Lurgan 1856
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Agnew, Eliza, publican, corner of Castle lane
Alderdice, William, builder, & c., William street
Armstrong & Co., damask manufacturers and cotton merchants, Diliagh vale
Anderson, James, yarn merchant & c., of Joseph Wilson and Co., Market street
Anderson, John E., seedsman, Market street
Anderson, Robert, damask and diaper manufacturer, Lawn mount
Anderson, William, cabinetmaker, Antrim street
Anderson, William, cartwright, William street
Armstrong, Edward, of Armstrong & Co., High street
Armstrong and Mathers, haberdashers, silk mercers, woollendrapers, hosiers, & c.,
Market street
Armstrong, James, & Co., timber, coal, iron, meal and flour stores, Market street
Armstrong, James, of Armstrong & Mathers, Market street
Armstrong, John, High street
Armstrong, Robert, wholesale, and retail grocer and hardware merchant, Market street
Armstrong, Thomas, of Watson, Armstrong, & Co., High street

Bell, Thos. & Co., cambric handkerchief manufacturers, Bellview
Berwick, Anthony, saddler, William street
Berwick, James, baker, High street
Black, John, boot and shoemaker, Market street
Blaney, Jas., Publican, Market street
Bingham, Clements, boot and shoemaker, Market street
Brennian, William, schoolmaster, Castle lane
Brown, Wm., Market street
Bullick, John, wheelwright, High street
Bullick, Moses, wheelwright, High street
Bullick, Wm., of Warren, Bullick, and Co., High street
Burns, Chas., publican, Market street
Burns, Ellen, chandler, Middle row
Burns, John, grocer, Market street
Byrne, Ellen, wine and spirit tavern, Market street

Capper, Hannah, millenery & bonnet shop, Market street
Capper, John, linen yarn merchant, Market street
Carlisle, Wm., of McCaw and Carlisle, Tagnavin
Carmichael, Marmion, reed maker, High street
Chapman, John, coach builder and jobbing smith, High street
Cherry, Andrew, watch and clock maker, jeweler, & c., Market street
Cherry, Joseph, publican, Market street
Clendinning, James, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, Union lodge, Union street
Colvin, Henry, builder, Castle lane
Colvin, James, carpenter, Antrim street
Conn, Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, Market street

Dines, James, old clothes dealer, Market street
Donnelly, Arthur, publican, grocer & c., Market street
Donnelly, William, carpenter, High street
Dornan, John, tailor, Castle lane
Douglass, George, cambric handkerchief manufacturer, Market street
Dougan, James, replevinger for Co. Armagh, rent agent, and proctor, Antrim
Downey, John, blacksmith, Black’s yard
Duffy, James, baker, Castle Lane.

Elliot, John, linen, lawn, and diaper manufacturer, Market street
Ellis, Widow, publican, Market street
Emerson, Thos., publican, Market street
Evans, R.J., Printer and stationer, Market street

Falloon, John, chandler and delf dealer, High street
Ferriss, Ann, entertainment, Market street
French, John, tinsmith, Market street
Fullerton, Edward, publican, Market street

Gaddis, Andrew, publican, Market street
Gaffney, Peter, tailor, High street
Gaskin, John, publican, Market street
Gallagher, Jas., Blacksmith, Castle lane
Gilbert, John, grocer, flint and china warehouse, Market street
Gilbert, Thomas, grocer, Market Street
Gorman, Thomas, lawn and cambric manufacturer, Knocknashane
Gorman, Wm., carpenter, High Street
Green, M., milliner, Market Street
Greer, Samuel, inspector of weights and measures for Lurgan district of Co Armagh,Antrim Street

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