Lurgan Business Directory 1880
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
Page 4


Allen, Jas., Damask machine maker, William street
Anderson, Robert, clerk, Union street
Anderson, Mrs., Milliner, Market street
Anderson, Wm., cabinetmaker, North street
Anderson, George, seedsman, Market street
Anderson, Robert, tailor, High street
Anderson, Hugh, tailor, Union street
Anderson, James, yarn merchant, Church Place
Arbuckle, James, draper, Market street
Archer, John, builder, Hill street
Archer, Thomas, builder, North street
Armstrong & Mathers, woollendrapers, haberdashers, and silk merchants, Market street

Baird, William, loan bank proprietor, Hill street
Bell, John J., druggist, High street
Bell, T. & Co., manufacturers, Bellview
Berwick, James, publican, Queen street
Black, Thomas, boot and shoe manufacturer, and agent for the Belfast News-Letter and
Weekly News, Church Place
Black, Hugh, shoemaker, Castle lane
Blaney, James, publican, Church place
Boyce, Samuel, Damask machine maker, William street
Boyce, William H., machine maker, Union street
Bray, William D., veterinary surgeon, and auctioneer, William street
Brady, Bernard, tailor, Edward street
Brennian, W. H. N., law clerk, Church place
Bradshaw, James, shuttlemaker, Edward street
Bratty, John, delph merchant, Church place
Brown, John S., Damask machine maker, Queen St.
Brown, M.S. & J milliners, High street
Brown, Mrs., Grocer, Queen street
Bullich, Hamilton & Co., linen manufacturers, James street
Bullock, William, yarn merchant, Market street Bullock, John, shuttlemaker, Queen street Byrne, Mrs., milliner, Church place

Camm, John P., hairdresser, Union street
Campbell, James, grocer, Market street
Capper, Joseph, grocer, Union street
Cartwright, Robert, grocer, Edward street
Carrick, George R., merchant, High street
Casey, Mrs., fruiterer and victualler, Church place
Castles, Wesley, American meat importer, Church place
Charles, Samuel, watchmaker, High street
Cherry, Andrew, auctioneer, Market street
Chapman, John, coachbuilder, High street
Clarke, Thomas, victualler, Market street
Clendinning, James, manufacturer, High street
Cornfield, John, grocer, William street
Corner, Joseph, cambric manufacturer, Edward street
Cooper, John, hardware dealer, Church place
Crawford, William, aerated water maker, Queen street
Crozier, George, cardcutter, Queen Street
Cumberton, John, butcher, Market street
Cummings, James, clerk, Queen street
Cullenan, Bernard & Co., drapers, Market street

Davidson, Bros., grocers, Market street
Dawson, J., grocer, Queen street
Dickson, William, grocer, North street
Donaldson, James, clerk of union, Hill street
Donnelly, Arthur & Co., merchants, Church place
Dowey, James, grocer, William street
Downing, Edward, publican, Church place
Douglas, John & Sons, manufacturers, William street
Doak, William, manufacturer, Union street
Duke, William, shuttlemaker, High street
Duke, Joseph, manufacturer, Union street
Duffy, Peter, publican, Market street
Dynes, Daniel, clothier, Church place

Ellis, W.J., Weighmaster, Church place

Ferguson, Edward, clogmaker, Edward street
Finch, James, baker and grocer, North street
Fitzpatrick, J., saddler, William street
Fleming, W.J., Clerk, Hill street
Fleming, John, publican, grocer and newsagent, Market street
Freile, T. & D., grocers, Market street

Gallagher, James, smith, Castle lane
Gamble, Thompson, pawnbroker, William street
Gilchrist, John, draper, Market street
Gilbert, William& Co., linen manufacturers, Church place
Gould, Richard, designer, Hill street
Grace, William, publican, Church place
Gracey, Halliday, publican and grocer, Church place
Green, Mrs., Ladies’ Seminary, North street
Greer, Alexander, headmaster Model School
Glass, James & Co., manufacturer, William street
Greer, John, coachbuilder and smith, High street
Greer, James D., farmer, Greer’s court

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