Dougher Cemetary Gravestone Inscriptions

Shankill Cemetery Lurgan


Erected by Andrew Arthur Donnelly in loving memory of his father Michael Donnelly, who departed this life ?? 1879.
Also their mother Mary Anne Donnolly who departed this life 27th November 1879.
Also their daughter Sarah who departed this life 29 April 1907.



Erected by David Hart of Turmoria to the memory of his beloved wife, Elizabeth, who departed this life, 6th July 1860 aged 51 years. Also the above mentioned David Hart, who departed this life, 13th June 1876 aged 77 years. Also his son Thomas who departed this life, 6th April 1877 aged aged 42?

Erected by Charles Haughy in memory of his wife
Mary Anne Haughy who died ?? August 1850 aged 22 years.
Also their daughter Maria Haughy who died 15 May 1854
aged 5 years. Also of his father
Luke Haughy who died 27 ??? 1874. aged 85 years
And his mother Mary Haughy who died 22 November 1883 aged 93 years.



Erected by William McGibbon in memory of his beloved mother.
Jane McGibbon who departed this life 26 February 1858?
aged 72 years.
Also his beloved father John McGibbon who departed this life 26 June 1865? aged 87 years?
Also the above William McGibbon who departed this life 15th ??? 18?5 aged 57 years.
Also his beloved wife Margaret McGibbon died 20 November 18?? aged 70 years.

In memory of John McNally JP of Lurgan, born 15 August 1833 died 28 May 1908 and his beloved wife Alice, born 4th June 1841, died 30th December 1910 Also their daughter Mary E Josephine born 21st November 1868, died 1st August 1898 and their son Charles Augustine born 6th Feb 1885 died 7th December 1918 Requiscant in pace(LHS) also his daughter Alice Gertrude born 31st March 1878, died 20th Jan 1940. Also his daughter Rosalie, born 20th March 1875 died 17th Jan 1943 And his grandson Cecil Francis Mulgrave died in infancy(RHS) Peter Mc Nally died 1833 Rosanne McNally died 1887 Francis Hugh McNally died in infancy, Requiscant in pace.



In loving memory of Mary Anastasia beloved wife of Charles O'Neill who died 24 August 1910.

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