Lurgan Business Directory 1925
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
Page 3


Gallery, John, solicitor, Church place
Gardiner, James, draper, Market street
Gardiner, John, Edward street
Geddis, Alex., bootmaker, High street
Geddis, J., confectioner, High street
Gibson, Mrs., The Manse, Old Portadown road
Gibson, W.J., weighmaster, Union street
Gilchrist, John, & Sons, Ltd., drapers. Market street
Gilchrist, Samuel, Market street
Gilchrist, Thomas, Windsor avenue
Gilchrist, William, Knocknashane
Gilmore, Ed., delph merchant, High street
Gilpin, Thos., boot merchant, Market street
Giltrap, Wm., grocer, &c., Church street
Girvan, Isaac, handkerchief printer, Hill street
Girvin, A.M., jeweller, Market street
Glenn, James, merchant tailor, Church place
Gracey, Daniel, & Sons, grocers and druggists, Edward street
Gracey, Thomas, carpenter, North street
Gracey, Wm., manager, Hill street
Graham, Robt., auctioneer, Market street
Green, Ernest, coal merchant, Silverwood
Greer, Major, G. W.. J.P., Oakley
Greer, Mrs. C., Woodville Hall

Hall, Alex., factory manager Avenue road
Hall, John L., grocer, Market street
Hall, John J., baker, Avenue road
Hamill, John, cooper, Edward street
Hamilton, James, clerk, Avenue road
Hamilton. Wm., painter. &c., William st.
Hanna, W., 35 Charles street
Hare, W. H., grocer, Hill street
Harrison, Joseph, teacher, Model school
Harte, Daniel, clothier, Church place
Harvey,, John, grocer, Queen street
Hawthorne. Wm., postman. Union street
Hayes Hugh, solicitor, High street
Hazelton, Robert, Market street,
Heany, Harry, insurance agent. Edward street
Heany, James H., Edward street
Henry, Thomas, Windsor avenue
Herbert, Abraham, draper, North street
Herbert, James, fruiterer, High street
Herbert, Joseph, draper and furnisher, North street
Herbert, Leo, draper, North street
Hewitt Bros., coal merchants and pawnbrokers, William street and Edward street
Hewitt, Samuel, Taghnevan
Higgins, James, Queen street
Higgins, John, Queen street
Hill, Wm., & Co., manufacturers William street
Hobbs, James, cattle dealer, Queen street ,
Holland, Jos., carpenter, Union street
Hopps, John, provision merchant, Hill st.
Houston, Robert, bootmaker, North street
Hughes, John, grocer, North street
Hughes, John, wine and spirit merchant , Market street
Hull, Garfield. High street
Hynes, William. Ex RIC., Queen street

Irwin, James, boot merchant, Market street
Irwin, Robert, pawnbroker, Edward street
Ivy Weaving Co., Ltd., manufacturers, Dollingstown

Jarden, Alex., New Cemetery caretaker
Jeffers, Thomas, Victoria street
Jennings, Edward, reedmaker, William st
Johnston, A., Annadale
Johnston, Allen, & Co., manufacturers, Woodville Factory, Victoria street
Johnston, C., solicitor, High street
Johnston, Capt. James A. High street
Johnston, Rev. G. C.. B.A., curate of Shankill Parish, 98 William street
Johnston, John, manufacturer, Fallowfield
Johnston, John M., church sexton, North street
Johnston, Miss, dressmaker. North street
Johnston, Samuel, saddler, High street
Johnston, T. B., manufacturer, The Demesne
Johnston, Walter, station master, Frederick Place
Johnston, Wm., ironmonger, &c., High st
Johnston, Wm., High street
Johnston, W., agent Bank of Ireland
Jones, Robert, rate collector, Union street
Jones, Robert, jun., clerk, Hill street
Jordan, James, newsagent. &c., Edward st
Jordan, James, J.P., manufacturer, Edward street
Jordan, Jos., manufacturer, North street
Jordan, Thomas, grocer, Edward street
Jordan, T., & Son, manufacturers, Edward st
Jordan, Wm. J., manufacturer, Edward st.
Jough, Joseph, builder and contractor, Hill st

Kane, Mrs., publican, Edward street
Kelly, Henry, grocer North street
Kelly, James, civil bill officer, Edward st
Kelly, John H., clerk, Union street
Kelly, P., fruit and fish store, William Street and Church place
Kennedy Bros., bakers and grocers, High st
Kennedy, Charles, Edward street
Kennedy, Richard, J.P., grocer. Edward st
Kerr, T. J., merchant tailor, High street
Keville, T. P., school teacher, Church place
Kincaid, Thomas, manufacturer, Florence villas
Knox, Andrew, grocer, Edward street
Kyle, D. J., teacher, Windsor avenue

Lavery, Edward, boot and shoe maker, Edward street
Lavery, Hugh, shoemaker, Edward street
Laverty, John, hairdresser. &c.. North st
Lavery. Jos., victualler, Market street
Laverty, Jos., compositor, North street
Leathem, Joseph, factory manager, Garland avenue
Leathem, Thos., compositor, Hill street
Levin, Robt., general draper and boot merchant, also secretary. Lurgan Hemmers' and Joiners' Union
Lewis, Wm., solicitor, Sunnyside
Lightbody, A . S. P., teacher, Hill street
Lindsay, Mrs. ex-postmistress, William street
Lindsay, William, Queen street
Linahan, Rev. J., Hill street
Lipton, Limited, Church place
Livingston, Hamilton, clerk, High street
Livingston, Richard, saddler, Hill street
Livingston, R. H., factory manager, Hill street
Livingston, Thomas, shoemaker, Union st.
Livingston W. linen manufacturer, High street
Livingston & Co, drapers, Market street
Lonsdale, Mrs. R. G., Queen street
Loudan, J., grocer, William street
Lowry, Rev. Andrew, C.C., Parochial house
Lunn, Edward, James street
Lunn, Miss, grocer, Edward street
Lurgan Mail Printing Co., High street
Lurgan Weaving Co.. Ltd... manufacturers, Ulster street
Lynn, R., architect, High street
Lynn, Samuel, plumber, High street

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