The New Linen Factory Houses of 1864 Page 4
Compiled by Ken Austin

Black's Court

McCluskeys Court (Off Church Place)
Clarke, James: House.
McGeown, John: House.
Neill, Daniel: House.

McCorrys Court (Off North Street)
Higgins, John: House.
McStravic, Neal: House.
Magee, William: House.

McGuinnesss Row (Off Edward Street)
Cordner, Anne: House.
McAnally, William: House.
McGuinness, Bernard: House and garden.

McMullan's Court (Off Queen Street)
Adley, Felix: House.

McSteas Court (Off Market Street)
Cameron, Thomas
Carey, William: House.
Hussian, Patrick: Forge.
McCormack, John
McIntyre, James: House and workshop.
McKenna, Henry: House.
McStea, Jane: House and garden.
Murphy, Philip
Rowland, James
Weir, Francis

Mercers Court (Off High Street)
Greer, William H: Store.
Little, John: House.
Mercer, Anne: House and small garden.
Neill, James: House.
Stewart, Anne: House.
Ward, Robert: House.

Nettletons Court (Off Queen Street)
Armstrong, Joseph: House.
Halfpenny, James: House.
Langtry, Samuel: House.
McGinn, Robert: House.
Ross, John: House.
Thompson, John: House.

Nicholsons Court (Off High Street)
Browne, William: House.
Carroll, Sarah: House.
Falloon, Sabina: House.
Hardy, Henry: House.
Leckey, Andrew: House.
Livingston, John: House.
McGeffey, James: House.
McIlreavy, Alice: House.
Stanfield, Margaret: House.
Stewart, John: House.
Waring, James: House.
Warren, James: House.
Wilson, Sarah: House.

O'Hara's Court (Off Queen Street)
Boyle, James: House and small garden.
Cummins, Matilda: House.
Haughey, Adam: House.
Robinson, Hugh: House.
Tate, Mary Anne: House.

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