Lurgan 1861
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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TRADERS AND CO ~ Surnames A - L

Agnew, W. J., general outfitter, Market Street and Dromore.
Anderson, James, yarn merchant &c., of Joseph Wilson & Co., Church Square.
Anderson, John E., seedsman, Market Square.
Anderson, Robert, damask and diaper manufacturer, Lawn Mount.
Anderson, Wm., cart wright, William Street.
Anderson, Wm., clerk, William Street.
Anderson, William, cabinet maker, North Street.
Anderson, Wm., bookkeeper, Union Street.
Ardrie, W. J., general outfitter, Market Street and Dromore.
Armstrong & Wynne, linen merchants, dyers, finishers, William Street.
Armstrong & Mathers, haberdashers, silk mercers, woollen drapers, hosiers &c., Market Street.
Armstrong & Co., timber, coal, iron, meal & flour stores, Market Street.
Armstrong, Robert, wholesale and retail grocer and hardware merchant, Market Street.
Atkinson, Anthony, bailiff for the Lurgan estates, Kilmain Street.

Baird, Wm., bookkeeper, chief clerk in Lord Lurgan's office, Hill Street.
Bell, John, druggist, High Street.
Bell, Thomas & Co., cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Bellview.
Bell, Samuel, of S. Bell & Co., Bellview.
Berwick, Anthony, saddler, William Street.
Berwick, James, baker, Queen Street.
Black, John, boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Blaney, Jas., publican, Market Street.
Bingham, Clements, boot and shoe maker, Market Street.
Brassfield, Charles, green grocer and market gardener, William Street.
Brennian, Henry Nassau William, teacher of English classics, North Street.
Brown, William, pawn broker and grocer, Queen Street.
Bullick, John, wheel wright, Market Street.
Bullick, M., wheel wright, High Street.
Burns, John, grocer, Market Street.
Byrne, Mrs., Linenhall Hotel, Church Square.

Campbell, James, cabinet maker, delf & china merchant, High Street.
Campbell, Mrs., servants' registry office, High Street.
Capper, Hannah, millinery & bonnet shop, Market Street.
Capper, John, linen yarn merchant, Market Street.
Carlisle, James, plumbers and lead merchants.
Carlisle, Wm., of McCaw and Carlisle, Tegnavin.
Carrick, George, grain merchant, High Street.
Clarke, W., officer of inland revenue, Brownlow Arms Hotel.
Clarke, Thomas, victualler, Market Street.
Clarkston, ? , foreman cutter, Union Street.
Chapman, John, coach builder and jobbing smith, High Street.
Cherry, Andrew, watch and clock maker, jeweller &c., Market Street.
Cherry, Brothers, cabinet makers &c., Market Street.
Clendinning, James, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, Union Lodge, Union Street.
Close, James, lapper, Factory Lane.
Carter, Wm., book seller, William Street.
Cochrane, Hugh Hall, watch and clock maker, William Street.
Colvin, Henry, builder, Castle Lane.
Colvin, James, carpenter, North Street.
Conn, Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, Market Street.
Cordner, John, painter and glazier, William Street.
Cordner, Bell William, confectioner and general grocer, North Street and William Street and Tandragee.
Cordner, Alexander, cambric handkerchief manufacturer.
Crawford, W., soda water and lemonade manufacturer, High Street.
Crawford, Dunlop, pawn broker, High Street.
Crossley, Wm., of Robert Watson & Son, Golconda Cottage.
Cunningham, John, pavier, North Street.
Curran, H. Wm., linen lapper, William Street.
Curran, J., ornamental carver in oak, North Street.

Dines, James, old clothes dealer, Market Street.
Dixon, Wm., general provision merchant, North Street.
Donnelly, Arthur, publican, grocer &c., Market Street.
Donnelly, Wm., carpenter, High Street.
Douglas, John, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, Market Street.
Douglas, George, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, William Street.
Douglas, Thomas, grocer, Queen Street.
Dougan, James, replevinger for Co. Armagh, rent agent and proctor, William Street.
Downey, Hugh, haberdasher, Market Street.
Downey, John, blacksmith, Black's Court.
Duffy, James, baker, Castle Lane.

Elliott, John, linen, lawn and diaper manufacturer, High Street.
Ellis, Mrs., publican, Market Street.
Ellison, John, whitesmith, bell hanger &c., Middle Row.
Emerson, Thomas, publican, Market Street.
Evans, R. J., printer and stationer, Market Street.

Falloon, Henry, linen lapper, Mary Street.
Finch, James, baker and grocer, North Street.
Flemming, John, saddler, Market Street.
French, John, tinsmith, Middle Row.
Furfy, Samuel, bookkeeper, North Street.

Gaddiss, Andrew, publican, Market Street.
Gaffney, Peter, tailor, High Street.
Gallagher, Jas., blacksmith, Castle Lane.
Gilbert, Thomas, grocer, Market Street.
Gilchrist, R., haberdasher, Market Street.
Glass, James, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, High Street.
Gorman, Wm., carpenter, John Street.
Gorman, Thomas, lawn and cambric manufacturer, Knocknashane.
Gorman, Thomas, Albert Hotel & general posting master, High Street.
Green, Mrs., academy for young ladies.
Greer, Samuel, inspector of weights and measures for Lurgan district of County Armagh, also inspector of gas meters, North Street.

Halfpenny, Hugh, tinsmith and gas fitter, Castle Lane.
Hall, Joseph Henry, general grocer &c., North Street.
Hamilton, James, butcher and cow jobber, Queen Street.
Hanna, Wm., grocer, High Street.
Hannay, R. S., surgeon and apothecary, Market Street.
Harbinson, Mrs., publican, William Street.
Harkin, Charles, mason, William Street.
Harper, Jas., cabinet maker, William Street.
Harvey & Woods, gutta percha shoe warehouse, High Street.
Hazelton & Sheppard, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Market Street.
Hazelton, John, pawn broker, Market Street.
Henderson, James, general grocer, Market Street.
Henning & Son, John, cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Waringstown.
Heron & Co., William, cambric and shirt front manufacturers, William Street and Moira.
Higgins, Mr., Market Street.
Holmes, Edward, mason, Castle Lane.
Hussian, Patrick, blacksmith, Church Square.

Irwin, Robert, Brownlow Arms Hotel, Market Street.

Jenkinson, J. B., professor of music, Queen Street.
Johnston, John, brewer & tobacco & snuff manufacturer, High Street.

Kennedy, James, baker and grocer, High Street.
Kerr, Andrew Thomas, chandler, Market Street.
Kerns, Hugh, publican, Queen Street.
Kirk, Miss, haberdasher, Market Street.

Lavery, Charles, publican, Portadown Street.
Lavery, Thomas, grocer and manufacturing agent, Queen Street.
Lawson, Alexander, cambric manufacturer, Queen Street.
Lindsay, John, bookkeeper for T. Bell & Co.
Little, A., haberdasher, Market Street.
Lockhart, John George, Market Street.
Lockhart, Isaac, linen yarn merchant, diaper and drill manufacturer, High Street.
Loughlan, John, bookkeeper, Mary Street.

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