Lisnamintry Rath ~ An Early Christian Settlement

Lisnamintry Rath

Lisnamintry Rath is situated on the Ballygargen Road, between Lylo and Bleary in Craigavon. It is about 3 miles from Lurgan town. The pathway to the Rath is well kept by Craigavon Borough Council.

The Rath at Lisnamintry is classified as an early Christian Rath or farm settlement, dating from 500 - 1000AD and would have been a site of major importance. It is sited on the summit of a low hill, interspersed with trees, the earthwork still displays much of the original apparent intricacy of the settlement. This Rath or homestead, would most likely have had a wooden defence surrounded by a ditch.

The Rath was built around 500 AD and inhabited by early Christians. The Rath has the same characteristics as the older Hill Forts in the area. The settlement was surrounded by many ditches for protection against any marauders who would try to plunder or attack it. The Rath is also situated on high ground, like many hill forts. This would have given the settlers the advantage if they were attacked, as well as, the sellters being able to see an enemies from a fair distance.

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