Lurgan Business Directory 1888
by George Henry Bassett
Page 4

WilsonJamesToll Collector, Railway Station
Bunton-Reed Maker - Queen Street
ThompsonRobertReed Maker - William Street
ThompsonWilliam J.Reed Maker - Church Place
RIFLE ASSOCIATION (Range, Woodville)
GreerGeorgePresident, Rifle Association - Woodville
JohnstonJamesVice-President, Rifle Association - Woodville
WatsonThomasSecretary, Rifle Association - Woodville
FaloonThomasTreasurer, Rifle Association - Woodville
ROYAL IRISH CONSTABULARY (Barracks - Union Street, Edward Street, Queen Street, High Street)
BigleyWilliamDistrict Inspector, Royal Irish Constabulary - Church Place
GreeneMI.Head Constable, Royal Irish Constabulary - Union Street
BrownWilliamSaddler - William Street
ReynoldsEdwardSaddler - High Street
AndersonGeorgeSeed Merchant - 53 Market Street
HallJames L.Seed Merchant - 36 Market Street
BullickJohnShuttle Maker - 21 Queen Street
DukeWilliamShuttle Maker - High Street
HayesHughSolicitor - High Street
MackaySamuel A.Solicitor - High Street
MenaryThomas J.Solicitor - Market Street
MooreW. H. D.Solicitor - High Street
O'ReillyJohn C.Solicitor - Church Place
Ussher & Mahaffy-Solicitors - William Street
SPIRIT RETAILERS (See also Grocers)
BerwickEdwardSpirit Retailer - 28 Queen Street
BlayneyJamesSpirit Retailer - Church Place
DobsonJohnSpirit Retailer - Queen Street
DoylePatrickSpirit Retailer - 31 Market Street
GilmoreWilliamSpirit Retailer - 21 Market Street
GraceyRobertSpirit Retailer - Queen Street
GraceyWilliamSpirit Retailer - 43 Church Place
HandWilliamSpirit Retailer - 39 William Street
McGeownPatrickSpirit Retailer - 65 Church Place
MageeHughSpirit Retailer - William Street
MageeJohnSpirit Retailer - Union Street
MageeThomasSpirit Dealer - Edward Street
MaguireCharlesSpirit Dealer - 9 Edward Street
PedlowSamuelSpirit Dealer - 104 Edward Street
SloanMrs. A. J.Spirit Retailer - 63 Church Place
BowdenMrs. AStationer - 27 High Street
Cowdy & Co.L. & L.Stationers - High Street
FlemingJohnStationer - 28 Market Street
McKeownEdward J.Stationer - 46 Church Place
PollockGeorgeStationer - 8 High Street
TonerMichaelStationer - North Street
WhiteWilliamStationer, Times Office - High Street
CampbellJamesSaw Mill - Market Street
Mathers & Co.RobertSaw Mills - Market Street
FrenchThomasTinsmith - Castle lane
HalfpennyWilliamTinsmith - Castle lane
McGrevyHughTinsmith - Castle lane
O'HareJamesTinsmith - Castle lane
DynesDanielTobacconist - 54 Church Place
ReburnThomasChairman, Town Commission
MalcolmJames (D.L., J.P.)Ex-Chairman, Town Commission
GilchristJohnTown Commissioner
MathersJoseph P.Town Commissioner
CampbellJamesTown Commissioner
McKeeAlexander H.Town Commissioner
McConnellRobertTown Commissioner
MathersRobert (J.P.)Town Commissioner
HazletonRobertTown Commissioner
JohnstonJamesTown Commissioner
CrawfordWilliam H.Town Commissioner
McCaugheyJohnTown Commissioner
HewittHolt M.Town Commissioner
LivingstonWilliamTown Commissioner
BrownlowClaude (J.P.)Town Commissioner
LuttonThomasClerk, Town Commission
O'NeillWilliam J. (C.E.)Town Surveyor
AgnewDr. SMedical Officer of Health, Town Commission
DunwoodyJamesTown Constable and Sanitary Sub-Office
JonesRobertRate Collector, Town Commission
TOWN HALL (Union Street)
DunwoodyJamesCaretaker, Town Hall - Union Street
Donnelly & Co.A.Undertakers - Church Place
GraceyWilliamUndertaker - Church Place
ThompsonRobertUndertaker - High Street
TurkingtonSamuelUndertaker - High Street
UNION WORKHOUSE (Union Street and John Street), Guardians meet every Thursdat at 11 a.m.
JohnstonJohn (J.P.)Chairman, Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
MacounJohnVice-Chairman, Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
HallWilliamDeputy Vice-Chairman, Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
DonaldsonJamesClerk and Returning Officer, Union Workhouse
TaylorR.Master, Union Workhouse
TaylorMrs. LizzieMatron, Union Workhouse
AdamsonJohn J. (J.P.)Medical Officer, Union Workhouse
CampbellVery Reverend TheophilusChurch of Ireland Chaplin, Union Workhouse
PichéRev. Emile H.Roman Catholic Chaplin, Union Workhouse
KennedyRev. C. W.Presbyterian Chaplin, Union Workhouse
ThompsonJohn A. (V.S.)Vet. Inspector, Union Workhouse
CalvertJamesRelieving Officer, Union Workhouse - Market Street, Lurgan
AlexanderJ.Relieving Officer, Union Workhouse - Woodhouse Street, Portadown
HamiltonR. T.Inspector, Union Workhouse, L. G. B. Officer
StuddertColnel R. MAuditor, Union Workhouse, L. G. B. Officer
UNION WORKHOUSE - Magistrates who are ex-officio members of the Board of Guardians
LurganLordUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
WaringColonel (D.L.)Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians - Waringstown
ShillingtonThomasUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
GreerGeorgeUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
LiddellWilliamUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
MalcolmJames (D.L.)Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
FfordeJamesUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
JohnstonCharlesUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
JohnstonJohnUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
ArmstrongThomasUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians - Eden Hall, Lurgan
BrushAugustus E.Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians - Drumnabreeze House, Lurgan
CollenJohnUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
FultonJohn C.Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
BellSamuel A.Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
MathersRobertUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
MurphyJosephUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
McNallyJohnUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
PaulWilliam J.Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
WatsonFrancisUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
WaddellRobertUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians - Maralin
BrownlowClaudeUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
MagennisEdwardUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
ShillingtonAverellUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians
TurtleLancelotUnion Workhouse, Board of Guardians - Aghalee
DouieJames L.Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians - Moira
McBrideSamuel W.Union Workhouse, Board of Guardians
UNION WORKHOUSE - Elected Guardians and Divisions
DowningJamesUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Aghagallon
GormanStaffordUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Aghalee
CarrollThomasUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Ballinderry
TaylorWilliamUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Ballyleney
CrockettJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Breagh
RuddellNelsonUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Brownlowsderry
MagennisJamesUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Carrowbrack
AllenWilliam JohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Cornakinegar
MacounJosephUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Donacloney
SinnamonJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Drumcree
MacounJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Kernan
MacounJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Kilmore
CarrickGeorge R. (J.P.)Union Workhouse Elected Guardian - Lurgan
JohnstonJamesUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Lurgan
LangtryF.Union Workhouse Elected Guardian - Moira
BatemanWilliamUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Moira
StevensonChristopherUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Moyntaghs
HallWilliamUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Portadown
OrrWilliamUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Portadown
MalcolmsonJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Portadown
McClellandJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Tartaraghan
McClureJohnUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Tartaraghan
BinghamWilliam H.Union Workhouse Elected Guardian - Tullylish
BleakleyThomasUnion Workhouse Elected Guardian - Tullylish
BrownThomas B.Union Workhouse Elected Guardian - Waringstown
ThompsonJ. A.Veterinary Surgeon - Church Place
ByrneArthurVictualler - William Street
CaseyEdwardVictualler - Church Place
CastlesWesleyVictualler - 43½ Church Place
ClarkW.Victualler - Market Street
LivingstonWilliamVictualler - 1 Market Street
McCuskerPatrickVictualler - Church Place
McGeownRichardVictualler - Edward Street
McGuiganBd.Victualler - 40 Church Place
MageeRobert C.Victualler - 1 High Street
O'NeillJamesVictualler - Market Street
WardHughVictualler - Edward Street
CharlesSamuelWatchmaker - High Street
CousinsJamesWatchmaker - 41 Market Street
SmithRobertWatchmaker - Church Place
WilsonMrs. MargaretWatchmaker - High Street
Johnston & Allen-Yarn Merchants - High Street
Murphy & SonJosephYarn Merchants - William Street
Ross & Irwin-Yarn Merchants - Church Place
ChineyJ.Secretary, Young Men's Recreation Room - North Street
YOUNG MEN'S SOCIETY (Shankill Buildings)
MalcolmsonJames (D.L.)President, Young Men's Society - Shankill Buildings
LivingstonHughSecretary, Young Men's Society - Shankill Buildings
NeillCharles W.President, Young Men's Society - Shankill Buildings
MathersRobert (J.P.)Treasurer, Young Men's Society - Shankill Buildings

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