Lurgan Trade Directory 1935
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Abraham, ChristopherArdmore
Allen, Rev. HughMethodist Minister - Donacloney
Allen, JamesGortnamoney
Allen, R. J.Maralin
Annesley, Geo. W. (R.D.C.)Kingarve
Bailie, George (J.P.)Annaghanoon
Baillie, MissWaringstown
Barr, JamesWaterside
Berry, John H.Maralin
Best, NicholsonThe Cairn, Aghalee
Blane, James (J.P.)Ballydugan
Boucher, C. J. (M.B., J.P.)Donacloney
Bradshaw, NelsonPublican - Waringstown
Bridgett, JamesMonbrief
Brown, BenjaminSand Merchant - Kinnego
Brown, MissSilverwood
Browne, CecilDerry
Browne, Mrs. EllenDerry
Bunting, ThomasFairview, Aghalee
Calder, JamesCorcreaney
Calder, RobertCorcreaney
Calvert, JamesMotor Garage Proprietor - Belfast Road
Calvert, W. J.Ballymacrandle
Calwell, JosephDrumnakelly
Campbell, JamesBallinary
Clarke, Thomas (J.P.)Farmer - Springfield
Crawford, Miss SarahDerry
Cooper, SamuelMonbrief
Corey, GeorgeCornakinnegar
Cousins, SamuelGilford Road
Cousins, WilliamLegacorry
Cresswell, H. Joseph (J.P.)Magheralin House, Moira
Cubbage, AlexanderSilverwood
Dickson, WilliamDrumnagoon
Dobson, Dr. MaryWaringstown
Donagh, JamesBallinamoney
Donnelly, Leo. (J.P.)The Mile House, Lurgan
Duke, RobertDukestown and Moira
Elliott, Thos.Kilmore
Ellis, GeorgeKilmore
Ellis, James A.Tullydegan House
Ellis, J. R.Tullydegan House
Ellis, ThomasAghagallon
Ellis, Wm.Ballymaquin
Ellis, Wm. JohnDrumaleet House
Ferris, Thomas WilliamBeechgrove, Aghagallon
Filbin, JosephBaker, &c.
Flaville, A.Tullygally
Fforde, Commander C. H.-
Fforde, The MissesRaughlan
Gallery, ThomasDonegreagh
Gamble, JohnBallyleney
Gardiner, Geo.Legacorry
Gaskin, W. J.Kilvergan
Geary, Ed.The Clare, Waringstown
Gilbert, IsaacRyefield, Aghagallon
Gilbert, StephenAghagallon
Gilpin, AlfredThe Wilderness, Lurgan
Gilpin, DynesPortadown Road
Gilpin, John L.Clanrolla
Gilpin, ThomasClanrolla
Gordon, DanielAnnsboro House, Lurgan
Gracey, John GeorgeChairman Lurgan Rural Council - Balteagh
Gracey, John Drumnacairne
Gracey, John Legahorry
Grayson, FrancisKinnego
Green, ErnestDerry
Green, S.Aghalee
Greer, H. O'Brien (J.P.)Woodville
Greer, Mrs. C.Woodville
Hanrahan, JohnCornakinnagh
Harrison, JosephFactory Manager - Waringstown
Hayes, Charles B. (M.A., LL.B.)Moorfield
Hayes, J.Brookmount, Aghalee
Hewitt, RalphTeignavin
Hill, Robert J. F.Derry
Holmes, Mrs. LetitiaClanrolla
Humphries, DR. G. L.Moira
Humphries, John A.Westfield
Humphries, SamuelRockview, Lurgan
Humphries, ThomasCorcreany, Lurgan
Hurst, Rev. W. G. (M.A.) Rector - Moira
Hylands, GeorgePoulterer - Tullyheron
Jackson, Dr. W. J.Aghalee
Johnson, F. M.Knockmenagh
Johnston, David (J.P.)Grace Hall
Johnston, John (D.L., M.P.)Fallowfield
Johnston, T. B.The Demesne
Johnston, WalterDerry
Jones, Thomas JamesMoyraverty
Kane, Mrs. MaryBallinary
Kerr, JohnTullygally
Kerr, J.Waringstown Road
Kerr, RobertGilford Road
Kerr, W. E.Annesbrough
Kingsborough, HenryDrumalis
Kinkead, Thomas (J.P.)Derry
Knox, AndrewClankilooragh
Knox, Geo.Kilmore
Lavery, JohnKilvergan
Leifert, JohnKilvergan
Lenon, FrankDerryadd
Liddell, LadyBanoge House
Liddell, WilliamBanoge House, Donacloney
Livingston, JohnMagerana, Waringstown
Lynass, JohnCarn
Lyness, ArchibaldAghagallon
Lyness, JosephKilfullert
Lyttle, RichardLisnasure, Lurgan
Macoun, Wm.Kilmore
Magenniss, JamesBallymacrandle
Magowan, JohnCorcreaney
Mairs, DavidGawley's Gate
Martin, JohnClare, Waringstown
Martin, Robt. T.Lilyvale, Ballinderry
Maxwell, AlexanderBleary
Maxwell, HarryBeechpark
Menary, JamesDromore Road
Menary, Mrs. KathleenDerry
Menary, Thos.Corcreany, Waringstown
Minford, DR. W.Derryadd
Mulholland, JohnWaringstown
Murphy, AlexanderDerryadd
Murray, JosephBallynary
Murtagh, HenryBallynamoney
McAlinden Bros.Stitching Factory - Aughacommon
McAlinden, JohnBallinamoney
McAlinden, Mrs. Mary J.Aughacommon
McBride, NelsonMonree
McCabe, JosephPublican and Grocer - Waringstown
McCann, Wm. C.Derrymacfall
McCartan, Chas.Publican and Grocer - Donacloney
McCartan, WilliamCorcreaney
McCaw, G. T.Engineer - Teghnavin
McCaw, R. J.Factory Proprietor - Teghnavin
McCleary, BoydBleary
McConville, C. J.Stitching Factory - Aughacommon
McConville, JosephBallynamoney
McCormack, J.Hemstitching Factory - Waringstown Road
McCorry, FrancisWhitehall
McCrory, ThomasClanrolla
McCullough, RobertCornrainy
McEvoy, PatrickTanaghmore South
McFarland, Rev. R. G. (B.A.)Moira
McGibbon, Wm. J.Tanaghmore North
McGonnell, J.Mile House
McGreavy, JamesAughacommon
McGreavy, PatrickAuctioneer - Aughacommon
McKinstry, J.Tullygally
McLeod, Rev. C. J.The Rectory, Maralin
McNabb, CharlesDrumgor
McStravick, HenryKilmore
Newsam, J.Cambrai House, Waringstown
O'Neill, JohnDerrytagh North
Page, RobertBleary
Parks, DavidMoyraverty
Parks, Thos. D.Ardmore
Patterson, JamesBanoge
Patterson, JohnBelmount, Maralin
Pollock, Mrs. E. B. Derry
Robinson, George Lower Breagh
Robinson, JohnDruminallyduff
Robson, Dr. S. MaryWaringstown
Rodgers, Fred.Waringstown Road
Rodgers, WolseyArchitect - Waringstown
Ruddell, GeorgeAghacommon
Savage, JohnGilford Road
Scott, SamuelMoyraverty
Seawright, Alex.Harrymount
Seawright, W. H.Belfast Road
Sheppard, W. G.Draperhill - Waringstown
Smith, Rev. J. (B.A.)Ardmore
Somers, RobertCornrainey
Stevenson, Joseph R.Derryadd
Stevenson, JoshuaDerrytrasna
Stevenson, NormanSandbanks
Stevenson, SidneyDerrytrasna
Stevenson, Thos.Ballyleney, Maralin
Stewart, ValentineCorcreaney
Squires, F.Waringstown
Sullivan, EdwardDerrylard, The Birches
Taylor, WilliamKilfullert
Taylor, Wm.Clougher, Ballyleney
Thornbury, Geo.Waringstown Road
Todd, Wm. JohnWoodlands
Turkington, JohnDerryasna
Turkington, StevensonDerryadd
Uprichard, HarryTanaghmore West
Uprichard, James H.Tanaghmore West
Waddell, Alfred (J.P.)Maralin
Waite, Mrs. JamesTeghnavin
Walkington, H.Oatlands, Ballinderry
Waring, Mrs.Waringstown
Watson, H. P. (J.P.)Beechpark
Watson, JosephLakeview
Watson, Mrs. H.Beechpark
Watson, S. J. (R.D.C.)Chairman Lurgan Board of Guardians - Ballydougan
Wells, CharlesBleary
Wells, JamesLegahorey
Wells, JamesBleary
Wells, JohnCorcreaney
White, WolseyBocombra
Wilson, JamesDerryinver
Wilson, JohnDerryinner
Wright, HarryCornrainey

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