Lurgan 1856
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
Page 4

Paul & Co., woollendrapers, haberdasher, hosiers, hatters &c., Market street
Pelan, James, builder, High street
Pentland, Wm., registrar of marriages

Reilly, Frank, Butcher, Middle Row.
Richardson, J & T., cambric handkerchief manufacturers& bleachers, Springfield
Robinson, John, painter & glazier, Market street
Rogers, Samuel, surgeon and apothecary, Market street
Ruddell, George, wine and spirit merchant and general grocer, Market street
Ruddell, James, poor-rate and income tax collector, Market street
Ruddell, Sam., Spirit grocer, Market street.

Sear, William, auctioneer, surveyor &c., Market street
Shaw, Wm., surgeon and apothecary, Market street
Smyth, John, Publican, Market street
Smyth, Wm., grocer, Market street
Stanley, T.D., Publican, Market street
Starkey, Charles, saddler, Market street
Summervill, Jane, Publican, Castle lane

Taaffe, William, cabinetmaker, Market street
Taylor, Elizabeth, dressmaker, High street
Taylor, James, wholesale and retail grocer, Market street
Thompson, John, reedmaker, Market street
Thompson, Thomas, reedmaker, Market street
Tower, Bernard, woollendraper and haberdasher, Market street

Vance, John, Publican, High street
Verner, Joseph, tailor, High street

Waite, John, Publican, Market street
Warren, Bullick & Co., Linen yarn merchants, High street
Warren, John, sexton and letter carrier, Portadown street
Warren, Thomas, jun., of Warren, Bullick & Co., High street
Watson, Robert, and Sons, cambric handkerchief and damask manufacturers,
Market street
Wells, Matthew, cambric and Linen manufacturer, and pawnbroker, Market street
Wilkinson, James, head clerk and manager of the Ulster Railway station
William street
Wilson, Joseph, and Co., Linen yarn merchants and manufacturers, Market street
Wilson, Joseph, of Joseph Wilson and Co., Derrylodge

Young, James, Market street
Young, S., & Co., Grocers, wine and Spirit merchants, Market street manufacturer, and pawnbroker, Market St

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