner and Close returned.
8   Tu Waringstown was formerly called Clanconnel.
9   W Dr. Rogers died, 1874.
10   Th Bishop Jeremy Taylor resided for some time at Maralin.
11   F James Magowan, Parish Clerk of Shankill for nearly forty years, buried, 1812.
12   S In 1814 there were 379 houses in Lurgan. In 1837, 482.
13   S William Brownlow appointed Custos Rotulorum of County Armagh, 1787.
14   M Rev. Edward Kent first signs Vestry Minutes, 1821.
15   Tu Mrs. Magee, the munificent benefactress of the Presbyterian Church, who
16   W     founded the Magee College, Londonderry, was the widow of the
17   Th     Rev. William Magee, who for twenty years was Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan.
18   F  
19   S Lurgan, “from the similarity of its general figure, of the language, manners, and dispositions
20   S     of its inhabitants to those of the English, early acquired the name of ‘Little England.
21   M The Erasmus Smith School is opened in Back Lane (North Street)and Ulster Street, Lurgan 1812
22   Tu Paupers first admitted to Lurgan Workhouse, 1841. Rev. William Stinton instituted as Rector of Shankill, 1768.
23   W  
24   Th Rev. Thomas Knox installed as Rector of Shankill, 1851.
25   F Rev. John McIlveen accepted call from from First Presbyterian Congregation, 1879.
26   S Dr. Gilbert died, 1867.
27   S  
28   M The Cholera Epidemic 1832.
March, 1881.
1   Tu In the Lurgan Distillery, 15,000 tons of grain used to be annually consumed.
2   W  
3   Th Mechanics’ Institute inaugurated, 1859. Model School opened, 1863.
4   F Samuel Tate indicted for murder at Derrymacash, 1861.
5   S Rev. John G. Clarke ordained to pastorate of Second Presbyterian Congregation, 1861.
6   S Attendance at Lurgan Church in 1846, from 313 to 500.
7   M Protestant Defence Association Meeting held in Lurgan, 1868.
8   Tu Attendance at Lurgan Presbyterian Meeting-house in 1846, over 400.
9   W Rev. John Hales, Rector of Shankill, collated Prebendary of Dromore, 1678.
10   Th Great Explosion at Mr. Leonard Uprichard’s house in Lurgan, 1859.
11   F Rev. H. W. Lett, appointed rector of Ardmore, 1875.
12   S Attendance at Lurgan Wesleyan Meeting-house in 1846, 300.
13   S Richard J. Evans, proprietor of Protestant Watchman, died, 1867.
14   M First issue of The Lurgan Watchman, 1874.
15   Tu Miss Anne E. Brownlow married Colonel Close, 1820.
16   W Ardmore Church was built in 1765, close to the shore of Lough Neagh. It was blown down
17   Th     in a storm in 1783, and a new one built in 1785 on the present site.
18   F  
19   S Rev. John McIlveen installed as Minister of First Presbyterian Congregation, 1879.
20   S A Manorial Court was formerly held in Lurgan every three weeks. Mr. Hancock, J.P. was the last Seneschal.
21   M  
22   Tu Arthur Chamberlain Brownlow buried in Shankill, 1711.
23   W Attendance at Lurgan P.W.M. Meeting-house in 1846, from 65 to 150.
24   Th The Orangemen of the District of Lurgan resolved to erect an Orange Hall in Lurgan, 1859.
25   F  
26   S Samuel Tate released from custody, 1861. Clock ordered for church, 1744.
27   S Dr. W. R. McLaughlin died, 1862. Robert Douglas bequeathed £300 for Church Purposes.
28   M John Hazlett, solicitor, died, 1866
29   Tu Last vestry in old parish Church of Shankill, 1725.
30   W St. Colman, of Linn Vachaille (Maralin) died, 700.
31   Th Attendance at Lurgan Roman Catholic Chapel in 1846, 739.
April, 1881.
1   F Kinnego” means the Smith’s head or hill.
2   S Enlargement of Lurgan Church commenced, 1861.
3   S First issue of Lurgan Gazette, 1856.
4   M In 1841, the Lurgan Loan Fund had a capital of  £3,028.
5   Tu First issue of Lurgan Weekly News, 1873.
6   W Vestry ordered tax to be paid for interments in Church, 1675.
7   Th Donaghcloney” means the Church of the Meadow.
8   F Officers of health first appointed for parish under 59 Geo. III. c. 41, 1828.
9   S First entry in Vestry Minute Book of Shankill, 1672.
10   S Right Hon. Wm. Brownlow born, 1726. Lord Lurgan born, 1831.
11   M First entry in Baptismal Registry of Shankill Parish, 1681.
12   Tu The Net income of the Rector of Shankill in 1846 was £517  14s.  4d.
13   W Armagh election (Verner and Close returned), 1857.
14   Th Rev. S. Johnston, W.M., died in Lurgan, 1859.
15   F Gallery ordered for old Church, 1697.
16   S Collection made in Lurgan for relief of poor Palatines, 1710.
17   S First Lord Lurgan born, 1795.
18   M Rev. William Stinton inducted as Rector of Shankill, 1768.
19   Tu Three members of Lurgan Volunteer Company killed in Tullylish, 1787.
20   W Hans. H. Hamilton, Q.C., died, 1875.
21   Th Reward offered by Vestry for killing foxes, 1674.
22   F £72 levied to pay twelve men for Parish under Militia Act, 1795.
23   S Last issue of Lurgan Chronicle, 1851.
24   S Dorothy McCoy, aged 107, buried in Shankill, 1795.
25   M Vestry decided to enlarge Lurgan Church, 1859.
26   Tu John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1762.
27   W Title of Protestant Watchman assumed by local paper, 1861.
28   Th Armagh election (Brownlow and Acheson returned), 1761.
29   F Lurgan Church was enlarged in 1832 at a cost of £1,000.
30   S Charles Brownlow(I) born, 1757. First Lord Lurgan died, 1847.
May, 1881.
1   S Rev. John Wetherby, Rector of Shankill, died 1735.
2   M Rev. John Overend first signed Vestry Minutes as Curate of Shankill, in 1805.
3   Tu All the parish charges struck off, the parish being unable to make the usual allowances, 1775.
4   W Rev. John Overend’s last signature to Vestry Minutes as Curate of Shankill, 1809.
5   Th George F. Evans, proprietor of Protestant Watchman and Lurgan Gazette, died, 1868.
6   F  
7   S The first entry in the old Marriage Register of Shankill was made in 1676.
8   S Parish Church consecrated after enlargement, 1863. First issue of Lurgan Chronicle, 1850.
9   M Lurgan Friendly Society established, 1845.
10   Tu Rev. Thomas Millar, Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, killed on Trent Valley Railway, 1858.
11   W Right Hon. William Brownlow opposed address from Irish Parliament to Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant, 1784; Archdeacon Saurin died 1879.
12   Th  
13   F New spire of Lurgan Church finished, 1841.
14   S The notorious Mrs. Rudd, the accomplice of the brothers Perrau, who were executed for forgery,
15   S     was a native of Lurgan.
16   M John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1758.
17   Tu There was serious rioting in Lurgan in 1833.
18   W Robert Ussher, D.D., afterwards Provost of Trinity College and Bishop of Kildare
19   Th     collated Prebendary of Dromaragh, with rectory of Shankill attached, 1629.
20   F First entry in old Register of Burials in Shankill Parish, 1675.
21   S Vestry of Shankill ordered proceedings to be taken against defaulting churchwarden, 1800.
22   S New clock ordered for tower of Lurgan Church, 1793.
23   M A lease of ground for a new Presbyterian Church in Lurgan was granted in 1718.
24   Tu  
25   W Right Hon. William Brownlow, M.P., married firstly, 1754.
26   Th 5d. per acre ordered to be levied off parish of Shankill yearly for four years, to add a new aisle to the Church, 1829.
27   F  
28   S The ancient name of the Parish of Seagoe was Teg-da-goba.
29   S Original grant to John Brownlow of the proportion of Dowcorran, 1,500 acres, 1610.
30   M Second Presbyterian Church, Lurgan, opened, 1864.
31   Tu In 1713 a weaving school was built in Lurgan by Mr. Brownlow.
June, 1881.
1   W Charles Brownlow, first Lord Lurgan, married firstly, 1822.
2   Th Robert Morris, solicitor, died, 1878.
3   F Vestry of Shankill agreed to erect new Church on the Green of Lurgan, 1718.
4   S A Linen Market was formerly held in Lurgan every Friday.
5   S List of Ratepayers in Lurgan given in Vestry Minute-Book, 1781.
6   M Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland met in Lurgan, 1877.
7   Tu Public meeting resolved to erect suitable memorial of Rev. Thomas Millar, 1858.
8   W Vestry of Shankill decided that beggars should wear badges, 1774.
9   Th Rev. Messrs. Hackett and Burton, Curates of Shankill, ordained, 1878.
10   F John Wesley preached in Derryanvil, 1773.
11   S Thomas English bequeathed £200 to the poor of Lurgan, 1797.
12   S John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1785.
13   M 430 persons confirmed in Lurgan Church, 1775.
14   Tu John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1773.
15   W Mathew Boyd bequeathed £500 to the poor of Shankill Parish, 1838.
16   Th John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1775.
17   F About 400 weavers and 30 buyers usually attended the Linen Market in Lurgan.
18   S First Methodist Chapel opened in Lurgan, 1778.
19   S There are 15,166 acres in Lord Lurgan’s estate in County Armagh.
20   M Lady Mary Brownlow died, 1823. Lord Lurgan married, 1853.
21   Tu The tithes of Shankill Parish amounted in 1837 to £210 16s.
22   W Re-grant to William Brownlow of Lurgan estate, 1629.
23   Th Sub-Inspector Boyce killed near Waringstown, 1879.
24   F Rev. William Shaw’s last signature to Vestry Minutes as Curate of Shankill, 1777.
25   S Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke preached in Lurgan, 1811.
26   S The ancient name of Knocknashane was Knockneseggan, of Drumnakern, Dromonikeherny, of Drumnakelly, Dromonicolla.
27   M  
28   Tu William Edmondson, the Quaker, died, 1712; Celebrated discussion at Presbyterian Synod in Lurgan, 1829;
29   W Lurgan Church taken possession of by police, 1863.
30   Th Great Protestant Demonstration in Lurgan, 1869.
July, 1881.
1   F Rev. Dr. Campbell installed as Rector of Lurgan, 1869.
2   S Rev. Abraham Dawson appointed Rector of Seagoe, 1879.
3   S Revival commenced in Lurgan, 1859.
4   M In former times Lurgan abounded with Inns, each of which had its distinctive sign;
5   Tu     such as “The Draper,” “The Saracen’s Head,” “The Highlander,” “The Cross Keys,”
6   W     “The Black Bull,” “The Cock,” “The Admiral Nelson,” &c.
7   Th Joseph McVeagh bequeathed  £300 to the poor of Lurgan, 1794.
8   F Brian Boru is killed at the Battle of Clontarf and burried in Saint Patricks Cathedral, Armagh 1014
9   S Rev. William Magee, Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, died, 1800.
10   S 30,000 Orangemen reviewed at Lurgan, 1767; Rev. Holt Waring, Rector of Shankill,
11   M     collated Prebendary of Dromaragh, 1798; Riots in Derrymacash, 1860.
12   Tu Monster Orange Demonstration in Lurgan, 1872.
13   W Great riots in Lurgan, 1869.
14   Th Charles Brownlow, First Lord Lurgan, married, 1828.
15   F The loyalty of Lurgan was formerly proverbial, and gave rise to the once oft repeated,
16   S     but now unused expression, “Lurgan – No Surrender.”
17   S Viscount Castlereagh, M.P., born 1852.
18   M Rt. Hon. William Brownlow re-elected M.P. For Armagh, 1768.
19   Tu Lurgan Weekly News first published as a penny paper, 1874.
20   W Rev. Southwell Ricard’s last signature to Vestry Minutes of Shankill, 1748.
21   Th Publication of Lurgan Weekly News discontinued, 1877.
22   F Rev. Thomas Knox, born 1807. Orangemen purchased Hall in Castle Lane, 1861.
23   S Four persons indicted for putting flags on Lurgan Church, 1861.
24   S The Volunteers communicated with Lord Charlemont at Lurgan, 1783.
25   M The celebrated Arthur Young visited Lurgan, 1776.
26   Tu Sir Richard Wallace born 1818; Publication of Protestant Watchman and Lurgan Gazette,discontinued, 1873.
27   W First entry of Burials and marriages in Shankill Parish 1675
28   Th John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1756.
29   F  
30   S William Penn, the celebrated Quaker, visited Lurgan.
31   S  
August, 1881.
1   M Rev. John Armstrong, W.M., died in Lurgan, 1875.
2   Tu Captain William Brownlow killed in Spain, 1813.
3   W Bishop Jeremy Taylor died at Lisburn, 1667.
4   Th The Earl of Carlisle, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, visitied Lurgan, 1861.
5   F Fourth Marquis of Downshire died, 1868. Earl Spencer, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,
6   S Arthur Brownlow elected MP for Armagh 1692.
7   S  
8   M New Parish Church in Lurgan consecrated, 1725.
9   Tu Rev. Henry Jenney, Rector of Shankill, collated Prebendary of Dromaragh, 1687.
10   W Samuel Watts bequeathed funds for establishment of Lurgan College, 1847.
11   Th  
12   F Philip Fitzpatrick – “Lying Phil” – executed in Armagh for murder in Lurgan, 1848.
13   S  
14   S Confirmation in Lurgan, 1857.
15   M Lady Day Riots in Lurgan – two persons shot – 1879.
16   Tu Rev. James Fleming, Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, died, 1730.
17   W St. Temnen, Monk and Martyr, of Linn Uachaill (Maralin), died – -.
18   Th  
19   F John Smyth, shot by police, died in Lurgan, 1879.
20   S Armagh Election – Arthur C. Brownlow re-elected, 1695.
21   S County Down Election – Hill and Castlereagh returned, 1830.
22   M  
23   Tu Potato blight strikes for the first time destroying approximately a third of all crops 1845.
24   W  
25   Th  
26   F William Brownlow buried in Shankill, 1739. John Wesley preached in Lurgan, 1756.
27   S The Presbyteriasn Synod of Ulster held its meeting in Lurgan, 1798.
28   S Rev. Legard Blacker, Rector of Shankill, buried, 1686.
29   M  
30   Tu  
31   W  
September, 1881.
1   Th William Brownlow (3) born 1755. Rev. Thomas Knox married, 1840.
2   F Lurgan Petty Sessions district proclaimed, 1879.
3   S Very Rev. Holt Waring, Rector of Shankill, 1798-1850, Dean of Dromore died, 1850.
4   S  
5   M Matron of Lurgan Workhouse committed suicide, 1858.
6   Tu Lurgan Workhouse was contracted for on 28th December, 1839, to be completed in September, 1840,
7   W     Cost – for building and completion, £6,130; for fittings, &c., £1,319 3s. 9d.
8   Th  
9   F A. C. Brownlow re-elected M.P. for Armagh, 1703. First elected 15th September, 1692.
10   S  
11   S Charles Brownlow (1) died, 1822.
12   M Rev. William Magee ordained Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, 1780.
13   Tu The Lurgan Town Commissioners presented an address to the Earl of Clarendon,
14   W     Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 1850.
15   Th First allotment of seats in new Church, 1725.
16   F Lurgan Union Farming Society’s first show of cattle, &c., 1850.
17   S In 1808 the Lurgan and three Belfast Banks made their notes payable in Dublin,
18   S     as well as at their own houses. The former had in circulation paper to the
19   M     amount of  £170,000; the latter, which were called the Commercial,
20   Tu     the Northern, and the Belfast, issued altogether, perhaps,  £225,000.
21   W Rev. Lowry E. Berkeley installed as Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, 1858.
22   Th The capital of the Lurgan Loan Fund in 1841 was  £3,028.
23   F The Lord Lieutenant issued Warrant for Royal Commission to inquire into Riots in Lurgan, 1879.
24   S  
25   S The present Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore born, 1808.
26   M Rev. Robert Rentoul installed as Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, 1773.
27   Tu “Elizabeth Lurgan, ye parish child,” buried in Shankill Graveyard, 1703.
28   W Rev. Southwell Ricard, Rector of Shankill, collated Prebendary of Dromarah, 1735.
29   Th Rev. Arthur Forde, Rector of Shankill, collated Prebendary of Dromarah, 1748.
30   F  
October, 1881.
1   S Rev. Thomas Millar installed as Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, 1844.
2   S Anne Porch, a foundling, discovered in Mr. Brownlow’s porch, baptized, 1709.
3   M William Brownlow, re-elected M.P., for Armagh (fourth time), 1727.
4   Tu Rev. Arthur Forde first sihned Vestry Minutes as Rector of Shankill, 1748.
5   W Movement started to establish a “Lurgan Waterworks Company,” 1859.
6   Th New Clock and Chimes in Lurgan Church, started 1878.
7   F Town Commissioners agreed to pay for lighting of Church Clock, 1878.
8   S William Brownlow, original settler in Lurgan, born, 1591.
9   S Brunswick Constitutional Club established in Lurgan, 1828.
10   M Kinney’s Quay declared to be free of toll, 1744.
11   Tu James Ewing’s estimate – £900 – for enlarging Lurgan Church, accepted, 1830.
12   W George Greer, J.P., of Woodville, died 1856.
13   Th  
14   F  
15   S Duke of Manchester born 1823; First Annual election of Lurgan Town Commissioners, 1857.
16   S Francis Watson, J.P., of Lakeview, died 1877.
17   M Charles Brownlow, first Lord Lurgan, appointed Captain of Lurgan Yeomanry, 1817.
18   Tu Lurgan Orange Hall Inaugurated, 1859; Rev. Legard Blacker, Rector of Shankill, collated Prebendary of Dromarah, 1681.
19   W  
20   Th Rev. Hamilton Dobbin, Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, died, 1851.
21   F  
22   S  
23   S  
24   M William Brownlow elected M.P. for Armagh (3rd time), 1715.
25   Tu Right Hon. William Brownlow first elected M.P. for County Armagh, 1753.
26   W Seagoe Church re-opened after alterations, 1862.
27   Th Lurgan College inaugurated, 1874.
28   F  
29   S David Evans, Scripture Reader, died in Lurgan, 1879.
30   S Vestry levied cess to repair damage caused to the Church by fire, 1792.
31   M Lurgan Riots Inquiry Commissioners presented their report, 1879.
November, 1881.
1   Tu Old Chalice and Paten, at present used in Lurgan Church, ordered by Vestry, 1694.
2   W  
3   Th Lurgan divided into drainage districts, 1856.
4   F Ardmore Church blown down, 1783.
5   S William Brownlow re-elected M.P. for Armagh, 1713.
6   S Right Hon. William Brownlow married secondly, 1765.
7   M Shankill Buildings purchased by Vestry, 1878.
8   Tu  
9   W  
10   Th Rev. Holt Waring, Rector of Shankill, appointed Dean of Dromore, 1842.
11   F Local family's listed in Hearth Taxes rolls 1664.
12   S  
13   S Toole McPhellemy McCan murdered at Derrymacash, 1613.
14   M Great riot of handloom weavers in Lurgan, 1857.
15   Tu Lurgan Castle surrendered to the rebels, 1641.
16   W Petition presented against the return of Mr. Brownlow for Co. Armagh, 1753.
17   Th Rev. C. W. Kennedy, P.M., ordained in Lurgan, 1874.
18   F Lurgan Orange Hall opened after being rebuilt, 1861.
19   S  
20   S It appears by the Vestry Minute-book of Shankill Parish that –
21   M     “Pursuant to Her Majities Letters Patents bearing date ye 1st day of August in ye 6th year
22   Tu      of Her reign, there was by Thomas Ogle and George Johnston, Churchwardens
23   W     of the Parish of Shankill, collected in ye said Parish, the contributions of
24   Th     ye several inhabitants towards ye relief of ye distressed inhabitants of
25   F     Lisburn, and delivered to Mr. Wetherby, January ye 25th, 1707.”
26   S The distress of the Lisburn people was caused by the terrible fire, which in 1707 destroyed
27   S     the town and castle.
28   M The bell which was placed in the tower of Lurgan Church in the latter part of
29   Tu     the eighteenth century bore the following inscription –
30   W     “I to the church the living call, And to the grave do summon all.”
December, 1881.
1   Th Mrs. Charity Brownlow bequeathed  £400, previously bequeathed to her in trust by William Brownlow
2   F     in 1815, for the benefit of the protestant poor of the Parish of Shankill, 1842.
3   S  
4   S Redmond O'Hanlon is murdered 1681.
5   M  
6   Tu  
7   W  
8   Th Mrs. Rudd, a native of Lurgan, tried, with the Brothers Perreau, at the Old Bailey for forgery, 1775.
9   F Thomas Carleton, solicitor, died, 1879.
10   S House of Commons dismissed petition against the return of William Brownlow, 1753.
11   S Jane, ye wife of Miles Reilly, died, 1715.
12   M Lurgan Young Men’s Christian Association established, 1853.
13   Tu Ecclesiastical Commissioners made grant for enlargement of Lurgan Church, 1857.
14   W Hon. Edward Brownlow born, 1836.
15   Th William Brownlow knighted, 1622.
16   F The Vestry of Shankill Parish decided to borrow  £700 from the Board of First Fruits
17   S     for the enlargement of Lurgan Church.
18   S Rev. James Seaton Reid, D.D., author of the History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland,
19   M     born in Lurgan, 1798.
20   Tu Rev. John Menogh, Presbyterian Minister of Lurgan, died, 1771.
21   W  
22   Th “Charity Derry, ye poor parish child,” buried, 1710.
23   F Dr. Hume of Lurgan, died, 1837.
24   S Rev. Arthur Forde, rector of Shankill, died, 1767.
25   S Two chalices presented to Lurgan Church by Rev. W. P. Oulton, 1853.
26   M List of ratepayers of Lurgan taken, and entered in Vestry minute book, 1693.
27   Tu  
28   W Lurgan Workhouse contracted for 1839.
29   Th First Presbyterian Church, Lurgan, opened after enlargement, 1859.
30   F Churchwardens of Shankill Parish sent written protest against the decoration of the Church with evergreens, 1859.
31   S     

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