Lurgan Trade Directory 1843 Page 3.
Traders and Merchants M - Z


Malcom, James, Lawn, Cambric and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer, Importer and Dealer in Foreign and Mill Spun Linen Yarns.
Mathews, Thomas, Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Court of Queen's Bench and Exchequer.
Morris, Robert, Esq., Solicitor and Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds to be Executed by Married Women.
Morris, William B., Postmaster and Distributor of Stamps, and Agent to the Protector Fire and Life Insurance Company.
Morrison, James, Linen Yarn Agent and Accountant Ulster Bank.
McCaw, Johnston, Linen and Cambric Manufacturer, Tegnavin.
McCrory, William, Linen Manufacturer, Clare.
McCullough, William, Chandler, Grocer and Tea Dealer.
McKeown, Hugh, Leather Merchant.
McMullan, John, Surgeon.


Nettleton, George, Grain Merchant and Grocer.


Paul, A., Woollen Draper and Haberdasher.
Phillips, John, Surgeon.


Reilly, Henry W., Printer, Book Seller, Book Binder, Stationer and Ironmonger.
Richardson, John & Thomas, & Co., Linen and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturers, Springfield.
Rogers, Samuel, Surgeon, Main Street.
Ross, John, Linen and Linen Yarn Merchant.
Ruddell, David, Linen Manufacturer, Maid Street (Main)


Shaw, John, Manager of the Northern Bank Branch.
Stanley, Thomas, Grocer, Tea Dealer, Seedsman, Dealer in Paints, Oils and Colours, Ironmonger, Hardware, Flour and Timber Merchant.
Stanley, Robert, Grocer and Ironmonger.
Starkey, Charles, Saddler and Harness Manufacturer.


Taggart Moses , Woollendraper, Silk Mercer, Haberdasher, Tuscan and Straw Hat Manufacturer, Boot and Shoe Warehouse - Market Square
Trail, Robert, Woollen Draper, Hatter, etc.


Watson, Henderson, Linen Buyer and Dealer in Linen Yarn.
Watts, Samuel, of Boyd and Watts, Main Street.
Watts, William, Spirit Dealer.
Watson, Robert, Diaper, Damask, Lawn and Cambric Handkerchief Manufacturer.
Watson, Francis, Lakeview.
Wells, William, Woollen Draper, Haberdasher and Hatter, Main Street.
Wells, Matthew, Watch and Clock Maker.
Wilson, Joseph, & Co., Linen Merchants and Dealers in Foreign and Mill Spun Yarns.


Belfast Branch, Messrs. J. F. & H. Greer, Discount Agents.
Northern Branch, John Shaw, Esq., Manager.
Provincial Branch, Thomas Hall, Esq., Manager.
Ulster Branch, Joseph Christy, Esq., Manager.

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