Lurgan Trade Directory 1935
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Abraham, RobertGrocer - Queen Street
Adair, W. J.Windsor Avenue
Adamson, J.Bank Manager - Market Street
Adamson, LowryWireless Agent - Union Street
Allen, Fred.Cattle Dealer - Grassmere Parade
Anderson, G.A.Stationer and Tobacconist - 8 High Street
Anderson, H. M.Accountant - William Street
Anderson, H. W. D.Lough Road
Anderson, MissUnion Street
Anderson, ThomasBrownlow Terrace
Anglo-American Oil DepotAvenue Road
Annett, JohnProvision Merchant - Edward Street
Archer, ThomasShoemaker - James Street
Armour & Co., Ltd.Produce Merchants - William Street
Armstrong, H. O. (J.P.)Principal, Technical School - Union Street
Armstrong, S.Jeweller, &c. - Church Place
Arnold, G.Art Teacher - Queen Street

Baird, CharlesCarpenter - Union Street
Baird, John H.ex-Postmaster - Frederick Place
Baird, W. F. B.Manufacturer - Hill Street
Baird, W. F. B. & Co., Ltd.Manufacturers - Union Street Road
Ballance, MissDrapery Warehouse - High Street
Ballentine, Wm.Tailor - Union Street
Bassett, W. W. (F.R.C.S.I.)William Street
Baxter, ThomasBook Shop - William Street
Beattie, R. S.Grocer - Union Street
Beatty, MayGrocer - Flush Place
Bell, G. A.Solitude
Bell, RobertCarowner - Hill Street
Bell, Samuel (J.P.)Bellevue
Bell, S. A. & Co.Manufacturers - Bellevue
Belshaw, WilliamAvenue Road
Berwick, EdwardPublican - William Street
Berwick, JosephPublican - Church Place
Best, ErnestDentist - William Street
Best, Wm., & Co.Steel Reed Manufacturer - High Street
Bingham & GraceyHandkerchief Manufacturers - High Street
Bingham, JosephQueen Street
Black, J.Confectioner - Carnegie Street
Black, WilliamCastle Lane
Blayney, JohnPublican - Church Place
Bleakley, R.Clerk - Avenue Road
Booth, Norman & Co.Charted Accountants, Mechanics' Institute - Market Street
Boston, JamesPawnbroker - High Street
Bothwell, JamesWindsor Avenue
Boyle, James P.Postmaster
Bradley, MissDressmaker - Church Place
Breen, PeterGrocer - North Street
Brown, D.Gilford Road
Brown, E.Tailor - Union Street
Brown, JamesClerk - Avenue Road
Brown, W. J.Tailor - Union Street
Browne, CecilThe Limes
Browne, Mrs. W. H. E.The Limes
Brownlow Arms HotelProprietress, Miss Slowey - Market Street
Buckley, S. H. W.Draper - High Street
Buckley, T. J.Carowner - High Street
Bullick, JohnClerk - Queen Street
Bullick J. & Co.Stitching Factory - William Street
Bunting, J.Grocer - Church Place
Bunting, WilfredManufacturer - Sunnyside
Burnison, SamuelTenter - Brownlow Terrace
Burns, JosephCarpenter - George's Street
Burns, RobertWater Inspector - Union Street
Burns, WilliamCarpenter - Union Street
Burrell, ThomasClerk
Bush, ThomasMechanic - Avenue Road
Byrne, ArthurButcher - Edward Street
Cafolla, Jos.Confectioner - Church Place
Callaghan, CharlesBuilder - Gilford Road
Callaghan, WilliamBuilder - High Street
Calvert, DavidDraper - Market Street
Calvert, JamesClerk of Union - Avenue Road
Calvert J.Grocer - High Street
Campbell, Austin W. H.Solicitor - William Street
Campbell, CharlesPrinter - Wellington Street
Campbell, GeorgeFactory Lane
Campbell, JohnBaker and Confectioner - Castle Lane and Edward Street
Campbell, Mrs. HarrisonGrocer - Queen Street
Campbell & McGibbonFurniture Dealers - Market Street
Cargan, Mrs.Drapery and Millinery - Market Street
Carrick, John S.Merchant - High Street
Carson, Rev. A. E. (B.A.)Hill Street
Carson, E. M.Victualler and Fruiterer - High Street
Carson, F.Tailor and Draper - Carnegie Street
Carson, IsaacAvenue Road
Carson, Mrs.Boxmaker - Union Street
Carson, Wm. J.Painter, &c. - Queen Street
Carville B.Barber - Wellington Street
Casey, CatherineVictualler - William Street
Cassels, HughFlesher - Church Place
Cassidy, JamesGrocer - Victoria Street
Chambers, JosephLough Road
Chambers, ThomasInsurance Agent - William Street
Charleton, C. J.Hardware Merchant - Market Street
Charleton, Fred.Avenue Road
Christie, J. K.,Shop Manager - Wellington Street
Clarke, Thomas (J.P.)Springfield House
Clarke, WalterHigh Street
Clarke, W. T.Draper, &c. - Market Street
Cochrane, SamuelCycle Agent - Union Street
Connelly, Wm.Manager - Queen Street
Conroy, P. R.Grocer - Edward Street
Cooper, S.Builder and Contractor - Monbrief
Corkin, Mrs. J.-
Corkin, W.Postman
Corner, MissGrocer, &c. - Union Street
Corner, W. J.Clerk of Rural Councils - High Street
Cousins, MayConfectioner - Union Street
Cowden, ClarenceElectrical Engineer - High Street
Cowden, Mrs.Outfitter and Draper - High Street
Cranston, SamuelManager - Queen Street
Crawford, Wm.Wellington Street
Crawford, W. H., & Co.Bottling Works - William Street
Cross, Alexander, & SonsNorth Street
Crothers, Fred W.Mineral Water Manufacturer - William Street
Crozier, W.Union Street
Culbert, BenjaminShoemaker - Edward Street
Culbert, Benjamin (jun.)Clerk - Edward Street
Cummins, HarryWeaver - Victoria Street
Cummins, JosephCarpenter - Union Street
Cunningham, GeorgeMineral Water Manufacturer - High Street
Cunningham, J.Vulcaniser - 68a High Street
Daly & SonsHam and Bacon Curers - North Street
Darling, Mrs.Hoop Hill
Davidson, JohnDentist - Market Street
Davis, A.Confectioner - High Street
Davis, MissBrownlow Terrace
Deeny, James (M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O.)Church Place
Deeny, Michael (F.R.C.S.I., J.P.)Church Place
Dewart, Mrs.Confectioner - Market Street
Dewart, Mrs.Windsor Avenue
Dobbin, Mrs. OwenFishmonger - Edward Street
Dobson, GeorgeWaringstown Road
Dobson, GeorgePublican - Market Street
Donnelly, Leo (J.P.)Church Place
Donnelly & O'NeillPublicans & Grocers - Church Place
Doran, DanielHairdresser, Newsagent and Tobacconist - Edward Street
Dougherty, F., & Co.Drapers, &c. - Market Street
Dougherty, John P.Publican - Church Place
Douglas, Jas.Blacksmith - Queen Street
Douglas, Mat.Blacksmith - Castle Lane
Douglas, MissesMilliners - Queen Street
Douglas, Mrs.Avenue Road
Douie, JohnCarpenter - Lough Road
Dowling, Jas.Ticket Checker, G.N.R. - Victoria Street
Dowling, P (M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., L.M.)Church Walk
Drysdale, Cyril W.Motor Garage - Church Walk
Drysdale, Robt.Grocer - John Street
Duffy, JohnPainter - Union Street
Duffy, W. (D.I., R.U.C.)D.I. (R.U.C.) - William Street
Dunbar, HenryWellington Street
Dunwoody, MissesUnion Street
Electricity Board N.I. Area-OfficeMarket Street, Lurgan
Elliott, JohnMechanic - Garland Avenue
Elliott, J.Gilford Road
Elliott, RichardThe Gardens - Glenavon House
Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation, Limited (The) - Agent, Robert H. Pentland - 48 William Street
Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation, Limited (The) - Agent, A. Minnis - Belfast Bank
English, JamesGrocer - Edward Street
Evans, MissWilliam Street
Ewart, Jas.Town Hall Caretaker - Union Street
Ewart, SamuelAuctioneer and House Agent - Avenue Road
Fairley, W. H.Windsor Avenue
Ferguson, E.Lough Road
Ferguson, F. A. (M.P.S.I.)High Street
Ferguson, Miss E.Boot Merchant - Church Place
Ferguson, W.Retired Postmaster - Lough Road
Ferris, R.Foreman Carpenter - Gilford Road
Filbin Bros.Bakers - Lurgantarry and Edward Street
Finch, Thos. (M.R.C.V.S.)Windsor Avenue
Fitzpatrick, Miss K.Confectioner - Edward Street
Fitzsimons, JasClerk - Avenue Road
Fleming, Mrs. M. W.Mourne View House
Forbes, C. W. (F.N.A.O.)Optician - High Street
Forsythe, Miss (L.R.A.M.)High Street
Forsythe, V.Parcel Clerk, G.N. Railway
Foster, Alex.Picture House Proprietor - Market Street
Foye, MaryJeweller - Market Street
Fraser, Mrs. DavidMusic Teacher and Organist - Windsor Avenue
Frazer, G. H. (B.A.M.M.) Sub-agent, Bank of Ireland
Frazer, MissWindsor Avenue
Gallery, JohnSolicitor - Church Place
Gardiner, JamesDraper - Market Street
Gardiner, MissDraper - Market Street
Gardner, JohnEdward Street
Geddis, Alex.Bootmaker - High Street
Geddis, J.Confectioner - High Street
Gibson, MissConfectioner - Union Street
Gilbert, Albert & Co.Linen Manufacturers - Queen Street
Gilchrist, A.85 Avenue Road
Gilchrist, John & Sons, Ltd.Drapers - Market Street
Gilchrist, MissKnocknashane
Gilchrist, SamuelGilford Road
Gilchrist, ThomasLough Road
Gilchrist, WilliamWaringstown Road
Gillespie, J.Grocer - Hill Street
Gilpin, ThomasBelfast Road
Gilpin, ThomasBoot Merchant - Market Street
Giltrap, Wm.Grocer, &c. - Church Street
Girvan, Mrs. S.Avenue Road
Girvin, A. M.Jeweller - North Street
Gorman's Medical HallMarket Street
Gracey, A.Chemist - Church Place
Gracey, D.Motor Engineer - Portadown Road
Gracey, E. V.Civil Servant - William Street
Gracey, ThomasCarpenter - North Street
Gracey, WilliamManager - Hill Street
Gracey, W. H.Gilford Road
Graham, Robert & SonAuctioneers - High Street
Grattan, Wm.Grocer - Queen Street
Green, ErnestCoal Merchant - Lough Road
Greenlees, James (M.Sc.)Gilford Road
Greer, Major G. W. (J.P.)Oakley
Greer, Mrs. G.Woodville
Gregson, AbrahamBoot Maker - Union Street
Hall, F. W.Bank of Ireland Agent
Hall, John L.Grocer - Market Street
Hall, J. L.Gilford Road
Hall, T. E.Grocer - William Street
Hall, T. L. (B.A., B.Sc.)Windsor Avenue
Hamill, JohnCooper - Edward Street
Hamilton, JamesPaper Merchant- Avenue Road
Hamilton, Wm.Painter, &c. - William Street
Hamilton, W.Electrical Contractor - High Street
Hare, W. H.Grocer - Hill Street
Harper, MissMatron - Lurgan College
Harper, V. N. (B.A.)Headmaster, Lurgan College
Haughey, JohnDraper - Church Place
Hawthorne, Wm.Postman - Union Street
Hayes, Charles (M.A., LL.B.)Solicitor - High Street
Hazleton, Mrs.Market Street
Heany, HarryInsurance Agent - Edward Street
Heany, James H.Edward Street
Henry, Miss L. and N.Windsor Avenue
Herbert, AbrahamDraper and Furnisher - North Street
Herbert, JamesFruiterer - High Street
Hewitt Bros.Coal Merchants and Pawnbrokers - William Street and Edward Street
Hewitt, SamuelTaghnevan
Higgins, JamesQueen Street
Hill, J.Principal, Lurgan Model School - College Walk
Hill, RobertManager, Bleach Works - Avenue Road
Hill, William & Co.Manufacturers - William Street
Hobbs, Alex.Confectioner - High Street
Hobbs, Mrs. Mary E.Flesher - High Street
Holland, JosephCarpenter - Union Street
Holland, ThomasTeacher - William Street
Hopps, JohnProvision Merchant - Hill Street
Hoy, C. H.Francis Street
Hughes, JohnGrocer - North Street
Hughes, JohnWine and Spirit Merchant - Market Street
Hughes, Malachy J. (M.P.S.I.)Church Place
Hurst & SonSeed Merchants - High Street
Huston, Ben.Confectioner - Queen Street
Hutchinson, JosephProvision Merchant - Carnegie Street
Hutchinson, J. P.Chemist - High Street
Irwin, DavidManager - Queen Street
Irwin, JamesBoot Merchant - Market Street
Irwin, RobertEdward Street
Jarden, Alex.New Cemetery Caretaker
Jeffers, Thos.Victoria Street
Jefferson, EdwardStationmaster G.N.R. - Frederick Place
Jennings, EdwardReedmaker - William Street
Jennings, Rev. J. B.Avenue Road
Johnston, Allen, & Co.Manufacturers, Woodville Factory - Victoria Street
Johnston, A.Annadale
Johnston, F. E.Avenue Road
Johnston, Capt. James A.High Street
Johnston, John (D.L., M.P.)Manufacturer - Fallowfield
Johnston, Karl, K.Ironmonger - High Street
Johnston, MissDressmaker - North Street
Johnston, SamuelSexton - William Street
Johnston, T. B.Manufacturer - The Demesne
Johnston, WalterLough Road
Johnston, W. J.Lough Road
Jones, C. & Co.Linen Manufacturer - Union Street
Jones, John E.Manager - Electric Station
Jones, RobertRate Collector - Union Street
Jones, Robert (jun.)Clerk - Hill Street
Jordan, JamesNewsagent, &c. - Edward Street
Jordan, Jos.Manufacturer - North Street
Jordan, ThomasGrocer - Edward Street
Jordan, T. & SonManufacturers - Edward Street
Jordan, Wm. J.Manufacturer - Edward Street
Jough, Jos.Builder and Contractor - Hill Street
Kane, Mrs.Publican - Edward Street
Kearns, J.Grocer - William Street
Kelly, HenryGrocer - North Street
Kelly, JamesCivil Bill Officer - Edward Street
Kelly, J. F.Draper and Outfitter - Church Place
Kelly, P.Fruit - William Street and Market Street
Kennedy, CharlesGrocer - Edward Street
Kennedy, CharlesWilliam Street
Kernoghan, J.Solicitor - Church Place
Kerr, R.Chemist - Market Street
Kerr, T. J.Merchant Tailor - Market Street
Keville, T. PSchool Teacher, St. Peter's School - The Lodge
Kincaid, Thomas (J.P.)Manufacturer - Florence Villas
Knox, AndrewGrocer - Edward Street
Knox, GeorgeTeacher - Annadale
Kyle, D. J.Teacher - Windsor Avenue
Laverty, JohnHairdresser, &c. - North Street
Laverty, JosephCompositor - Brownlow Terrace Lower
Lavery, EdwardBoot and Shoe Maker - Edward Street
Lavery, Jos.Victualler - Market Street
Lavery, Mrs.Hairdresser - Edward Street
Lavery, R.Tobacconist & Insurance Agent - Edward Street
Leathem, JosephFactory Manager - Garland Avenue
Leathem, R.Factory Manager - Avenue Road
Leathem, W. J.Clothier - Church Place
Levin, RobertSecretary Lurgan Hemmers', Veiners' and General Workers' Trade Union and Approved Society
Lipton LimitedChurch Place
Livingston, D.Builder - Windsor Avenue
Livingston, GeorgeDraper - Union Street
Livingston, RichardSaddler - Hill Street
Livingston, RichardConfectioner - High Street
Livingston, R. H.Hill Street
Livingston, ThomasShoemaker - Union Street
Livingston, W.Linen Manufacturer - High Street
Livingston, W.Retired Merchant - Union Street
Livingstone, RichardBuilder - John Street
Lunn, EdwardJames Street
Lunn, MissGrocer - Edward Street
Lurgan Block Printing CompanyHigh Street
Lurgan Box-Making Co.Queen Street
"Lurgan Mail" Printing Co.Church Walk
Lurgan Milling Co,High Street
Lurgan Weaving Co., Ltd.Manufacturers - Ulster Street
Lyness, Mrs.Outfitter - Queen Street
Lynn, SamuelPlumber - High Street
Lyons, JamesSpirit Merchant - Queen Street
Lyric Picture HouseUnion Street

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