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22 April, 1845  


On Monday, the 14th inst., Mr. HENRY, of Tassagh, one of the coroners for this county, was through some inadvertance caught by the hand in his own mill, and but that he had the presence of mind to extricate it in- stantly, the consequences would have been serious. Dr. COLVAN of Armagh, and Surgeon LEEPER of Keady, were immediately called in, and after consultation decided on amputating three of the fingers. Mr. HENRY's case was not without danger, but we are happy to learn he is now doing well.



STATE OF ARMAGH WORK-HOUSE FOR THE WEEK ENDING APRIL 19TH.--Admitted 24; remaining last week, 457; discharged and died 25. Total 456.



The Lord Chancellor has been pleased to appoint the follow- ing gentlemen magistrates upon the recommendations of the lieutenants of the respective counties named :--Charles Boyle, Esq., for the county of Monaghan ; Thomas Carty, Esq., for the county of Louth ; Alexander Creichton, Esq., for the county of Sligo ; Joseph Holmes, Esq., for the King's County ; Edward Anderson, Esq., for the county of Down; P. W. Filgate, Esq., for the county of Louth ; Thomas C. Fitzgerald, Esq., for the county Louth ; Robert Calwell, Esq., for the county of Down ; Henry D'Arcy, Esq., for the county of Tyrone.

His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has promoted LOUIS ANDERSON, Esq., of this county, to the rank and pay of Second County Inspector, from the 12th Inst.



On Friday last between the hours of three and four o'clock in the day, a fire broke out in the flax mill which is partly worked by steam, belonging to Mr. John Hutcheson, of Killycairn, near Markethill; and notwithstanding every exer- tion the premises were burned to the ground. The damage done by the accident is estimated at about £600. We have not heard whether the property was insured or not.

In this city, on Tuesday last a fire was discovered in a house in Irish-street, which owing to its contiguity to flax stores, would have been very serious, but for the timely aid of Head Constable Lodge and his party who were promptly in attendance, and who with the water-engine succeeded in ex- tinguishing this flame.



At a meeting of the Commissioners of this city last week, Wm. Paton, Esq., suggested that the several Insurance Com- panies who had offices in Armagh, would contribute to keeping the water-engine in repair, or to the purchase of another, or an additional hose. It would be very desirable that Mr. Paton's suggestion be carried into effect immediately, and we think each office should contribute in proportion to the business done in the city.



A petition in favour of this line, lies for signature at Mr. M'Water's, English-street. A good number have already affixed their names, and we are sure when our friends reflect upon the importance of the project to the city and country generally, that they will embrace the opportunity.



To be SOLD, by Unreserved AUCTION, AT AVON LODGE, the late Residence of MA??R SHAWE, deceased, on WEDNESDAY, the 23d day of APRIL, Instant, THE FURNITURE, which comprises every thing suitable for a small House, is of a good description, and in nice order. For particulars see posting bills. Interest in about seven Acres Town Parks, which is in the highest state of cultivation, and at present under Crop--there are two Gardens thereon, also under Crop, and tastefully ??d off--Green-house Plants, and beds of choice and valuable Flower Roots ; with a Dwelling-house for Steward or Gardener, and Offices. THE FARM STOCK--One Milch Cow, newly Calved, to- gether with her Calf; one ditto, a Springer ; four Heifers ; three Pigs of a particularly good breed; Donkey ; Donkey-cart and Harness ; Garden Roller, and some Farming Tools. Also an Easy Chariot, built by Hutton, in good order. Sale to commence at eleven o'clock a.m. J. T. ANDREWS, Auctioneer. Avon Lodge, Armagh, 10th April, 1845.



At Rokeby-green, Mall, in this city, on the morning of Mon- day the 14th inst., Mrs. John M'Connell of a daughter.



April 12, in Donaghmore Presbyterian meeting-house, by the Rev. Verner M. White, of Liverpool, Maxwell, youngest son of the late Thomas Simpson, Esq., Beechhill county of Ar- magh, to Mary, second daughter of the late Samuel Martin, Esq., of Longhorne, county of Down.

April 15, in St. Thomas's church, Thomas Smyth, Esq., Solicitor, to Alicia Rachel, eldest daughter of the late Jeremy Marsh, Esq., Captain 90th regiment.

April 16, at Clonakilty Church, by the Rev. John Quarry, the Rev. Horace J. Townsend, of Seagoe, in this county, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late Richard N. Somerville, Esq., of Baltimore, county Cork.



On the 16th inst., at Woodpark, Lucinda Margaret, eldest daughter of Acheson St. George, Esq., Treasurer of this County.

On the 17th inst., in Lower English-street, in this city, Dr. Bampfield, Surgeon in the 32d regiment of foot, aged 64 years, leaving a widow and four children, one of whom is in the first royals. His remains were yesterday conveyed to the grave yard of St. Mark's, and interred with military honours.

On the 20th inst., after a short illness, at Tullymacone House, near Keady, in the 77th year of her age, Miss Ann M'Bride. She was a steady and consistent member of the Wesleyan Me- thodist Society, and received the inestimable blessing of re- demption in the blood of Jesus--the forgiveness of sins--lived under its salutary and saving influence for the space of 50 years, and died rejoicing, with the assured confidence and blooming hope of a glorious immortality.

On the 21st inst., at Portadown, Mary Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Sinnamon, Merchant, aged 73 years; de- deservedly [sic] regretted by a numerous circle of friends and relatives.



Upon the night of Sunday the 13th inst., WM. CRAIG, the only son of a respectable farmer, was shot dead through his sleeping-room window, in the townland of Killyfort, about the hour of nine o'clock, whilst in the act of undressing for bed. The ball entered under the left arm and passed through his body. The only reason that can be assigned was, that Mr. CRAIG was about to occupy the land himself, and had some of his house- hold furniture brought there the day before the murder. Two men named LEONARD were seen loitering about the place, and one of them having a gun, he was repeatedly heard to say he would deal with any person who would attempt to interfere with the holding. At an early hour the following morning Constable GIBSON, of Blacklion station, and his party, together with A. C. KERR, of Holywell, proceeded to the scene of outrage and had HUGH LEONARD arrested on suspicion, whom they immediately brought to Holywell barracks, leaving him in charge of Sub-Constable MALCOLM, waiting the result of the coroner's inquest. Next morning he escaped from the barracks after knocking Sub-Constable MALCOLM down. After a close pursuit of half a mile he was retaken. LEONARD was then com- mited to gaol for the homicide, and also for the assault on Sub-Constable MALCOLM.
From a Correspondent.



JOHN CUMING, Esq., has returned from London, where he had been staying some time on Railway business.



On Friday last, MERVYN ARCHDALL, Esq., M.P. left Enniskillen for London, to resume his parliamentary duties.



The Rev. Robert Haig begs to acknowledge having re- ceived a letter by post, without a name, containing one pound, to be distributed among the poor of Armagh.



At Enniskillen church, on the 15th day of April, William Archdall, Esq., High Sheriff of the county of Fermanagh, and second son of Edward Archdall, Esq., of Riversdale, to Emily Mary, eldest daughter of the Hon. and Rev. J. C. Maude, rector of Enniskillen. The ceremony was performed by the Hon. and very Reverend the Dean of Clogher.

BRIDESMAIDS.—The Misses Maude, Misses Archdall, Misses Missses [sic] La Touche, and Misses Young.

There were also present at the cermoney [sic], the Hon. Mrs. R. Maude, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Archdall, the Hon. and Rev. J. C. Maude and Mrs. Maude, Rev. Mr. B. Brooke, Mrs. Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. Wybrants, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Richardson, the Hon. Mr. Hewitt, the Hon. Capt. Maude, Capt. Archdall, M.P., the Rev. Messrs. H. Tottenham, C. Maude, H. Archdall, N. White, and H. Burke, Messrs. P. Tottenham, F. La Touche, N. Archdall, and M. C. Maude. The party afterwards adjourned to a dejeuner at Chanter Hill, whence the bride and bridegroom took their departure foa [sic] Aughavea, the residedce [sic] of the Rev. B. Brooke.—Fermanagh Reporter.




Tuesday being the first day of Term, the Courts were opened with the usual formalities. At one o'clock the Lord Chan- cellor entered the Court of Chancery, and, having taken his seat on the bench, the following gentlemen, having been pre- viously sworn in the Court of Queen's Bench, were called to the bar:--

Ralph Smith Cusack, Esq., second son of Wm. Cusack, Esq., of Kildare-street, in the city of Dublin. John French M'Gee, Esq., second son of J. F. M'Gee, Esq., late of Belfast, in the county of Antrim. * Edmond Jordan, Esq., seventh son of Miles Jordan, Esq., late of Rosslevin Castle, in the county of Mayo, deceased. * Michael Andrew Rorke, Esq., youngest son of A. Rorke, Esq., of Tyrellstown, in the county of Dublin. Robert Augustus Warren, Esq., eldest son of Richard Benson Warren, Esq., of Leeson-street, one of her Majesty's Ser- geants-at-Law. James Church, Esq., eldest surviving son of John Church, Esq., late of Oatlands, in the county of Londonderry, deceased. Frederick William M'Blain, Esq., second son of David M'Blain, Esq., of Newry in the county of Armagh, merchant. Joseph Farran Darley, Esq., third son of William Darley, Esq., late of St. John's, in the county of Dublin deceased. * Edward Dwyer, Esq., only son of Thomas Dwyer, Esq., of Lower Mount-street, in the city of Dublin, solicitor. Joseph Hoare Reeves, Esq., second son of Thomas Somerville Reeves, Esq., of Tramore, in the county of Cork. Mathew William Forde, Esq., eldest son of Arthur Forde, Esq., late of the Hon. E. I. C. Civil Service deceased. John Willington, Esq., eldest son of James Willington, Esq., of Castle Willington, in the county of Tipperary. Thus marked * are Roman Catholics.



TO BUILDERS. PROPOSALS will be received for the enlargement of the Parish Church of BALLYMORE, at Tandragee, ac- cording to Plans and Specifications prepared by the Architect to the Ecclesiastical Commissionors [sic], and which may be seen on application to the Rector, the Very Rev. the Dean of TUAM; or to either of the Churchwardens, on or after THURSDAY, 17th APRIL, instant. (Signed) HENRY JOHN PORTER and RICHARD TROTTER, Churchwardens. Tandragee, April 15, 1845.



J. T. ANDREWS HAS been favoured with instructions to Sell by Unreserved AUCTION in Mr. WILTSHIRE'S Hotel Yard, Armagh, On TUESDAY, the 13th of May next, at One p.m., the fol- lowing superior Purely-bred Cattle, being the extra Stock of Sir JAMES M. STRONGE, Bart., of Tynan Abbey, consisting of SEVEN COWS, ONE THREE YEAR OLD HEIFER, TWO YEARLING BULL CALVES, and ONE SUPERIOR BULL, FIVE YEARS OLD. The Bull is by Mr. MURDOCK's celebrated Short-horned Bull, Brampton, out of a Durham Cow imported from England.-- The greater number of the Cows are in Calf to him, and the Yearling Bull Calves and Heifer are by him, out of English imported Cows.--Terms at Sale. 16th April, 1845.




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