Edward Street Convent Girls School

1872 Register

22 Jan Lizzie Johnston 5 R.C. John Street Weaver
26 Feb Maggie McDonald 5 R.C. Queen Street Unknown
26 Feb Minnie Lavery 5 R.C. Waring Street Weaver
26 Feb Kate Lavery 4 R.C. Waring Street Weaver
18 Mar Ellen J Murphy 5 R.C. Queen Street Warper
11 Mar Rose Quinn 6 R.C. Arthur Street Baker
18 Mar Minnie McKeown 5 R.C. Hill Street Shoemaker
18 Mar Sarah McCann 6 R.C. Emersons Court Labourer
11 Mar Catherine O'Brien 6 R.C. Ruddell's Row Weaver
08 Apr Elizabeth McCann 4 R.C. Taylor's Row Weaver
15 Apr Bridget Rooney 6 R.C. Silverwood Weaver
29 Apr Bessie Headley 6 R.C. Queen Street Unknown
29 Apr Susan Magee 4 R.C. Kilmaine Street Labourer
29 Apr Jane McKerr 5 R.C. Livingston's Row Weaver
29 Apr Kate Murphy 5 R.C. Kilmaine Street Labourer
13 May Isabella Lavery 6 R.C. Toberhewney Weaver
13 May Annie Hunter 5 R.C. Castle Lane Unknown
06 May Mary A Heaney 5 R.C. Blacks Court Car Driver
27 May Ellen Corr 6 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
06 May Eliza J Birdie 4 R.C. Thomas Street Butcher
06 May Sarah A Heaney 4 R.C. Waring Street Weaver
06 May Rose Finnegan 4 R.C. Castle Lane Labourer
13 May Mary Henning 4 R.C. Arthur Street Weaver
13 May Sarah O'Toole 5 R.C. Queen Street Weaver
13 May Alice Neill 4 R.C. John Street Weaver
27 May Alice Taylor 4 R.C. Castle Lane Unknown
13 May Rose A Henning 6 R.C. Arthur Street Weaver
03 Jun Mary French 4 R.C. Edward Street Tinsmith
03 Jun Ruth McLernon 4 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
10 Jun Emily McConville 4 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
24 Jun Annie Haddock 4 R.C. Brown Street Weaver
24 Jun Maggie O'Hagan 4 R.C. Waring Street Unkown
24 Jun Ellie Higgins 4 R.C. North Street Unkown
17 Jun Isabella Fearon 6 R.C. High Street Farmer
15 Jul Mary A McCann 4 R.C. Shankill Street Unkown
15 Jul Minnie Mallen 4 R.C. Hill Street Weaver
15 Jul Mary McGeown 4 R.C. Edward Street Butcher
08 Jul Maggie Hann 4 R.C. Black's Court Weaver
22 Jul Bridget McSherry 4 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
08 Jul Kate Grimes 5 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
15 Jul Sarah Fleming 5 R.C. Hill Street Weaver
09 Sep Lizzie Creaney 4 R.C. Charles Street Labourer
09 Sep Maggie Heaney 5 R.C. Union Street Chaudler
09 Sep Lissie Crawford 5 R.C. May's Court Weaver
16 Sep Sarah McShane 5 R.C. Waring Street Labourer
09 Sep Emily Hughes 5 R.C. Factory Lane Unkown
09 Sep Sarah Hart 4 R.C. Ulster Street Mason
09 Sep Bridget Seeley 4 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
09 Sep Ellen Heaney 4 R.C. Union Street Chaudler
23 Sep Rose A Crossey 4 R.C. Castle Lane Labourer
16 Sep Mary Toner 6 R.C. Market Street Draper
16 Sep Imelda O'Neill 4 R.C. Church Place Merchant
09 Sep Lizzie Carbery 5 R.C. Clara Street Weaver
09 Sep Annie Sullivan 6 R.C. Black's Court Thatcher
28 Oct Lucy McSherry 4 R.C. Shankill Street Weaver
14 Oct Maggie Geraghty 4 R.C. Hill Street Matter
14 Oct Jane Mulholland 4 R.C. Unkown Unkown
14 Oct Kate McGibbon 4 R.C. Castle Lane Plasterer
14 Oct Mary A Breen 4 R.C. Hill Street Labourer
14 Oct Mary Geraghty 6 R.C. Hill Street Matter
14 Oct Annie Fitzpatrick 4 R.C. William Street Carpenter
04 Nov Minnie McNally 4 R.C. Queen Street Manager
11 Nov Mary Brady 6 R.C. Edward Street Labourer
11 Nov Sarah Mullan 5 R.C. Charles Street Tailor
11 Nov Mary Magill 5 R.C. Edward Street Warper
24 Nov Mary McLeevy 6 R.C. Edward Street Orphan
02 Dec Maggie Connor 5 R.C. Dynes Court Labourer

1873 Register

13 Jan Martha Smyth 4 R.C. Hill Street Labourer
13 Jan Alice McCluskey 4 R.C. Arthur Street Labourer
20 Jan Amelia McCarthy 5 R.C. Edward Street Policeman
27 Jan Bella Melia 5 R.C. Harkins Court Nailer
01 Feb Susan Corr 4 R.C. Waring Street Labourer
24 Mar Alice McStravick 4 R.C. Edward Street Labourer
24 Mar Annie McConville 5 R.C. Arthur Street Weaver
31 Mar Mary McCarthy 4 R.C. Edward Street Policeman

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