The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory

QUEEN STREET - Odd Numbers

House Number and Occupant

Runs from end of High Street
to Avenue Road

Malcolm Road Junction

Queen Street Methodist Church

11 McClean, Robert H Hairdresser
13 Hobson R. Confectioner
15 Ferris, Richard
17 Williamson, George
19 Best, Ernest W
19a Best & Co. J.A. Fancy Box
Manufacturers, Modern Printing Co.
21 Bryans, Samuel
23 Harland, James
25 Rollin, James
27 Addis, George H
29 Magee, John A.
31/33 Goorwitch's Cut Price Centre

Foster Place Intersects

35 Hall, Ruby
37 Thompson, Samuel
39 Gibson, John J.
41 Crozier, William J.
43 Watters, William
45 Ferris, Minnie
47 Stewart, James
49 Elliott, Ethel
51 Flannagan, William F.
53 McCollum, John Linen Manufacturer
55 Fulton, Ernest Hardware
57 Logan, John G. Newsagent
59 Cousins, Christina Confectioner
61 Hobbs, Alexander
63 Smyth, Samuel
65 Castles, B., Monumental Sculptor
65a Hickling, Henry
65b Langridge, Frank
65c Woods. Thomas J.
Warp Knitters, Ltd. Saracen Ltd.
67 McCullough, WesIey, Home Bakery
69 Stewart, Samuel Provision Merchant
71 Connolly, Lucy
73 Crozier Thomas
75 Logan, Mrs M., Queen Street. Sub P.O.

Moores Court intersects

77 England, James
79 Bushe, Alexander
81 Hobbs, Mary E.
83 Gracey, Francis
85 Maureen's, Greengrocer
85a Crozier, Eric
87 Mulholland, Anna

Flush Place intersects

Continues as Avenue Rd.


Queen Street,  Lurgan

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