Lurgan Free School

1795 Register

07 May Collins, Ann 6 E.C. Monbrief Jacob and Bridget
10 Apr Connor, Jane 9 R.C. Turmoyra Patrick and Mary
02 Jan Coyle, Mary 6 E.C.   A Foundling
10 Apr Hagan, Rose 6 E.C. Avenue John and Ann
07 May Hawthorn, Dan 10 R.C. Tegnavon John and Rebecca
07 May Hawthorn, George 8 E.C. Tegnavon John and Rebecca
29 Mar Hughin, Charles 7 R.C. Bally-Blough Neil and Alice
04 Jul Magee, Sarah 6 E.C. Back Lane James and Sarah
10 Apr Martin, James 6 R.C. Lurgan William and Sarah
07 May McKendry, Elizabeth 6 R.C. Pound River Ogle and Ann
29 Mar McKinley, Henry 8 R.C. Back Lane John and Ann
07 May McKinley, John 6 R.C. Back Lane John and Ann
07 May McNiece, Ann 6 E.C. Avenue Thomas and Elizabeth
07 May Miskelly, Mary   Pres Monbrief William and Elizabeth
07 May Reynolds, William 6 E.C. Back Lane William and Esther
29 Mar Simonton, George 8 E.C. N. Road George and Ann

Note: The date mentioned was the date in which the pupil was admitted to the school. EC stands for the "Established Church" namely the Church of Ireland. other churches were termed "non-conformist" as they didn't conform to the official religion. Pres stands for Presbyterian.

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