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12 August, 1845  


A sum of £361. from the Constabulary fund has been awarded to the widow of the Sub-Constable (Riddler,) who was accidentally shot at Ballina [Co Mayo] on the 17th instant.



Heath v. Heath. BEFORE DR. MILLAR, VICAR-GENERAL. The arguments in this cause were so voluminous as to render it utterly impossible for us to do more in a weekly journal than state the bare facts. On Tuesday, (as we stated in our last,) Dr. Gayer resumed his arguments for the Impugnant, dwelling at great length on the causes that induced Mrs. Heath to separate from her hus- band, citing several high authorities, human and divine, on the nature of the matrimonial contract as well as the judg- ments of ecclesiastical courts. When Dr. Gayer had con- cluded, the usual papers were put in, and the celebration of the marriage having been admitted, the depositions of Frederick Rogers and James Johnston were given as to the separation, when Mr. Stanley, proctor for the Impugnant, read the evi- dence of the witnesses examined as the cause of Impug- nant’s separation. Among those were the depositions of Mr. and Mrs. Cope and several others. To annul the testimony of Boyle and Best, the depositions of a number of persons were read.

The whole of the evidence was then re-read by Mr. Barrett, proctor for Promovent. Ross S. Moore, Esq., one of counsel for Impugnant, then addressed the court in a speech of considerable ability, observ- ing on the cruelties alleged to have been practised by Promovent to Impugnant, and citing authority which went to prove that a separation between husband and wife, might, under certain cir- cumstances, be voluntarily entered into.

The court was shortly after adjourned to Wednesday. On Wednesday Sir Henry M????th, replied in a speech of nearly four hours, commenting on the nature of the evidence adduced. He concluded by leaving the case to the sound judgment of his Honor. It was then announced that judgment would be delivered on Tuesday, the 12th of August, until which day the court was adjourned.



From the First Day of November next, THAT desirable Residence, Killeen Cottage, with 17-1/2 Acres of prime Land, within One Mile of Armagh, on the Markethill Road. For particulars, apply to Dr. LEEBODY, Portadown ; or Mr. BOYLE, on the Premises.



On Wednesday, the 23d instant, sub-constable Dooris, of Augnacloy, arrested a woman in Fintona, who had, on the 20th November last, in company with a man, stolen from Eleanor Hadden, of Aughnacloy, a quantity of wearing apparel. The woman had been lodging in the house during the night, and absconded with the articles. The sub-constable, from the de- scription which had then been given of her, arrested her on sus- picion, and brought her before Hugh Moore, Esq., at Aughna- cloy, when she was identified by Hadden, and committed for trial to our gaol on the same day.



MR. THOMAS HAMILTON, (FROM KING’S-STREET, GLASGOW,) BEGS to announce to the Citizens of Armagh and its vici- nity, that he will open an ESTABLISHMENT in the above line, at No. 47, MARKET-STREET, ARMAGH, on THIS DAY, (TUESDAY,) where he hopes, by moderate prices, and the excellence of the articles he will offer for Sale, with attention to business, and punctuality and despatch in all his dealings, to secure a share of patronage and support from an enlightened and discerning public. 47, Market-street, Armagh, July 26, 1845.



The crop of flax this year in Ireland will, it is supposed, produce about 39,000 tons, valued at nearly £2,000,000, a sufficient quantity to afford exportation to France, Belgium, and America.



On Thursday last an inquest was held at Armagh gaol by GEORGE HENRY, Esq., Coroner on the body of ROBERT L. THOMPSON, a lunatic, who was found dead in his cell that morning. Dr. ROBINSON having fully explained the cause of his decease; a verdict was returned to the effect that deceased came by his death from natural causes brought on by the same dis- ease of the brain which produced lunacy.

On Friday the 8th instant, another inquest was held by G. HENRY, Esq., Coroner, on the body of ELLEN HOGAN, wife of ----- HOGAN of Ballytruddan, who died suddenly the evening before. Some malicious persons had created a rumour of foul play towards the unfortunate deceased, and FRANCIS STRINGER, Esq., landlord of the soil, Mr. KELLY, Sub-Inspector of Police, JOHN QUIN, Esq., Solicitor, and Dr. COLVAN attended the in- quest, also Dr. CLARKE of Blackwatertown Dispensary. After a full and patient investigation of all the circumstances, and a searching post mortem examination by the Medical gentlemen, it was found that the poor woman who had been for some time delicate, had died of conjestion of the brain, and by no violence whatever.



MR. J. COOPER, FROM ENGLAND, VICAR-CHORAL of ARMAGH CATHEDRAL, BEGS to inform the Nobility and Gentry of Armagh and surrounding counties, that he TUNES, REPAIRS, and MODERNIZES PIANO-FORTES, making them equal to when new ; and he hopes by attention and expedition to merit a share of public patronage. Seraphines and Accordions Tuned and Repaired. Vicar’s-Hill, Armagh.


On the night of the 4th instant, some miscreants broke into the cow-house of a man named Peter Richard, near Castleshane [Co Monaghan],and with some sharp instrument houghed his milch- cow, the only one he had for a large family.—Northern Standard.



A revenue policeman, named James Jennings, is under a rule of bail to abide his trial at the ensuing assizes, for having caused the death of a woman, the wife of David M’Hale of Killala [Co Mayo], and her infant child, by pulling her out of bed on the floor while pregnant, under pretence of searching the room.

Two Revenue police, of the Ballyconnell [Co Cavan] station, were apprehended, and marched into the County Jail, on Saturday last, charged with the murder of the late Mr. Gallagher, of Ballyconnell (under-agent to Colonel Enery,) and also for being members of the Ribbon Society, otherwise Molly Maguires. It is rumoured, that they were arrested upon the evidence of the two men who were sentenced to be transported, at the last Assizes, for serving a threatening notice upon Mrs. Burke, of Bawnboy.—Ibid.



RESULT OF THE EXCISE PROSECUTION OF MESSRS. SMITH, THE DISTILLERS.—This long-pending case has at length been brought to a close. It appears that Messrs. Smith have paid into the hands of Mr. Goodall, chief collector of the Eastern division of the Excise department, the sum of £10,000, with an understanding that all prosecutions pending on either side are to be withdrawn.



The first meeting of our new commissioners was held yester- day in the Market house. On the motion of George Barnes, Esq., seconded by James Bennett, Esq., Thomas Dobbin, Esq., was elected chairman. Mr. Cochrane, was re-elected clerk, and Mr. Gardner appointed treasurer.

The commissioners resolved to meet again on yesterday fort- night to inquire into the conduct of the watchmen and the per- son who has the management of the pipe water, and to receive proposals for the watching, cleansing and lighting of the town.

On the motion of Mr. Thomas M’Cann, seconded by Mr. Curry, Mr. M’Mahon was re-appointed Cess collector.

The Chairman said there were a number of public works in operation by the late Commissioners, he wished to know if they were determined to carry them on ? The Clerk enumerated the works referred to, which were ordered to be proceeded with without delay.

Proposed by Counsellor Robinson, and seconded by Mr. Scott, and passed unanimously : “That the thanks of this Board are justly due, and are here- by given to Mr. Wm. Paton, chairman, and the ohter members of the late Board of Commissioners, for the very efficient and satisfactory mode in which they discharged the duties of their respective offices.

Mr. M’Cann wished to draw the attention of the Board to a matter of incalculable benefit to the city of Armagh. He referred to the subject of the Irish Colleges. He thought there ought to be a petition forwarded from the Board to get one of those Colleges erected in this city. Counsellor Robinson said it would be of no use for them to do any thing on the subject as that was all settled already. The Chairman, said he had had a conversation with the Rev. Dr. Crolly, and Mr. Paton on the subject that morning, and they were of opinion that if the influence of the Lord Primate, and their own as well as other influences of importance were to be exercised, something might yet be done to make Armagh the site for a new College. Mr M’Cann said that the Rev. Dr. Crolly had spoken favor- ably of the bill to his congregation on the previous Sabbath, and he was certain, that an individual like Dr. Crolly, being the head of the Catholic Church in this kingdom, would do a great deal with the government. It was finally agreed that a petition be forwarded to the government from the board, requesting of them that they should make Armagh the place for one of the provincial Colleges. A number of bills were then passed, and the Board adjourned to that day fortnight.



The number of Irish emigrants who have arrived at St. John’s [Newfoundland] in the month of May, and up to June 27th, was 4,555. The Anne, of Donegal, with 96 passengers, was detained at the quarantine ground, there being four emigrants ill on board. Five vessels were expected from Cork, and one from London- derry, containing emigrants. Letters had been received from the government emigrant agent at Cork, stating that more emigrants may be expected. The average passage of vessels was 43_ days in May, and 44 in June.



A Superior Bright Bay Cob,(15 hands high,) with first-rate action. He is trained to SAD- DLE and HARNESS, and is gentle in his temper—will be Sold subject to a Veterinary opinion. For particulars apply to Mr. WM. LILLYMAN, Veterinary Institution Scotch-street, Armagh.



Last week we copied a paragraph from the Dublin Evening Packet, that two men of the Revenue Police of Ballyconnell, had been committed to Cavan Jail, accused of the murder of the late Mr. J. Gallagher. We have now to state that, upon a full investigation of the matter, so satisfactory is the proof of their innocence, that upon the facts being laid before Judge Crampton, he ordered them to be discharged on the lowest bail, two sureties in ten pounds. The people of Ballyconnell, of all persuasions, felt the injustice done to the Policemen, and have expressed their high opinion of the Revenue Police party, and of its loyalty and fidelity.—Erne Packet.



This long-pending case has at length been brought to a close. It appears that Messrs. Smith have paid into the hands of Mr. Goodall, chief collector of the Eastern division of the Excise department, the sum of £10,000, with an understanding that all prosecutions pending on either side are to be withdrawn.



On the 25th ult., at the Parsonage, Moy, the Lady of the Rev. John Leech, of a son.



In Clennanese Presbyterian Church, county Tyrone, Hamilton Boyd, Esq., of Lynchburgh, Virginia, North America, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Kinnear, of Lower Clennanese, near Dungannon.

In Loughgall Church, by the Rev. Savage Hall, Mr. J. Benson, of Annahue Cottage, to Ruth, eldest daughter of the late Mr. George Palmer of Whengrove, both of this county.

On the 6th inst., in Jonesborough Church, by the Rev. R. Henry, Mr. George Dick, of Forkhill, to Miss Eliza Carpenter, of Jonesborough.

On the 7th inst., in the Lisburn Cathedral, by the Rev. P. Neilly, the Rev. Thomas Fitzgerald, to Lilly Ann Maxwell, step-daughter of William Thompson, Esq., M.D., and Physi- cian to the County Antrim Infirmary.



At Charlemont-place, Armagh, on Tuesday, 29th ult., Miss Jessie Paton, second daughter of James Paton, Esq., of Ayr, Scotland, aged 22. Her remains were taken to Ayr for inter- ment.

On the 29th ult., at Brookeborough, aged 84 years, Doctor John West, the oldest medical practitioner in Fermanagh.

On Monday evening, 29th ult., at Willoughby-place, Enniskillen, at an advanced age, Mrs. Betty, relict of the late John Betty, Esq., Cappy.

On Sunday evening last, Mr. Thomas Joshua Jackson, son of Thomas Jackson, Esq., governor of the asylum, Armagh, aged sixteen years, sincerely and deservedly regretted.

In Enniskillen, aged 44 years, Jane, the beloved wife of Wm. Trimble, Esq., Proprietor and Editor of the Fermanagh Reporter. Throughout life her acts of charity to the needy and Christian kindness to all, endeared her to an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances. In her character shone those superior graces which adorn the sex—she was kind, humane, tender, affectionate, and her loss is a source of sorrow to many who experienced her maternal care. In the more important relations of life she acquitted herself honourably— attached, as a wife ; loving, as a parent ; sincere, as a friend. During the last two hears her health was delicate : and on Saturday morning at one o’clock, that God whom she served so steadily on earth, called her to himself in heaven. Released from pain, she has entered upon an everlasting reward, and happy is she that believed.



THE DWELLING-HOUSE, TENEMENT and PREMISES, in Upper English-street, in the City of Armagh, lately in the occupation of Mr. THOMAS CRAIG, and held by Lease for ever, at the Yearly Rent of £36 18s. 5-1/2 d. These Premises are in the most perfect order, and comprise a most commodious Dwelling-house, Tan-yard, complete in every respect, with extensive offices, and an excellent Garden ; and from their immediate proximity to the intended termini of the Belfast, Coleraine, and Omagh Railways, they afford a most excellent opportunity for opening an Hotel, or any other business. For further particulars apply to JOHN STANLEY, jun., Esq., Solicitor, Armagh.



WE, the undersigned Inhabitants of the City of Armagh, request that you will, at the earliest opportunity, call a Public Meeting of the Inhabitants, to consider the propriety of forwarding a representation to Government of the peculiar ad- vantages which this City presents as a site for one of the proposed Provincial Colleges for Ireland. THOS. DOBBIN, J. P., Chairman of Commissioners. GEORGE ROBINSON, GEORGE SCOTT, THOMAS M’CANN, J. BENNET, jun., JOHN M’PARLAND, ROBERT BARNES, JOHN CORRY, JAMES STANLEY, THOS. K. EVANS, GEORGE BARNES, WM. BOYD, FRANCIS M’KEE, ALEXANDER GIBSON, R. COCHRAN, jun., SAMUEL GARDNER, THOMAS KIDD, J.P.

In compliance with the foregoing requisition, I hereby request a meeting of the Inhabitants, at the Market-house, on Thursday next, the 7th instant, at one o’Clock, p.m. WILLIAM PATON, Seneschal. August 4, 1845.



At a meeting of the Board of Guardians on Tuesday last, for the purpose of appointing a clerk to the union in the room of Mr. FRAZER, who resigned the office, Mr. JOHNSTON was elected by a majority of six.



We have to announce to day, a very melancholy accident on the line of our Railway. It is satisfactory, however, to know that the distressing occurrence was owing to no neglect or fault of any party. On the side of the Railway, beside Farm Hill, not far from Dunmurry [Co Antrim], in the direction of Belfast, slips of the bank frequently took place, and, in consequence, workmen have latterly been employed in removing the projecting parts of the bank altoghether. One of these men, named M’Cleery, we believe, a servant of Mr. J. Carmichael, Derrycor, was employed in this work and had charge of his mas- ter’s horse and cart. At the 9 o’clock down train, yesterday morning, approached the place where the work is going on, the horse made a start, and the man held him firmly to prevent his moving. Unhappily the halter broke, as we are told, and poor M’Cleery stumbled just as the engine was forward. He was struck by it or one of the carriages, and was so dreadfully injured that he survived but a few minutes. We believe he was steady, industrious man, and has left a wife and four children. While the accident so awfully deprived him of his life, is greatly to be deplored, the public must feel gratified that our Railway management is not thereby implicated.—Ibid.

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