Lurgan Business Directory 1880
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
Page 5


Hall, James L., grocer, Market street
Hanna, Wm., property owner, William street
Hand, Wm., publican, William street
Harrison, Bros., manufacturers, Market street
Harkin, Chas., mason, William street
Hazelton, Hamilton, publican, Church place
Halliday, Edward, grocer, Market street
Hughes, John, butcher, Church place
Hewitt, Holt M., pawnbroker and coal merchant, Edward street
Hand, J., draper, Castle lane
Holland, Thos., grocer, Union street
Harrison, James, manufacturer, Queen street
Hanna, Thos., manufacturer, Queen street
Halfpenny, Wm., tinsmith, Castle lane

Irwin & Co., druggists, & c., High street and Market street

Johnston & Allen, yarn merchants, High street
Johnston, W. & C., tobacco manufacturers, Union street
Johnston, James, brewer, Market street
Johnston, Allen & Co., linen manufacturers, William street

Kennedy, James, baker and grocer, High street
Kearns, Hugh, publican, Queen street
King, J., grocer, Church place

Lawson, Alex., Manufacturer, Queen street
Lavery, Joseph, sutioneer, Edward street
Lindsay, Mrs., post-office, Market street
Lindsay, R & Co., manufacturers, William street
Long, John, [plumber and gasfitter, William street
Livingston, R., yarn merchant, Hoophill
Lonsdale, Wm., carpenter, High street
Lutton, Thos., town Clerk, Union street

Malcolm & Pentland, power-loom factory, Factory lane
Macoun., Jas. & Co., manufacturers by power of linens, cambrics, and cambric
handkerchiefs, Brownlow terrace and Ulster street
Macoun, Wm. & Jas., Cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Brownlow terrace and Mary
Macoun, Jas, (pf W. & J. Macoun), Church place
Macoun, Wm. (of W. & J. Macoun), 136 North street
Magahan, Fred. W., Clerk of Petty Sessions, Hill street
Magee, Thos., H., Damask Manufacturer, Queen street
Mahaffy, John B., shoe merchant, newsagent, & c., High street
Mahaffy, Wm., shoe merchant, and registrar of marriages, High street

Megahy, Mrs., Servants’ registry office, 130 Edward street
Malcolmson, Davis, merchant, Market street
Martin, Wm., J., carpenter, Clara street
Mathers, Robert & Co., timber and coal merchant, Edward street
Monroe, James H., Manufacturer, High street
Matthews, Wm., grocer and coal merchants, Market street
Moffett, Thos., shoemaker, William street
Moffett, Miss, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market street
Moore, Dunlop, High street
Montgomery, Wm., coachmaker, Rooney’s court
Malloy, John, Clerk, William street
Maxwell, John, Clerk, William street
Maxwell, Wm., Manufacturer, Union street
Morrison, Thos., grocer, High street
Murchie, Archibald, tailor and clothier, High street
Murray, Daniel, delf and waste merchant, High street
Murphy, Jos. & Son, yarn merchants, William street
Magee, John, publican, Union street
Magee, Robt., Victualler, High street
Markey, Mrs., Publican, Edward street
Matier, Henry & Co., linen manufacturers, High street
Murphy & Co., drapers, Market street
Maguire & Co., drapers, Church place
Menary, Thomas, grocer, Mill street

McBride, S & W., manufacturers, William street
McCann, Murtagh, carpenter, William street
McCann, Patrick, watchmaker, Church place
McCarrison, Thomas, baker, Edward street
McCarron & Reilly, spirit dealers, William street
McCaughey, James, grocer, Church place
McCauley, William R., woodturner, Queen street
McClure, W. W., merchant, High street
McConnell, Robert, builder, North street
McConville, Thomas, manufacturer, High street
McClimond, John & Sons, bakers and grocers, High street
McCullagh, Samuel, manufacturer, High street
McKane, Joseph, draper, Church place
McKee, Alex., Leather merchant, Market street
McKinstry, John, publican, Church place
McGeown, Patrick, publican, Church place
McGuigan, Bernard, butcher, Church place
McMullan, Robert, manufacturer, Union street
McNally, John, factory manager, Queen street
McMillan, Hamilton, publican, Market street
McCaughey & Co., linen manufacturers, church place
McCusker, J., butcher, Church place
McCarrison, John, baker, Hill street
McDowell, Mrs., Temperance Hotel, Market street
McCaffin, James, woodturner, High street

Nelson, Wm., R., manufacturer, William street
Nelson, Wm., grocer and publican, Market street
Nelson, Robert, smith, Church place
Neill, Charles, shoemaker, Edward street
Neilson, Wm. & Sons, reed and heddle manufacturers, William street
Nicholson, Robert, grocer, Edward street

O’Brien, Mrs., Commercial Hotel, Church place
O’Hare, James, tinsmith, Castle lane
Oliver, David, grocer, Union street
O’Neill, James, Victualler, Market street

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