Court Leet Records for 23 June 1795

Brownlow House

Court Leet of the Manor of Brownlow’s Derry, Lurgan, County Armagh. At a Court Leet held in Lurgan in and for said Manor on Tuesday the 23rd day of June 1795 the undernamed jurors being duly sworn:

1.  John Waite 8.   John Hanna 15.  Edward Turkington
2.  William Coulter 9.   William Langtry 16.  Edward Turkington
3.  George Ruddell 10. Thomas Bunting  17.  William Robinson
4.  Robert Hazelton 11. Henry Gilbert 18.  Henry Gilstane
5.  George Ruddell 12. Thomas Johnston 19.  Thomas Greer
6.  James Boyd 13. John Levingston 20.  Joseph Swinerton
7.  James Byrne 14. John McMurray 21.  Andrew McCollam

Present that the markets in the town of Lurgan be held for the sundry articles hereinafter mentioned at the times and places following:

Yarn                              To be sold between the house of James Malcomson and the house of Edward Burke.
Linen To be sold in the Linen Hall.
Potatoes      To be sold between the house of John Hickey and the house of John Pentland, the market for same and all corn and grain to begin at the hour of twelve.
Oat-meal  To be sold both wholesale and retail in the lower part of the Session-House – the wholesale market to begin at 10 o’clock in the forenoon and end at 1 o’clock same day – the market for retaining oatmeal then to begin – and all grain to be sold in said Session-House or as near to it as possible. 
Flesh Meat     By town butchers to be sold in the Shambles. By country butchers from Henry Gilbert’s to Thomas Johnston’s.                    
Fish  Either to be publicly hawked or laid down for sale at the place where the late Market House stood. 
Fowl & Eggs   To be publicly hawked on the street. 
Cheese & Butter  To be sold between the house of Thomas Overend and the house of John Harris. 
Stalls & Stands  Of all kinds to be set up between the houses of Dr. Dowglass and Thomas Overend. 
Cows & Swine  To be sold at the usual places. 
Weights & Measures  We present that weights and measures with the Exchequer seal be provided and lodged with the proper officer for the purpose of regulating the weights and measures used for buying and selling in the town of Lurgan according to law. 

WE PRESENT that the present beam and scales be moved to the end of William Watt’s house for weighing oatmeal, corn, grain and dry goods and one other beam and scales to be erected at the head of the Shambles for weighing beef, butter, tallow, hides, etc.

WE PRESENT that public weighmasters may be appointed and sworn to do their duty according to law.

WE PRESENT the six persons undernamed to be overseers of the markets’ weights and measures, they or any three of them to act as a market jury in aid and assistance of the Seneschal to put laws in due force, viz. Thomas Johnston, Thomas Bunton, James McGowan, Jnr., Charles Dobbin, Peter Johnston, Robert Hazleton.

WE PRESENT the killing of flesh meat in the public Shambles to be a nuisance and to be abated being contrary to law.

WE PRESENT the sheds in the Mall to be a nuisance and to be abated and taken away, being a receptacle for filth and idle disorderly people to the annoyance of the neighbourhood.

WE PRESENT that horses remaining in the street of Lurgan and feeding thereon on a market day during market hours in said town is a nuisance and to be abated.

WE PRESENT the march fence in Cornikinegar to be sufficiently fenced and scoured from Henry Corner’s fort to Fergus McVeagh’s march before the twentieth day of July next and we appoint Arthur McCann and Patrick Heaney overseers to have the same property executed. Each defaulter to pay one shilling per perch. William Macoun, presenter.

WE PRESENT the march fence between George Hewitt of the one part and Roger Magoun and David Hamilton of the other part leading from Samuel Hewitt’s bog to the River Closet to be sufficiently scoured six feet wide and five feet deep in the space of four weeks after notice given. Each defaulter to pay the sum of eighteen pence per perch. Samuel Hewitt and Thomas Thompson overseers. Samuel Hewitt, presenter……

True copy from the Court Roll.

J. Greer.

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