Lurgan Business Directory 1915
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Magahan, Frederick W.Secretary, Lough Neagh Drainage Trustees and Lurgan Gas Works - Church Place
Magee, MissesPublicans
Magill, EdwardNewsagent - 23 William Street
Magill, Ed.Tobacconist and Phonograph Agent - 23 William Street
Magowan, SamuelClothier - Union Street
Magurran, JamesHardware Store - Market Street
Maguire Bros.Painters - High Street
Mahaffy, JamesRent Agent - Church Place
Mahaffy, JohnIncome-Tax Collector - Church Place
Mahaffy, HenrySchool Attendance Officer - Avenue Road
Malcolm, Herbert C.Manufacturer - Bengal Place
Malcolm, S.Grocer - Victoria Street and Church Place
Malcomson, Albert G.Merchant - Church Place
Malcomson, JamesMerchant - Windsor Avenue
Malcomson, JohnUndertaker - Market Street
Malcomson & Co.Auctioneers - Market Street
Mann, Alfred W.Chemist - Market Street
Martin, Robt. J.Clerk - Avenue Road
Martin, ThomasCarpenter - North Street
Martin, W. J.Carpenter - Union Street
Mathers & BuntingManufacturers - Mary Street
Mathers, H. (J.P.)Manufacturer - Mary Street
Matier, Henry, & Co.Linen Manufacturers - High Street
Matthews, Thos.Property Owner - Avenue Road
Matthews & Co.Drapers - Union Street
Mawhirt, E.Refreshment Rooms - High Street
Megarry, HenryInsurance Agent - Hill Street
Megarry, Mrs.High Street
Menary Bros.Drapers - Market street
Menary, JamesMarket Street
Menary, ThomasHill Street
Menary, T. G.Solicitor - Church Place
Mercer, CharlesLaw Clerk - Hill Street
Mercer & BrownSewing Factory - Union Street
Metcalf, JohnWarper - Windsor Avenue
Metcalf, SamuelDresser - North Street
Metcalf, SamuelCarowner - Union Street
Millar, Wm.Farmer - Garland Avenue
Mitchell, Thos.Laundryman - James Street
Moffett, BrownGrocer - William Street
Moffett, E. R.Law Clerk - Market Street
Moffett, Robt.Shoemaker - Market Street
Moffett, Thos.Clerk of Petty Sessions - Windsor Avenue
Moffett & Co.Photographers - Windsor Avenue
Moffett & Co.Grocers - Queen Street
Molloy, AmeliaCafe - North Street
Moore, Dr. J. M.High Street
Moore, Stewart (C.E.)Assistant Engineer, Lough Neagh Drainage Trustees - Market Street
Moore & JohnstonSolicitors - High Street
Moore, W. H. D. (M.A.)Westfield
Morrow, John G.Clerk - Hill Street
Mullen, Miss LouisaTeacher - Windsor Avenue
Mullen, Thos.Poulterer - Avenue Road
Murphy, JamesManager - Avenue Road
Murphy, L. J.Ironmonger - Church Place
Murphy & StevensonManufacturers - High Street
Murray, A.Painter and Glazier - William Street
Murtagh, HenryPublican - Castle Lane
MacGeagh, H. G. (D.L.)Managing Director of Lurgan Weaving Co., Ltd. - High Street
McAlinden, JohnInsurance Agent - North Street
McAlinden, Mrs.Publican - William Street
McCabe, StephenTailor - William Street
McCallum, Jas.Caretaker - Orange Hall
McCann, FelixCarpenter - Charles Street
McCann, JamesTeacher - Hill Street
McCann, John H.Manager - William Street
McCarrison, Geo.Clerk - Union Street
McCarrison, Robt.Compositor - Union Street
McCarter, JamesDraper - Market Street
McCaughey, JamesChurch Place
McCauley, Wm. R.Mechanic - Queen Street
McClimmond, Jas. (J.P.)Waringstown
McClure, Saml.Manager - Avenue Road
McCollum, Jas.Confectioner - William Street
McConkey, Wm.Teacher - Queen Street
McConnell, DavidGrocer - William Street
McConnell, MissNorth Street
McConvill, PatrickDraper - Edward Street
McConville, DanielClothes Dealer - North Street
McConville, Very Rev. (M.B., P.P.)North Street
McCrory, JohnWatchmaker - Market Street
McCrory, MissConfectioner - High Street
McCullough, JohnPoulterer - Avenue Road
McCullough, Thos.Poulterer - Avenue Road
McCusker, Mrs.Victualler - Church Place
McDowell, JamesClerk - Sunnyside
McEntee, MichaelPublican - Church Place
McEvoy, Rev. Peter (C.C.)Parochial House
McGeown, JamesHairdresser - William Street
McGeown, Mrs.Publican - Church Place
McGeown, RobertSchool Attendance Officer - Union Street
McGhee, GeorgePoulterer - William Street
McGhee, Richard (M.P.)North Street
McGibbon, Wm.Contractor - Parkview Street
McGibbon, Wm.Plasterer - North Street
McGrath, J.Commercial Hotel - Church Place
McGreevy, HughTinsmith - Castle Lane
McGuigan, Chas.Librarian - Church Place
McGuigan, HughButcher - Edward Street
McGranaghan, W. J.Publican - Church Place
McIlhargey, MissConfectioner, Stationer, and Newsagent - Edward Street
McIlwaine, S.Linen Manufacturer - Dollingstown
McIlwaine, SolomonContractor - Aughnacloy
McIlwaine, W.Hairdresser - Windsor Avenue
McIntyre Bros.Painters - Edward Street
McIntyre's Temperance Hotel9a High Street
McKeown, FrankGrocer - Union Street
McKeown, Mrs.Newsagent and Fancy Goods - Church Place
McLarnon, Wm.Laundry Manager - Union Street
McMenamy, Thos.Grocer - North Street
McNally, AustinAvenue Road
McVeigh, JamesPublican - Edward Street
Neill, CharlesBootmaker - Edward Street
Neill, C. W.Solicitor - Heddington House
Neill, Jas.Post Office Official - Frederick Place
Neill, Robt.Teacher - Edward Street
Neill, Thos.Law Clerk - Avenue Road
Ogle, JamesBootmaker - Union Street
Orr, JamesBootmaker - Charles Street
Osborne, MeredithAvenue Road
O'Hagan, ArthurEdward Street
O'Hagan, Ed.Solicitor - Edward Street
O'Hara, Jas.Publican - Edward Street
O'Hare, Jas.Tinsmith - Castle Lane
O'Loughlin, Very Rev. R. S. (D.D.)Dean of Dromore - The Rectory
O'Neill, CharlesPublican - Church Place
O'Neill, EdmundChurch Place
O'Neill, PaulChurch Place
O'Neill, The MissesPublicans - Church Place
O'Reilly, John C.Solicitor - North Street
Page, Robt.Dairyman - Queen Street
Parks, DavidCarter - Wellington Street
Patterson, Pastor E. T.Hill Street
Patton, Wm.Boot Warehouse - Market Street
Pedlow, DavidSpirit Merchant & Motor Agent - Church Place. Telephone No. 71.
Pedlow, Thos. B. (M.B.)Surgeon - Market Street
Pentland, Robert H.Star Hotel - William Street
Plenderleith, PeterBeech Hill House
Plenderleith, ThomasFactory Manager - Beech Hill House
Pollock, F. W.Town Clerk - Florence Villa
Pollock, J. W.Asst. Town Clerk - Queen Street
Ramsay, Thos.Draper - Market Street
Rea, Thos.Postal Official - William Street
Reid, Jas.Publican - Edward Street
Reid, MissDraper - Market Street
Richardson, John H.Mechanic - Avenue Road
Richardson, LouisPrinter, and Proprietor "Lurgan Mail" - High Street
Ripley, JohnPhotographer - William Street
Robinson, FrancisPainter - Union Street
Robinson, JamesClerk - William Street
Robinson, SamuelClerk - William Street
Rocks, BernardTailor - Edward Street
Rocks, MichaelTailor - Edward Street
Rogers, JohnStationmaster - Frederick Place
Ross, CharlesManufacturer - High Street
Ross, HughYarn Merchant - High Street
Ross, John, & Co.Hemstiching Factory - High Street
Ross, Thos.Manufacturer - High Street
Ross, Wm. R.Manufacturer - High Street
Rowan, Thos.Dealer - Church Place
Ruddell, GeorgeVictualler - Church Place
Ruddell, JohnGrocer - Edward Street and Hill Street
Rusk, Thos.Clerk - Hill Street
Rusk, Wm.Clerk - Hill Street
Russell, GeorgeGrocer - Church Place
Ryan, Joseph D. I. (R.I.C.) - Church Place
Scott, Thomas J.Grocer - Queen Street
Seawright, Douglas, & Co.Finishers - Avenue Road
Seawright, W. J.Manufacturer - Windsor Avenue
Shaw, MissDressmaker - William Street
Shillington, Henry (C.E.)Town Surveyor - Hill Street
Shire, Rev. HenryAvenue Road
Sloan, Francis (B.A.)Teacher - Windsor Avenue
Smith, JohnTeacher - William Street
Soye, J.Property Owner - Victoria Street
Soye, RichardThe Home Farm
Soye, W. J.Factory Manager - Union Street
Speers, JamesCarowner - Market Street
Sproule, Rev. W. B. (B.A.)The Manse - Avenue Road
Stevenson, RichardClerk - Gilford Road
Stevenson, T. C.Clerk - Queen Street
Stewart, JamesQueen Street
Stothers, JacksonConfectioner - Windsor Avenue
Sullivan, Edwd.Confectioner, Hardware and Fancy Goods Merchant - Queen Street
Sweeney, Jos.Builder and Contractor - Edward Street
Symington, RobertHairdresser - William Street
Talbot, JohnGrocer - Sunnyside
Tallentire, W.Manager, Gas Works - William Street
Taylor, MissChurch Place
Temperance HotelWilliam Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Thomas Faloon - Victoria Street
The Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation Limited - Agent, Robert H. Pentland - 48 William Street
Thompson, MaxwellClothier - William Street
Thompson, R. W. (M.R.C.V.S.)Church Place
Thompson, RobertConfectioner - High Street
Thompson, R., & SonAuctioneers - William Street
Thompson, W. J.Reedmaker - Church Place
Thom's RestaurantMarket Street
Thornton, Jas.Pork Merchant - Church Place
Thornton, JohnCarowner - Church Place
Turkington, Mrs.Grocer - Church Place
Turner's Fruit StoresChurch Place
Uprichard, JohnGrocer - High Street
Uprichard, RobertManufacturer - Union Street
Uprichard, Thos.Manufacturer - William Street
Vint, H. B. Press Correspondent and Secretary, Lurgan Agricultural Association - Windsor Avenue
Waddell, ThomasAvenue Road
Waddell, W. J.Pawnbroker's Assistant - Avenue Road
Waite, Wm.Handkerchief Printer - Mark Street and Derry Lodge
Warren, MissMusic Teacher - Hill Street
Watson, Fred.Cabinetmaker - Avenue Road
Watson, Robert & SonsManufacturers - Flush Works
Watson & NeillSolicitors - William Street
Wells, MissHigh Street
Wells, SamuelClerk - Avenue Road
White, WilliamPrinter, Stationer and Proprietor "Lurgan Times" - William Street
White, W. J.Furniture Maker - Queen Street
Wilkinson, Rev. F. H. (M.A.)High Street
Wilson, CrozierDraper - Market Street
Wilson, Horace (A.R.C.O.)Organist - High Street
Woods, JohnPlasterer - William Street
Woods, ThomasMechanic - Avenue Road

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