Lurgan 1856
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Town Commissioners for 1856
Lord Lurgan, chairman; James Malcolm, John Lockhart, Arthur Donnelly, W.W. Paul Charles Magee, John Ross, George Lockhart, Joseph Murray, John Gilbert, John Hancock, J.P.; John Hazlett and James Armstrong.

Treasurers,the Northern Banking Company; auditors, H. Greer. Solicitor;T. Pentland.
Bank manager; Surveyor and town clerk, William Sear.
Collector of rates, James Ruddel.
Inspector of nuisances, John Dobson.
Scavenger, Wm. Davis

Post Office, Main street,
Wm. B. Morris, postmaster.

Letters from Dublin, the South of Ireland, and England, arrive every morning at 3, and are dispatched every evening at 9.15.

Letters from Belfast, the North of Ireland, and Scotland, arrive every day at 12.36 and are dispatched every day at 12.44.

Letters from Antrim, and other parts of the North, arrive every evening at 8.40, and are dispatched every morning at 3.15.

Courthouse, Market street,
Jane Ferguson, keeper

Bridewell, William street,
William Neill, keeper

Union Workhouse, Union street,
Wm. McElvey, Master; Harriet McCloskie, mistress;
Clerk and returning officer, Thos. Hunter

Constabulary Station,
Neal McCarron, head constable

Dispensary, Market street,
Robert S. Hannay, surgeon

Stamp Office, Market street,
W.B. Morris, sub distributor


Belfast Banking Company, Market street;
Henry Greer, agent,
Northern Banking Company, Market street,
Thos. Hall, manager.
Ulster Banking Company, Market street;
Thomas Pentland, manager

Railway Station, lower end of William street;
Joseph Wilkinson, head clerk

Gas Works, William street,
Saml. Neill, manager

Parish Church, Rev. Thos. Knos, rector, Rev. Thomas Cosgrave, A.B., Curate

Presbyterian Church, High street.
Rev Thos. Millar, minister

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, High street.
Rev. Wm. Molloy, superintendent;
Rev. Brown; Rev. Kerr

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castle lane

Friends’ Meeting House, Ballyblagh

Roman Catholic Chapel, Back lane, (now North Street)
Rev. Dr. O’Brien, P.P.; Gribben, curate.

Lurgan Young Men’s Christian Association.
President, M.H. Murphy; vice-presidents, N. Douglas, and R. Willey; Treasurer, Mr. Eakins; secretary, H. Mathers; committee, Messrs. Murphy, Douglas, Willey, Eakins, Mathers, A. Cherry, Courtenay, and J. Ruddell; librarian, J. Ruddell.

Lurgan Mechanic’s Institute.
Frs. Watson and John Hancock, Esq., J.P., Trustees.

Lurgan Literary Institute.
Wm. Crossley, Esq., president; Wm. Shaw, M.D., Treasurer
and secretary

Public Subscription Library, in Newsroom,
W.H. Brennian, librarian

Reading Room, over Market street,
W. Shaw, M.D. Secretary

Friendly Society, established 1845.
Rev. W. P. Oulton, and Rev. T. Millar, trustees; James Armstrong, treasurer; Wm. H. N. Brennian, secretary.


Armstrong, Wm., Market street
Boyd, Joseph Hall, Market street
Boyd, Mrs. M., Market street
Crossley, William, Golconda
Cuppage, Thomas, Silverwood
Douglas, Charles, D.L., J.P., Grace Hall
Fforde, Francis, Raughlin
Greer, George, J.P., Woodvale
Greer, Henry, Antrim street
Greer, Miss, High street
Girdwood, John, High street
Hancock, John, J.P., Market street
Hazlett, Miss D., Market street
Lurgan, Right Hon. Lord, Brownlow House
Macoun, John, Linenhall, Moyraverty
Macoun, John, Ashfield, Kilmore
Malcolm, James
Mercer, Henry, Laurel vale
Morris, Robert
Overend, Miss, Market street
Watson, Francis, Lakeview
Watson, Hugh, Beechpark
Watt, Mrs. S., High street


Bell, John, surgeon and apothecary, Main street
Brown, Rev. Mr., Wesleyan minister, High street
Cosgrave, Thos., A.B., Curate, High street
Gilbert, Jonathan, surgeon and apothecary, Market street
Girdwood, Wm., Solicitor, Market street
Greer, Henry, solicitor, Market street
Hazlett, John, solicitor, Market street
Hanny, R.S., Surgeon and apothecary, Market street
Kerr, Rev. Mr., Primitive minister, Castle lane
Knox, Rev. Thomas, A.M., official surrogate, and other of the Bishop’s domestic
and examining chaplains, rural dean, & c., Glebe house
MacLaughlin, Wm. Ross, surgeon& physician to the Lurgan Workshop, Market street
Millar, Rev. Thomas, Presbyterian minister, Manse
Molloy, Rev. Mr., Wesleyan minister, High street
Morris, Robert, solicitor, Market street
O’Brien, Rev. Dr., parish priest, vicar general, Chapel house, Antrim street
Pentland, Thos. manager of Ulster Bank, Market street
Rodgers, Samuel, surgeon, & c., Market street
Sear, William, civil engineer, town clerk and town surveyor; also surveyor to the estates of
the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan, High street
Shaw, William, surgeon, & c., Market street

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