Lurgan 1856
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Halfpenny, Hugh, tinsmith and gasfitter, Castle lane
Hamilton, James, butcher and cow jobber, High street
Hannay, R.S., Surgeon and apothecary, Market street
Harbinson, ____, publican, Main street
Harkin, Charles, mason, William street
Harper, Jas., Cabinet maker, William street
Hazelton and Sheppard, cambric handkerchief manufacturers
Hazelton, John, pawnbroker, Market street
Higgins, Wm., haberdasher, & c., Market street
Holmes, Edwd., Mason, High street
Hunter, Thomas, clerk to Lurgan Union, Union street
Hussian, Patrick, blacksmith, Market street

Irwin, Robt., Brownlow Arms hotel, Market street
Johnston, John, brewer and tobacco and snuff manufacturer, High street

Kennedy, James, baker and grocer, High street
Kerr, Andrew Thos., chandler, Market street
Kilpatrick, Wm., publican, Mall
Kinhead, E., milliner and dressmaker, Market street

Lavery, Chas., publican, Portadown street
Lavery, Hugh, night watchman to the Ulster Railway Company
Lavery, Thomas, grocer and manufacturing agent for Wm. Ewart & Sons of Belfast,
Lawson, Alexander, cambric manufacturer, Ballyblough
Lockhart, George, diaper manufacturer, Ballyblough
Lockhart, J., linen yarn merchant, diaper and drill manufacturer, Market street

Macoun, T.L., cambric handkerchief manufacturer, High street and Watson’s row
Macoun, Wm., cambric handkerchief manufacturer, William street and Brownlow terrace
Magee, Charles, victualler, wine and spirit merchant, High street and Union street
Malcolm, James, manufacturer of cambric by power-looms, High street
Mathers, Robert, of Armstrong & Mathers, Market street
May, George, watch and clock maker, Market street
Mehaffy, Wm., boot and shoemaker, High street
Mercer, Henry, publican, High street
Mercer, Sinton, butcher, High street
Midgley, James, reedmaker, Ballyblough
Montgomery, Wm., coach builder & jobbing smith, Market street
Moore, Dunlop, saddler and harness maker, Main street
Morris, W.B., Postmaster and stamp distributor, also clerk of petty sessions, Market street
Munro, Wm., saddler, High street
Murchie, Archd., Tailor, High street
Murphy, Matthew, principal of the Lurgan Academy, High street
Murray, Wm., publican, grocer and butter merchant, Market street

McCabe, Henry, publican, William street
McCaw & Carlisle, linen manufacturers, Tegnavin
McCaw, Robert, of McCaw & Carlisle, Tegnavin
McClure, Wm., wholesale and retail grocery and ironmongery warehouse, High street
McCorry, Charles, linen, lawn and cambric manufacturer, Kilmore
McCorry, James, provision merchant, High street
McCrory, Jane, bonnet maker, Castle lane
McCrory, John, public weighmaster, Castle lane
McFarland, Wm., tailor, High street
McGeown, Patk., Publican, Market street
McKee, James, leather seller and old clothes dealer, Market street
McKeown, Edwd., Publican, Market street
McKeown, Hugh, grocer and leather seller, Market street
McKernan, Hugh, butcher, Market street
McKernan, Richd., Butcher, Market street
McMullan, John, tinsmith & china and delf shop, Market street
McNall, Chas., plumber, Antrim street
McVeigh, Jos., blacksmith, Taffe’s yard

Neill, Wm., Bridewell keeper, William street

Nicholson, James, manufacturing agent for Hazelton & Sheppard, William street
Nicholson, Robt., Publican, William street
Nicholson, Thos., grocer, High street

O’Brien, Charles, Publican, William street
O’Hara, Widow, Publican, Ballyblough

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