The Lurgan Gravestone Preservation Project

The Lurgan Gravestone ProjectWe've started this initiative in an attempt to preserve the information on gravestones in and around the Lurgan area for future generations. If you have any gravestone images, we'd love to have them on the website. You can upload them via the form below and we will add them to the website as soon as possible. Please give as much information as possible. If you don't have a photo, but have a Gravestone Inscription, just write it in the details box and we'll add that too. Don't forget to include the security code, which should be typed exactly as it is written in the box provided. Please note that our area of interests ends at around 1960.

If you would like to volunteer to take images from an entire Graveyard, that would be fantastic, but you may need to ask permission first.

We'd like as many people to get involved as possible so we can preserve the names of our ancestors who have made Lurgan the place we all know and love today. All names will also be added to our database, The Lurgan Deaths Index.

The information on this website is free and will always be so. However, there are many documents and records that we would like to show here that are only available for sale. If you would like to make a donation to the Lurgan Ancestry project, however small (or large!), to enable us to acquire these records, it would be very much appreciated. We could cover our pages in Goggle Ads to raise money, but feel that this would detract from the information we are trying to provide. You can also help us to raise money by purchasing some of our ebooks on our sister website:

The Lurgan Ancestry Project is a not for profit website, all monies raised from the site go back into it. Genealogy Ebooks is our sister website and takes payments on our behalf.

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