Lurgan Business Directory 1925
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Adair, Wm., confectioner and tobacconist, Windsor avenue
Allen, Edward, cycle agent, Union street
Allen, Fred., cattle dealer. Grassmere pde.
Allen, Major Lieut.-Col. Sir Wm. Jas., D.S.O., M.P., manufacturer, Linwinny house
Allister, G.A., bank manager, Market street
Anderson, Geo., seedsman, Windsor avenue
Anderson, G.A., Stationer and Tobacconist, Agent for “Belfast News-Letter” and “Belfast Weekly News,” 8 High street
Anderson, H. .M., clerk. Union street
Anderson, Samuel, clerk, Union street
Anderson. Thomas. Brownlow terrace
Archer, Thomas, shoemaker, James street
Armour & Co., Ltd., produce merchants, William street
Armstrong, S., jeweller, &c. Church place
Armstrong, Miss, William street
Armstrong, H. O., principal Technical School, Hill street
Arnold. G., art teacher, Queen street

George Anderson ad

Baird, Charles, carpenter, Union street
Baird, John H., postmaster, Frederick Place
Baird, W.F.B., manufacturer, Hill street
Baird, W.F.B., & Co., Ltd., manufacturers, Union street
Ballance, Miss, drapery warehouse, High street
Ballentine, Wm., tailor, Union street
Baxter, Thomas, clerk, William street
Bell, Alfred, publican, William street
Bell, G. A., Solitude
Bell, Henry L., factory manager, Windsor avenue
Bell. Robert, carowner, Hill street
Bell, Samuel, J.P., Bellevue
Bell, S.A., & Co., manufacturers, Bellevue
Belshaw, William, Avenue road
Belton, Rev J.T., B.A. curate of Shankill (Lurgan) Parish church 98 William St.
Berwick, Isabella, publican, Queen street
Berwick, Mrs., Great Northern Hotel, William street
Best, Wm. Robert, fancy box maker and handkerchief finisher, Queen street
Bingham, Clem., bootmaker, Church place
Black, John, chemist, Church place
Black, Robert, carowner, Hill street
Black, William, Castle lane
Bleakley, J.T., cycle agent, High street
Booth, John
Booth, Norman & Co., chartered accountants, Mechanics’ Institute, Market street
Boston, Francis, pawnbroker, High street
Boston, J. R., coachbuilder, &c., Church pl
Bracken, george, M.B., High street
Bradley. Miss, dressmaker. Church place
Bratty, W.J., manufacturers’ agent, Windsor avenue
Breen, Peter, grocer, North street
Brown, E. tailor, Union street
Brown, James, clerk, Avenue road
Browne, Cecil, Lough road
Browne, W.H.E., manufacturer, The Limes
Buckley, T. J., carowner, High street
Bullick, John, clerk, Queen street
Bullick, Mrs., High street
Bullick, & Douglas, coachbuilders. Queen St.
Bunting, Anthony, manufacturer, Annadale
Bunting, Francis, Garland avenue
Bunting, Wilfred, manufacturer, Sunnyside
Burnison, Sam., tenter, Brownlow terrace
Burns, Wm., carpenter, George’s street
Burrell. Thomas, clerk
Bush, Thomas, mechanic, Avenue road
Byrne, Arthur, butcher, Edward street
Byrne, Mrs., tobacconist, Edward street

Cafolla, Jos., confectioner, Church place
Calvert, David, draper, Market street
Calvert, Henry, seedsman. Brownlow house
Calvert, James, clerk of Union, Avenue road
Calvert, J., grocer, High street
Campbell, . baker and confectioner, Castle Lane and Edward street
Campbell, Andrew, solicitor, William street
Campbell, Bros., merchants, Market street
Campbell, George, Factory Lane
Campbell, Wm., H., tailor & clothier, Church place
Carrick, John, S., merchant, High street
Carson, Issac, Avenue Road
Carson, Wm., J., painter, & c., Queen street
Casey, Hugh, victualler, Church place
Cassells, Richard, plumber, Lough road
Cassidy, James, grocer, Victoria street
Chambers, Jos., breadserver, Lough road
Chambers, Thos., insurance agent, William street
Christie, J. K., shop manager. Wellington st
Clarke, Chas. W., folder maker and repairer, Wellington street
Clarke, Thomas, Springfield
Clarke, Walter, High street
Clarke, W. T., draper. &c., Market street
Charleton, C. J., hardware merchant. Market street
Charleton, Fred., Hill street
Clendinning, James & Sons, manufacturers, High street
Clendinning, Jas., handkerchief printer, Market street
Clendinning, Margaret, Temperance hotel, William street
Clendinning, Miss, High street
Cole, Thos. L., surgeon dentist, Market street
Collins, M., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Church walk
Combe, J.C., traveller, Windsor avenue
Connelly, Wm., manager, Queen street
Cordner, Wm., poulterer, William street
Corkin, W., postman, Robert street
Corner, W.J., clerk of Rural Councils, Windsor avenue
Cranston, Samuel, manager, Queen street
Crawford, W. H., & Co., bottling works, William street
Crothers, Fred, W., mineral water manufacturer William street
Culbert, Benjamin, shoemaker, Edward street
Culbert, Benjamin, jun., clerk, Edward street
Cummins, Barry, weaver, Victoria street
Cummins, Joseph, carpenter, Union street
Cunningham, Geo., mineral water manufacturer. High street

Daly, Chas., grocer, &c., Edward street
Daly, & Sons, ham and bacon curers, North street
Daniel, Henry, carowner, Hill street
Darling, John, S., M.D., High street
Davis, Miss, Brownlow terrace
Deeny, Michael, M.B., J.P., physician, Church place
Deeves, Samuel, retired head-constable, Union street
Dewart, Mrs., confectioner, Market street
Dobbin, Owen, fishmonger, Edward street
Dobson, George, publican, Queen street
Donnelly, Leo, J.P., Church place
Donnelly & O’Neill, publicans and grocers, Church place
Doran, Daniel, hairdresser, newsagent and tobacconist, Edward street
Dougherty, F., & Co., drapers, &c., Market street
Douglas, Jas., blacksmith, Queen street
Douglas, John, & Sons, linen manufacturers, William street
Douglas, Mat., blacksmith, Castle lane
Douglas, Misses, milliners, Queen street
Douglas, Moses. Avenue road
Douglas, Wm., High street
Douie, John, carpenter, Lough road
Dowling. Jas., ticket checker G.N.R., Victoria street
Doyle Bros., poulterers, &c.. William street
Drysdale, Robt., grocer, John street
Duffy, Chas., grocer, &c., Edward street
Duffy, John, painter, Union street
Duke, Jos., manufacturer, Union street
Duke, Robt., farmer, Union street
Dunbar, Henry, water inspector, Wellington street
Dunwoody, Misses, Union street

Elliott, John, mechanic, Garland avenue
Elliott, Richard, town inspector, Union street
Elmes, Miss, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market street
English, Thomas, grocer, Edward street
Evans, Miss., William street
Ewart, James., Town Hall caretaker, Wellington street
Ewart, Samuel, clerk, and house agent, WIndsor avenue

Fairley, Thos., clerk, Windsor avenue
Fairley, W. H., secretary Lough Neagh Drainage Trustees, Church place
Faloon, Thos., J.P., Beech lee
Ferguson, F.A., M.P.S.I., High street
Ferguson, Mrs. E., boot merchant, Church place
Ferguson, Saml., William street
Filbin Bros., bakers, Lurgantarry and Edward street
Fitzpatrick, Miss K., confectioner, Edward street
Fitzsimons, Jas., clerk, Avenue road
Fleming, Geo., clerk, Union street
Fleming, Mrs. M. W., Mourne View House
Forsyth, R.H., Publican, Market street
Forsythe. V., parcel clerk, G.N. Railway
Foster, Alex, boot warehouse and picture house proprietor, Market street
Foye, S., watchmaker, Church place
Frazer, David, dentist, North street
Frazer, G. H.. B.A.M.M., sub-agent Bank of Ireland
Frazer, Miss, ladies’ school, Church place

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