Lurgan 1852
From the Directory of Belfast and Ulster
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Macoun, Wm., linen yarn merchant and manufacturer, Main Street
Magee, Charles, butcher, Main Street
Magee, Charles, publican, Main Street
Maginnis, Catherine, earthenware dealer, Mall
Malcolm, James, linen manufacturer, Main Street
Mathews, Wm., baker, Main Street
May, George, watch and clock maker, Main Street
Mercer, Henry, publican
Mercer, Sinton, butcher, Ballyblough
Midgely, J., reed maker, Ballyblough
Montgomery, Wm., wheelwright and cart maker, Main Street
Moore, Dunlop, tavern keeper, Main Street
Moore, Dunlop, saddler and pawn broker, Main Street
Mullan, Jn., earthenware dealer, Mall
Mullan, John, tinsmith, Main Street
Murchie, Archd., tailor, Middle Row
Murphy, Joseph, linen yarn merchant, Main Street
Murray, Wm., publican, Main Street
Murray, Wm., butter merchant

McCabe, Henry, spirit dealer, Back lane
McCannon, M., stay maker
McCaul, Charles, plumber
McClooney, Jas., publican, Church Square
McClure, Wm., grocer, Main Street
McComb, John, publican, Middle Row
McConnell, Wm., publican, Main Street
McCorry, James, provision merchant
McCorry, James, tallow chandler, Mall
McCorry, John, publican, Main Street
McCorry, John, publican, Main Street
McDonnell, E., bonnet maker, Main Street
McGeown, John, publican, Pond River
McGeown, Patrick, carpenter, Church Lane
McGeown, Patk., publican, Church Square
McGinn, Elizabeth, dress maker, Castle Lane
McGivern, Mary, publican, Main Street
McHaffey, James, shoe maker, Main Street
McKee, Mr., leather seller, Main Street
McKeown, Hugh, grocer and leather seller, Main Street
McKeown, H., publican, Church Square
McKeown, Hugh, jun., grocer, Mall
McKernan, Hugh, butcher, Main Street
McKernan, Hugh, jun., butcher, Main Street
McKernan, Richard, butcher, Main Street
McLinden, Arthur, publican, Middle Row
McNally, M., bonnet maker, Ballyblough
McRory, Jane, bonnet maker, Castle Lane
McStea, John, publican, Main Street
McWhinney, Jn., blacksmith, Main Street

Neill, Wm., inspector of butter and pork market
Nicholson, Robert, grocer, Mall
Nicholson, Robt., publican, Church Square
Nicholson, Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, Main Street

O'Hara, Francis, publican, Ballyblough

Paul & Co., woollen drapers & haberdashers, Main Street
Pelan, James, builder and timber merchant, Main Street

Reilly, Henry W., book seller and registrar of marriages
Reilly, Patrick, butcher, Ballyblough
Ringland, Thomas, insurance agent
Robinson, John, painter and glazier, Main Street
Rogers, Saml., surgeon & apothecary
Roney, John, tallow chandler, Main Street
Ross, Wm., publican, Ballyblough
Ross, John, linen yarn merchant, Main Street
Ruddell, George, butcher and saddler, Main Street
Russell, George, grocer, Church Square

Shannon, James, baker, Mall
Smyth, John, publican, Main Street
Smyth, Wm., publican, Main Street
Starkey, Charles, saddler, Main Street
Summerville, Samuel, publican, Castle Lane

Taaffe, Wm., cabinet maker, Main Street
Taylor, Elizabeth, dress maker, Main Street
Taylor, Jonathan, shuttle maker, Main Street
Thompson, John, reed maker, Church Square
Thompson, Thos., reed maker, Church Square

Vance, John, Star Inn
Vance, Joseph, tailor, Castle Lane

Waite, John, publican, Main Street
Watson, Armstrong, & Co., linen manufacturers, Main Street
Watson, Robt., and Sons, linen manufacturers
Wells, Matthew, linen manufacturer
White, Samuel, shuttle maker, Ballyblough
Wills, M., haberdasher and pawn broker, Main Street
Wilson, Joseph, and Co., linen yarn merchants, Church Square
Wilson, Joseph, linen manufacturer
Wright, Charles, publican, Main Street

Young, James, painter and glazier, Main Street
Young, S. and W., grocers, Main Street
Young, S. and W., publicans, Castle Lane



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