Aghagallon Cemetery Gravestone Inscriptions

Seagoe Cemetery


1792. This stone was erected by Arthur Doyle in memory of
4 of his children. viz. Henry, Arthur, Catherine and John
who all died young.



Erected in memory of Samuel Elliott who departed this life
17th August 1831. Aged 22 years.



The burying place of Samuel Falloon of Ballinderry. 1860.

Erected by Elizabeth Falloon of Aghagallon in memory of her loving husband Abraham Falloon who died 24th August 1873, aged 60? years. Also the above mentioned Elizabeth Falloon who died 29th January 1899 aged 84 years. Also her son Charles Falloon who died 2nd September 1909 aged 73 years. Also their son James Falloon who died 3rd August 1922 aged 80 years.

Here lyeth the body of Owen Falloon who died April 23rd 1765 aged 72? years. Also Mary Falloon his wife, who departed November 12th 1776? Aged 50? years.



Here lyeth the body of Margaret Gilbert who departed this life May 29th 1782? Aged 32 years.



In loving memory of Anthony Lavery who died 13th June 1903 aged 70? years. Also his wife Margaret who died 9th April? 1906 aged 68 years. Also their daughter-in-law Mary Lavery who died 23rd September 1925? aged 23? years.



Henry McCorry of Whitehall who died 23rd May 1898? aged 74 years. Also his beloved children. Mary Agnes McCorry died 10th? April 188? aged 5 years? His son James P. McCorry died ?? August 1923 aged 40 years. Also his wife? Elizabeth McCorry died 9th? March 1931 aged 88 years. Also his daughter Elizabeth McCorry died ?? March 1938 aged 64 years.



(Left Panel) Erected by Thomas H. Rollins in memory of his father John Rollins who died, 14th March 1873 aged 82 years. And his mother Ann Rollins who died 16 May 1873 aged 75 years. And his brother William Rollins who died 15th November 1854? aged 26 years. Also the above named Thomas H. Rollins who died 27th February 1878 aged 44 years.

(Right Panel) Erected by John Rollins in memory of his beloved wife Ann Rollins who died 12th October 1872 aged 75 years. And his son John Rollins who died 23rd July 1869 aged 38 years. Also the above named John Rollins who died 8th February 1883 in his 83rd year.



Erected by John Thompson in remembrance of his father John Thompson who died 9th June 1868 aged 72 years. Also his mother Mary Thompson who died 25th December 1875 aged 79 years.

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