Lurgan Business Directory 1925
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
Page 5


Sayers. Rev. H. H., B.A., Hill street
Scott, Thomas J., grocer, Queen street
Seawright, Douglas, & Co., finishers, Avenue road
Seawright, W. J. manufctr. Windsor av
Shaw,Miss, dressmaker, William street
Simpson. J., bank manager, Market street
Sloan Francis, B.A., teacher, Windisor av.
Smith, John, teacher. William street
Smith, Sydney P.B.. organist, High street
Smyth, Samuel, postman, Union street
Somers. Robert, High street
Somerville, J., & Sons, coachbuilders, High street
Soye, James, clerk, Sunnyside
Soye, J., property owner, Victoria street
Soye, Richard, The Home Farm
Soye William, farmer, The Home Farm
Soye, W. J., factory manager, Union street
Speers, James, carowner, Market street
Sproule., Rev.. W. B., B A., The Manse. Avenue road
Stevenson, , plumber, &c., Church place
Stevenson, Miss, confectioner, &c., Market street
Stevenson, Richard, clerk. Gilford road
Stevenson, T. C., clerk. High street
Stewart. James. Queen street
Stratford, J. W., head-constable, Church place barracks
Sullivan. Edwd., confectioner, hardware and fancy goods merchant, Queen street
Sweeney. Jos., builder and contractor, Edward street
Symington. Robert, hairdresser. William st

Talbot, John, grocer, Sunnyside
Tallentire, W., manager gas works, William st
Taylor, Miss, Church place
Temperance Hotel, William street
THE EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY ASSURANCE CORPORATION, LTD Agents, Robt. H- Pentland, 48 William Street; A. Minnis, Belfast Bank Thompson, C. G., M R.C.V.S., Church place
Thompson, Maxwell, clothier, William st
Thompson, R.& Son, auctioneers, William street
Thompson, W. J., reedmaker, Church place
Thornton, Mary, restaurant. Church place
Thornton, Mrs., pork merchant, Church pl
Tipping, Henry, greengrocer, Edward street
Toppin, Wm., postman, George street
Turkington, Mrs., North street
Turner s Fruit Stores, Church place

Uprichard, Jervis, draper, Market street
Uprichard, John, grocer, High street
Uprichard, Robert, manufacturer, Union st.
Uprichard, Thos., manufacturer,. William st

Waddell, Thomas, Avenue road
Waddell, W. J., pawnbroker's assistant Avenue road
Waite, Wm., handkerchief printer, Mark st and Derry Lodge
Walker, D., grocer, &c., Union street
Warren, Miss, music teacher, Hill street
Watson, Fred., cabinetmaker, Avenue road
Watson, Robert & Sons, manufacturers. Flush Works
Watson & Neill, solicitors, William street
Wells, Samuel, clerk, Avenue road
Woods, John, plasterer, William street
Woods, Thomas, mechanic. Avenue road

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