Lurgan Business Directory 1907
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Abraham, Henry, Ardmore
Adamson, T. L., J.P., Ballydargan
Allen, William John, J.P., Donegreagh
Atkinson, William, Waringstown

Bailie, George, Annaghanoon
Bateman, Henry, Feney
Blaney, Patrick, Aghacommon
Bleakley, Thomas, Bleary
Boyce, Wilson, Lisacurran
Bridget, John H., Monbrief
Bridget, Seth, Corcreaney
Brownrigg, Dr., T. H., J.P., Moira
Bullick, Ralph, Ballymacranell
Bunting, Thomas, Fairview, Aghalee

Cairnes, James, Ballynamoney
Calder, James, Corcreaney
Calvert, Henry, Ballyhannon
Clarke, Thomas, Springfield
Cummins, John, Moyraverty
Cummins, Wm., Tullygally

Dobson, Geo., Gaskin's Grove, Bleary
Douie, James L., J.P., Moira
Duff, Dr. W. W., Aghalee

Eccles, W. R. P., LL.D., Turmoyra
Elliott, Thos., Kilmore
Ellis, George, Kilmore
Ellis, Robert, Kilmore
Ellis, Thomas, Aghagallon
Ellis, Wm. John, Drumaleet

Ferris, Alexander, Aghalee
Fforde, James, J.P., Raughlan
Fforde, Miss, Tanaghmore Lodge, Tanaghmore North
Friar, Dr. William, Waringstown

Gaskin, W. J., Kilvergan
Gilbert, James, Aghagallon
Gilbert, Stephen, Aghagallon
Gilpin, Thomas, Clanrolla
Gracey, John, Legahorry

Hale, John, Donacloney
Harrison, James, Corcreaney
Hewitt, Joe., Knockramer
Hewitt, Ralph, Tegnavin
Holmes, John, Kilycomain
Holmes, Robert, Clanrolla
Hopps, Wm., Legahorry

Irwin, George, Corcreaney
Irwin, James, Corcreaney

Jebb, Charles H., Deerpark
Johnson, M., Knockmenagh
Jones, John, Rockview, Drumgask
Jones, Samuel, Moyraverty

Kerr, John, Tullygally
Kerr, Wm. G., Kilminogue
Knox, Geo., Kilmore

Lavery, Henry, Kilvergan
Lavery, John, Kilvergan
Lennon, Thomas, Derryadd
Liddell, R. M., Banogue House, Donacloney
Lunn, Wm., Clankilvoragh
Lynass, Robert, Carn
Lyness, Archibald, Aghagallon
Lyness, Joseph, Kilfullert
Lyness, Thomas, Lismain

Macoun, Abraham, Moyraverty
Magenniss, James, Ballymacrandle
Magowan, John, Corcreaney
Martin, Frank, Kilvergan
Mathers, Hy., J.P., sewing factory, Maralin
Maxwell, Alexander, Bleary
Moffett, Wm., Aghagallon
Moore, W. H. D., M.A., Tegnavin
Murphy, Robert, Derryadd
Murray, Joseph, Ballynary

McCartan, Josiah, Corcreaney
McConville, Jas., Ballynamoney
McCorry, Francis, Whitehall
McCullough, Robert, Cornrainy
McGeown, John, Drumnagoon
McGown, Joseph, Kilmore
McGown, Thomas, Kilmore
McKay, Arthur, Kilmore
McKinstry, J., Tullygally
McKittrick, Geo., J.P., Kilmore
McNabb, Charles, Drumgor
McStravick, Henry, Kilmore

Patterson, Hugh, Drumnakerne

Reid, Dr. Hugh, Derryadd
Robinson, Robert, Ardmore
Robinson, Wm., Lylo
Rodgers, George, Corcreaney
Ruddell, Eliza, Lisnisky
Ruddell, Nelson, Aghacommon

Spence, George, Corcreaney
Spence, Lewis, Drumnagoon
Stevenson, C, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, John, Corcreaney
Stevenson, Joseph, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Joseph, Sandbank, Derrytrasna
Stevenson, Wm. Henry, Derryadd
Stewart, Valentine, Corcreaney

Taylor, Wm., Clanrolla
Taylor, William, Kilfullert
Turtle, F. L., J.P., Aghagallon
Turtle, John, Aghagallon
Turtle, W. T., Kilmore
Turkington, Stevenson, Derryadd

Uprichard, James H., Tanaghmore West
Uprichard. James, Corcreaney

Waring, Holt, J.P., Waringstown
Watson, Hugh, solicitor, Beechpark
Wells, Charles, Bleary
Wells, James, Bleary
Wells, John, Corcreaney
White, Robert, Bocombra
Wilson, James, Derryinver
Wright, James, Corcreaney

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