Lurgan Business Directory 1907
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Agnew, Samuel, M.D., High Street
Allen, Wm. James, C.C., Linwinny House
Allen Wm., William Street
Anderson, George, seedsman, Market Street
Anderson, Geo., jun., seedsman, Church Place
Anderson, G. A., stationer and tobacconist, 8 High Street
Anderson, Joseph L., Temperance Hotel, William Street
Anderson, Mrs., milliner, Market Street
Anderson, Robert, draper, Market Street
Armstrong, Miss, William Street

Baird, Charles, carpenter, Union Street
Baird W. F. B., manufacturer, Hill Street
Ballance, Miss, drapery warehouse, High Street
Ballentine, Wm., tailor, Union Street
Barr, Alex., grocer, Queen Street
Beatty, A. J., organist Parish Church, William Street
Bell, Samuel, J.P., Belvue
Bell, S. A., & Co., manufacturers, Bellvue
Belshaw, William, Avenue Road
Benson, Patrick, watch maker, Union Street
Berwick, Edward, Great Northern Hotel, William Street
Berwick, James, publican, Queen Street
Best, Wm. Robert, fancy box maker and handkerchief finisher, Queen Street
Bingham, Clem., boot maker, Church Place
Black, Hugh, shoe maker, Castle Lane
Black, John, chemist, 56 Church Place
Black, Robert, car owner, Hill Street
Black, Thomas, Church Place
Bleakley, J. T., cycle agent, High Street
Boston, Francis, pawnbroker, High Street
Boston, Thomas, William Street
Boyce, W. H., machine maker, Union Street.
Braken, George, M.D., High Street
Bratty, Mrs., delph merchant, High Street
Breen, Peter, grocer, North Street
Briggs, Geo., Church Place
Brown, Thomas, Garland Avenue
Brown, W. H., Circular Road
Brown, Wm., saddler, William Street
Brownlee, W. H. M., clerk, Avenue Road
Buckley, T. J., car owner, Union Street
Bullick & Douglas, coach builders, Queen Street
Bunting, Anthony, Lough Neagh Road
Bunting, Francis, Garland Avenue
Burnison, Sam., tenter, Brownlow Terrace
Burns, Wm., carpenter, George's Street
Byrne, T., tobacconist, Edward Street

Calvert, James, Clerk of Union, Hill Street
Campbell, George, Factory Lane
Campbell, Hy., tailor and clothier, Church Place
Carrick, John S., merchant, High Street
Carson, James, merchant, Market Street
Carson, Samuel, fowl dealer, Union Street
Carson. Wm. J., painter, etc., Queen Street
Cartwright, Robert, grocer, Edward Street
Casey, Edward, victualler, William Street
Casey, Robert, victualler, Church Place
Castles, William, butcher, Church Place
Castles, Wesley, butcher, North Street
Caulfield, William, grocer, Queen Street
Charles, Samuel, watch maker, jeweller and cycle agent, Excelsior House
Cherry, Andrew, auctioneer, Market Street
Clarke, Walter, victualler, Church Place
Clendinning, James, & Sons, manufacturers, High Street
Clendinning, John, J.P., High Street
Cole, Thos. L., chemist, Market Street
Collins, Mrs., dress and mantle maker, Hill Street
Collins, George, boot maker, Edward Street
Combe, J. C., clerk, Avenue Road
Cordner, Joseph, bicycle agent, Market Street
Copeland, James, cooper, Queen Street
Corner, W. J., clerk of Rural Councils, North Street
Cowan, James, M.A., Lurgan College
Crawford, W. H., & Co., bottling works, William Street
Crooks, Samuel, agent, Edward Street
Cullenan, Bernard, & Co., drapers, Market Street
Cumberton, George, butcher, Edward Street
Cumming, James, manufacturer, Queen Street
Cummins, George, spirit grocer, Hill Street
Cummins, Joseph, contractor, Union Street
Cummins, Joseph, carpenter, Albert Street

Darling, John S., M.D., High Street
Davis, Miss, Brownlow Terrace
Denny, Michael, physician, North Street
Dewart, Mrs., confectioner, Market Street
Diffin, Henry, carpenter and contractor, Union Street
Dillon, Miss, dress maker, William Street
Dobson, Mrs., publican, Queen Street
Donnelly, Andrew, Commercial Hotel, Church Place
Donnelly, Andrew, Church Place
Donnelly, Charles, publican, Church Place
Douglas, Geo., manufacturer, William Street
Douglas, Henry, manufacturer, Avenue Road
Douie, Miss, dress maker, Lough Road
Douie, William, Lough Road
Doyle, Patrick, publican, Market Street
Drennan, Daniel, factory overseer, William Street
Drummond, Wm., box maker, Charles Street
Duffy, John, painter, Union Street
Duff, Robert, press correspondent, Brownlow Terrace
Duke, Joseph, manufacturer, Union Street

Elliott, John, mechanic, Garland Avenue
Elliott, Richard, town sergeant, Union Street
Emerson, Wm., clerk, North Street
English, James, manufacturer, Oakley
English, Thomas, grocer, Edward Street
English and Scottish Law Life Office, Agents, Wm. A. Gilbert, Lawnmount; Capt. G. W. Greer, The Wilderness; W. H. D. Moore, solicitor; John McConville, 58 North Street; Jos. McConville, Market Street
Esdale, Mrs., publican, Market Street
Evans, Miss, teacher, William Street
Ewart, Samuel, clerk and house agent, Avenue Road

Fairley, Thos., assistant clerk of petty sessions, Windsor Avenue
Faloon, Thomas, C. C., J.P., Circular Road
Faloon & Co., hemstitching factory, Victoria Street
Ferguson, Edward, boot warehouse, Church Place
Ferguson, Geo., post master, Hill Street
Ferguson, G., agent, Union Street
Filbin Bros., bakers, Lurgantarry
Finlay, Matthew, Sunnyside
Fitzsimmons & Co., drapers, Market Street
Fleming, Daniel J., publican, Market Street
Fleming, John, J.P., Brooklyn House
Fleming, W. J., agent, Mourne View House
Fleming, W. J., jun., solicitor, Market Street.
Forsyth, Hill, commercial traveller, High Street
Foster, Alex., boot warehouse, Market Street
Freeburn, John, coal merchant, Union Street

Gallagher, Mrs., publican, Edward Street
Geddis, Alex., boot maker, High Street
Gibson, W. J., weigh master, Corcreaney
Gilchrist, John, & Sons Ltd., drapers, Market Street
Gillespie, James, druggist and grocer, Church Place
Gilmore, Ed., delph merchant, High Street
Gilmore, Wm., publican, Market Street
Gilpin, Thos., leather cutter, Market Street
Gracey, Daniel, grocer, Edward Street
Gracey & McCarter, drapers, etc., Market Street
Graham, Robt., draper, Market Street
Green, W. J., coal merchant, Kinnego
Greer, Capt. J. W., The Wilderness
Greer, James, coach builder and smith, High Street
Greer, Mrs., coachbuilder and smith, High Street
Greer, Miss, grocer, William Street
Greer, Mrs., Wilderness
Greer, Mrs., Woodville

Haire, Rev. James, M.A., P.M., The Manse
Halfpenny, Wm., tinsmith, Castle Lane
Hall, James L., grocer, Market Street
Halliday, James, boot maker, Church Walk
Hamilton, Wm., tenter, Brownlow Terrace
Hamilton, J. H. W., manager, Belfast Bank
Hammel, J., draper, William Street
Hand, Wm., publican, William Street
Hanna, Thomas, J.P., Avenue Road
Hanna, Wm., confectioner, William Street
Hare, W. H., grocer, Hill Street
Harrison, Joseph, teacher, Avenue Road
Harrison, Joseph, carpenter, George's Street
Harveston, Thos., photographer, Windsor Avenue
Hazelton, Robert, pawnbroker and jeweller, Market Street
Hasley, Matthew, Scripture reader, James Street
Herbert, Joseph, draper and furnisher, North Street
Hewitt, Adam, coal merchant and pawnbroker, William Street
Higgins, James, spirit grocer, Queen Street
Hobbs, James, cattle dealer, Queen Street
Hopps, John, provision merchant, Hill Street
Hopps, Wm., dairy, Victoria Street
Houston, Robert, boot maker, North Street
Hoy, Joseph, boot warehouse, Church Place
Hughes, John, grocer, North Street
Hunter, A. H., merchant, Edward Street

Irwin, George, grocer, Union Street
Irwin, Robert, pawnbroker, Edward Street
Irwin, Wm., victualler, Market Street

Jackson, William, Gilford Road
Jennings, Wm., reed maker, William Street
Johnston, Allen & Co., manufacturers, Woodville Factory, Victoria Street
Johnston & Allen, yarn merchants, High Street
Johnston, Andrew, relieving officer, Queen Street
Johnston, C, solicitor, High Street
Johnston, James, brewer, Market Street
Johnston, James, J.P., High Street
Johnston, John, J.P., High Street
Johnston, John, jun., Lough Road
Johnston, T. B., Florence Villa
Johnston, Wm., ironmonger, etc., High Street
Jones, Robert, rate collector, Town Hall
Jordan, James, J.P., North Street
Jordan, Thos., & Son, manufacturers, Edward Street

Kelly, Henry, grocer, North Street
Kelly, John H., clerk, Union Street
Kelly, P., fruit and fish store, William Street
Kennedy, Mrs., baker and grocer, High Street
Kennedy, Richard, grocer, Edward Street
Kerr, T. J., tailor, High Street
Kinkade, Thos., manufacturer, Sunnyside
Knox, Andrew, grocer, Edward Street
Kyle, D. J., teacher, Windsor Avenue

Lark, W. J., teacher, Queen Street
Lauder, James, clerk, Frederick Place
Leathem, Joseph, Garland Avenue
Leeper, Nathl. G., bank manager, Market Street
Lindsay, Mrs., ex-postmistress, William Street
Lipton Ltd., Church Place
Livingston, Richard H., factory manager, Hill Street
Livingston, R. H., boot warehouse, High Street
Livingston, W., linen manufacturer, Annesborough
Livingston & McEndoo, general drapers and outfitters, Market Street
Long, Wm. J., plumber and gasfitter, William Street
Lonsdale, Robert, manufacturer, William Street
Lonsdale, William, carpenter, Avenue Road
Lunn, Edward, boot maker, Edward Street
Lunn, George, jun., secretary Lurgan District L.O.L., Hill Street
Lyle, John, boot warehouse, High Street
Lyness & Hayes, solicitors, High Street
Lynn, Samuel, plumber, High Street

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