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A Market and Post Town, in the County of Armagh, and Province of Ulster, 67 miles (N.) from Dublin, situated on the coach road from Armagh to Belfast, 13 miles from the former, and 17 from the latter. The history of this town is of an interesting character; and in this sketch we can only glance at its origin, and early history. William Brownlow, Esq., ancestor of Lord Lurgan, was the original founder, at that time consisting of from forty to fifty houses. During the civil war of 1641, the town was burned, and again rebuilt after the restoration. Afterward it was destroyed by the army of James, and its Proprietor declared an outlaw. It was again restored in the year 1690, at which time a patent was granted, to hold a market and fairs, and shortly after this period, important branches of the linen manufacture were established here, viz:—Damasks, diapers, and cambrics, which have continued to flourish till the present time. The trade of this town is rapidly increasing.

The damasks and cambrics manufactured here, are sold in the market every Friday, which is the market day; the other markets are also well attended. The linen cambric handkerchiefs manufactured here, have long been distinguished for their fineness of texture. This Establishment, the property of James Malcolm, Esq., has been countenanced with orders from the principal Nobility and Gentry of the United Kingdom, and gives employment to 150 or 200 people. The trade of Lurgan is facilitated by the intercourse afforded with Belfast by Lough Neagh and the Lagan Navigation; and the Railway now in progress, when carried into effect, will be another stimulus to industry and enterprise. Here are four branch banks, one large distillery, two breweries, and two extensive tobacco manufacturers. The public buildings are, a court-house, newsroom, bridewell, and linenhall. Places of worship, —a parish church, one Presbyterian meeting-house in connection with the Synod of Ulster, a meeting-house for the Society of Friends, one Roman Catholic, and two Methodist chapels. Fairs are held August 5 and 6, and November 22 and 23.

Adjoining the town is Brownlow house, seat of the Right Hon. Lord Lurgan. The mansion is an elegant structure, in the Elizabethan or old English style. The principal entrance is by a spacious gateway; with the family arms sculptured on the top. The demesne is well improved; and approaching the mansion, the visitor is reminded that the situation is happily chosen for displaying its magnificence. The windows and hall door are chaste and elegant. The mansion is richly adorned by a tower, surmounted on the top. The second view, you ascend on the right by a stair, where is an agreeable promenade. Here two beautiful sheets of water, present themselves. They are intercepted by another promenade; the one lake rises ten feet above the level of the other. Proceeding forward, we have a third view;—from here the mansion appears to be erected upon a terrace, the planning of which shows great ingenuity. To the left you ascend by another stair, from the top of which you command an interesting view of varied walks, a tastefully embellished demesne, and beautiful combinations of natural scenery. These walks are open for the recreation of the inhabitants.


The Right Hon., Lord Lurgan, Brownlow house
Armstrong, Rev. John, Watson's row
Cuppage, Thomas, Esq., Silverwood
Cunningham, Rev. Mr, C.C., Back-lane
Douglass, Charles, Esq., Grace-hall
Dobbin, Rev. H., Main-street
Fallon, Rev. Mr, Glebe-house
Hancock, John, Esq., Seneschal, Lurgan
Kidd, Rev. G., Lurgan
Nelson, Rev. John, Watson's-row
O'Brien, Rev. William, P.P., Back-lane
Oulton, Rev. W. P., Main-street
Ogdon, Rev., Lurgan
Waring, The Very Rev. H., Waringstown

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