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Lurgan, is a thriving market town, in County Armagh, seventeen miles S.W. from Belfast, and on the line of the Ulster Railway, for which the town is a station. The principal part of the town extends, for nearly a mile, along the Belfast and Armagh road, and is spacious, airy, well built and remarkably clean. That which may be considered the suburban part of Lurgan is extensive, and has extended very much since 1851, principally on account of the increase and extension of the linen and cambric manufacturing, and also the granting of leases in perpetuity by Lord Lurgan. Several new streets are laid off, and are rapidly filling up with buildings, particularly since the introduction of the Towns' Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854. Brownlow House, the seat of Lord Lurgan, proprietor of the town, extends along the North East of it, and the entrance is by as elegant lodge from near the centre of the street. The mansion was some years ago rebuilt in the Elizabethan style, with beautiful freestone brought from Scotland. The grounds which are generously thrown open to the public, are richly embellished with thriving plantations, reflected in a fine sheet of water, and encompassed by a well kept gravel walk. The Court House is a stone building and the Diaper Hall is a spacious building erected in 1825.

The linen and cambric manufacturer is the staple trade of Lurgan, and in producing the variety of fabrics, as lawns, diapers, damasks (and of late years a large number of persons are employed in the manufacture of cambric handkerchiefs) &c., a large proportion of the population of the town and its vicinity are employed, while some of the establishments of the yarn and linen merchants are extensive. Two noted breweries and the hotels are the other principal establishments. The Belfast Banking Company, the Northern Banking Company, and the Ulster Bank, have each a branch in operation here. A facility of intercourse with Belfast is afforded by Lough Neagh and the Lagan Navigation. The general quarter sessions of the county are held in Lurgan and the petty sessions every alternate Tuesday. A section of the constabulary police is stationed in the town, which has lately been made a first class station.

The parish church of Shankill is a handsome structure, but is to be pulled down immediately, and be replaced by one considerably larger, which will have 2,000 free sittings. There are places of worship for Presbyterians, the Society of Friends and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists. The Roman Catholic parochial chapel is a Gothic building. The free educational establishments are - a school supported by Erasmus Smith's charity, and an infant school solely supported by Lady Lurgan. A Mechanics' Institute is established in the town. It was originated by William Watson, Esq., of New York, who, while on a visit to his native town, generously offered the princely sum of 1,000 guineas, as a commencement. His brothers, Francis and Hugh Watson, Esqs., most liberally seconded his views, and subscribed 500. The whole 1,500 was to be paid on a similar sum being raised by the inhabitants. Lord Lurgan met this generous offer in a kindred spirit, and the sum of 1,500 has also been subscribed by his Lordship and the other inhabitants. The other charities are a dispensary and a Union Workhouse. The market, which is held on Thursday, is abundantly supplied with provisions, and is besides a considerable one for the manufacturers of the town and district. Fairs, 5th August and 22nd November.

Town Commissioners for 1861
Lord Lurgan, chairman, Arthur Donnell, W. W. Paul, John Ross, Samuel Rodgers, William Murray, John Hancock, John Hazleton, James McCrory, James Uprichard, George Carrick, John Capper, D. Moore.

Treasurers, the Northern Banking Company; auditor, H. Greer; surveyor and town clerk, H. Rankin, C.E.; collector of rates, John Morrow; inspector of nuisances, town sergeant &c., Bryan Malone; scavengers, Wm. McCorry.

Post Office, Market Street
Miss Dora McLevey, postmistress.

Mails are made up as follows:-

for Lisburn and Belfast, 7.40 a.m.; England, Dublin, South and West of Ireland, Belfast & Scotland, 12.15 p.m.;
Portadown, Armagh, Enniskillen &c., 9.30 p.m.;
Dublin, Belfast & England, 8.45 p.m.;

Letters can be posted 10 minutes later than the times here named by affixing the additional postage stamp, such letters to be given in at the window; deliveries commence at 7.15 a.m., 9.15 a.m., and 1.15 p.m.; on Sunday there is but one delivery at the window till 10 a.m., money orders are granted from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Courthouse, Market street,
Jane Ferguson, keeper

Bridewell, William street,
William Neill, keeper

Union Workhouse, Union street,
Edward Despard, master; Miss Anderson, matron George Ruddell, relieving officer
James Ruddell, clerk.

Constabulary Station,
Neal McCarron, head constable

Dispensary, Market street,
Robert S. Hannay, surgeon

Stamp Office, Market street,
Miss McLevey, sub distributor.


Belfast Banking Company, High Street
William Fairs, manager; Thomas R. Patterson, accountant and cashier; M. S. Wynne, assistant.
Northern Banking Company, Market street,
H. Megarry, manager; T. M. G. Perse, accountant and cashier.
Ulster Banking Company, Market street;
Henry C. Macandie, manager; J. A. Roebuck Cardwell, cashier and accountant;
H. White, assistant.

Railway Station, lower end of William street;
James Wilkinson, head clerk.

Trains leave Lurgan daily for Belfast at 8.05, 10.15 12.27, 5.30, 8.20 and Belfast for Armagh, via Lurgan, 7, 8, 11, 1, 4.30, 9.30; the 7, 1, and 4.30 trains take passengers to Dublin. On Sundays trains leave Lurgan for Belfast at 9.15, 5, and 7.50 and trains leave Belfast for Armagh, via Lurgan, 9, 3.30 and 7.15.

Gas Works, William street,
Manager, J. Thompson; secretary, R. S. Morrow; treasurer, Ulster Bank.

Parish Church, Church Place. Rev. Thomas Knox, rector; Rev. Daniel Donovan, curate.

Presbyterian Church, High street. Rev. Lowry E. Berkley, minister.

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High street. Rev. Benjamin Bayley;
Rev. Frederick Elliott, ministers.

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castle lane. Rev. George Hamilton;
Rev. George J. Cook, ministers.

Friends’ Meeting House, Queen Street

Roman Catholic Chapel, North Street. Very Rev. Wm. O'Brien, V.G., P.P.;
Rev. John Gribben, curate.

Lurgan Young Men’s Christian Association.
President, Rev. M. H. Murphy; vice presidents, William Mahaffy and William Fairly; treasurer, Henry Mathers; secretary, Thomas Hanna; committee, Messrs. Murphy, Mahaffy, Fairley, H. Mathers, William Douglass, McCabe, Harper and Courtney; librarian, W. Douglass.

Mechanic’s Institute.
President, Lord Lurgan; vice president, F. Watson; trustees, Lord Lurgan, J. W. Greer, J.P., John Hancock, J.P., Francis Watson and James Malcolm; treasurer, Dr. Shaw; committee of management, John W. Greer, J.P.; chairman, Lord Lurgan, Francis, Watson, Hugh Watson, John Hancock, J.P., Robert Armstrong, Joseph Murphy, S. A. Bell, James Malcolm, W. W. Paul, Dr. Shaw, William Crossley, Matthew Wells, William Macoun, Wm. Turkington ; hon. secretary, John Hancock, J.P

Friendly Society, There are three of these societies in Lurgan, 1st - The Lurgan Friendly Society, established by the Rev. William P. Oulton, in 1845. 2nd - The Lurgan Power-Loom Factory Friendly Society, established 1860, under the patronage of J. Malcolm. 3rd - The Elbenezer Tent, No. 1,106, of the Independent Order of Rechabites.

Free Schools North Street. Henry Clarke, master; Mrs. Anderson, mistress.

Infant Schools There are two infant schools, one in the demesne, patronised by Lady Lurgan, which is conducted by Mrs. Bullick and the other in Union Street, conducted by Mrs. Murrow.

Lurgan Demesne Cricket Club President, Lord Lurgan; treasurer, John Arthur Roebuck Cardwell; secretary, Wm. Baird - contains upwards of thirty members, and meets for play three times weekly during the Summer months in Lord Lurgan's demesne.

Tullygally School under the Church Education Society - Wm. Verner, master.

Lurgan National School Patron, Rev. L. E. Berkeley; male teacher, Thomas Donaldson; assistants, John Nelson, William Dalton, William Morrison; female teacher, Miss Lowry; assistants, Miss Stewart, Miss Ginn. Music class, Samuel McGowan, teacher.

Dougher National School Patron, Very Rev. William O'Brien; master, William Cullen; assistant teacher, John Marshall ; monitor, Murtagh Kennedy; mistress, Mrs. McKeown; assistant, Miss Ward; mistress, Miss Larkin.

United Church Young Men's Society Hon. secretary and treasurer, W. W. Paul ; librarian, Jas. Collins.

Ladies' Clothing Committee Committee, Lady Lurgan, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Conn, Miss Girdwood, Mrs. Greer, Miss C. Greer, Mrs. Hancock, Miss E. Lockhart, Miss May, Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. H. Watson, Miss Watson, treasurer, Mrs. Crossley.

Penny Savings' Bank President, Lord Lurgan ; vice presidents, John W. Greer, J.P., James Malcolm, Francis Watson, John Hancock, J.P., Thomas R. Patterson ; Bankers, Belfast Banking Company.


Armstrong, Wm., Market street
Boyd, Mrs. M., Market street
Cuppage, Thomas, Silverwood
Douglas, Miss, Grace Hall.
Douglas, Charles, D.L., J.P., Grace Hall
Fforde, Francis, Raughlin
Greer, John Waite, J.P., Woodvale.
Greer, Francis, Wilderness.
Greer, Wm., Wilderness.
Greer, Miss, Wilderness.
Greer, Miss Catherine, Wilderness.
Greer, Henry, North Street.
Girdwood, John, High Street.
Hall, Miss, High Street.
Hall, Miss Jane, High Street.
Hancock, John, J.P., Market Street.
Hazlett, Miss D., Market Street.
Lurgan, Right Hon. Lord, Brownlow House.
Mercer, Henry, Laurel Vale.
Morriss, Wm. B., Market Street.
Overend, Miss, Church Square.
Watson, Francis, Lakeview.
Watson, Hugh, Beechpark.


Gilbert, Jonathan, surgeon and apothecary, Church Square.
Hazlett, John, solicitors, Church Square.
Hanny, R. S., surgeon and apothecary, Market Street.
Knox, Rev. Thomas, A.M., official surrogate and one of the Bishop's domestic and examining chaplains, rural dean &c., Glebe House.
Maclaughlin, Wm. Ross, surgeon and physician.
Morris, Robert, solicitor, High Street.
O'Brien, Rev. Dr., P.P., vicar general, Chapel House, North Street.
Rankin, Hamilton, civil engineer, town clerk and town surveyor; also surveyor to the estates of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, William Street.
Rodgers, Samuel, surgeon &c., Market Street.
Shaw, William, surgeon &c., Market Street.

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