Edward Street Convent Boys School

1905 Register

11 Sep Austin Rocks 4/9/02 R.C. Edward Street Tailor
11 Sep Michael Brady 8/9/02 R.C. Edward Street Maison
11 Sep Willie Fegan 7/3/99 R.C. Brown Street Clerk
11 Sep Patrick Fegan 3/9/00 R.C. Brown Street Clerk
06 Nov James McGilly 3/3/98 R.C. Thomas Street Veiner
15 Nov Joseph Fannon 3/6/01 R.C. Clara Street Labourer

1906 Register

02 Jan Willie McConville 1/1/03 R.C. Edward Street Autioneer
02 Jan Patrick Cassidy 4/11/01 R.C. Shankill Labourer
02 Jan Hugh Leathem 3/2/01 R.C. Shankill Labourer
02 Apr Felix McGibbon 3/3/02 R.C. Shankill Labourer
02 Apr Felix McCann 3/1/02 R.C. Clara Street Baker
30 Apr Bertie Benson 1/12/01 R.C. Union Street Clerk
30 Apr Contstantine McMullan 4/4/03 R.C. Castle Lane Car Driver
30 Apr Felix Hendron 8/4/03 R.C. North Street Tenter
30 Apr George McCorry 1/4/03 R.C. Shankill Orphan
30 Apr John Dobbin 2/3/03 R.C. Edward Street Shopkeeper
30 Apr Hugh Thompson 2/5/02 R.C. Mays Court Sailor
30 Apr James Thornberry 11/3/03 R.C. Shankill Veiner
30 Apr James Shanks 7/4/03 R.C. Shankill Veiner
30 Apr Eddie Thompson 6/6/00 R.C. Mays Court Sailor
30 Apr Patrick Neilson 7/2/03 R.C. Church Place Veiner
24 May Joseph Smith 5/5/01 R.C. Castle Lane Veiner
28 May Edward McGivern 5/5/98 R.C. Shankill Veiner
28 May Charles McConville 1/5/98 R.C. Union Street Orphan
19 Jun Richard McCusker 2/4/02 R.C. North Street Clerk
19 Jun Ian Loughran 1/4/02 R.C. Ulster Street Veiner
19 Jun John Thompson 1/5/99 R.C. Silverwood Orphan
19 Jun Edward Thompson 5/5/99 R.C. Castle Lane Veiner
19 Jun Francis McCrory 7/5/99 R.C. Mary Street Labourer
19 Jun James McEvoy 6/5/99 R.C. Allens Row Labourer
13 Aug Patrick Magennis 2/8/03 R.C. Edward Street Barber
13 Aug Joseph Fitzpatrick 5/8/03 R.C. Arthur Street Labourer
13 Aug Joseph Harbinson 21/8/03 R.C. Waring Street Veiner
20 Aug Patrick Brady 15/8/03 R.C. Edward Street Mason
20 Aug Robert Reilly 1/8/03 R.C. John Street Veiner
03 Sep Thomas Sweeney 2/9/99 R.C. Edward Street Mason
04 Sep David Harte 1/9/02 R.C. Church Place Shopkeeper
04 Sep John Harte 4/9/03 R.C. Church Place Shopkeeper
04 Sep James McConville 2/9/02 R.C. Brown Street Weaver
04 Sep Jack McGibbon 10/9/03 R.C. North Street Veiner
07 Sep Hugh McCann 24/9/03 R.C. John Street Veiner
07 Sep Robert Anderson 27/9/03 R.C. Arthur Street Weaver
07 Sep Patrick McMahon 16/09/03 R.C. Shankill Veiner
07 Sep Edward McStravick 3/9/03 R.C. Edward Street Car Driver
07 Sep Willie Craney 12/9/03 R.C. Waring Street Weaver
14 Sep James Toner 27/9/03 R.C. Weavers Row Veiner
14 Sep Stanislaus Johnston 15/9/03 R.C. Shankill Weaver
14 Sep James Lavery 24/9/02 R.C. Waring Street Labourer
19 Sep Peter Devlin 14/9/02 R.C. Lake Street Labourer
19 Sep John Lennon 20/9/03 R.C. Shankill Veiner
19 Sep John Dowds 4/9/03 R.C. Brown Street Weaver
11 Oct David Howey 4/10/02 R.C. Brown Street Veiner
11 Oct Charles Howey 1/10/03 R.C. Brown Street Veiner
11 Oct Peter McGeown 6/10/03 R.C. Shankill Veiner
11 Oct Jim Kelly 10/10/03 R.C. Harkins Court Weaver
11 Oct Willie Seeley 8/10/03 R.C. Thomas Street Veiner
11 Oct Hugh McEvoy 5/10/03 R.C. Allans Row Weaver
11 Oct Francis Carville 2/10/03 R.C. Harkins Court Veiner
11 Oct Patrick McGeown 10/10/03 R.C. Shankill Tenter
11 Oct Vincent McConville 9/10/03 R.C. North Street Weaver
11 Oct John Joe McGivern 4/10/03 R.C. Thomas Street Veiner

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