The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory


House Number and Occupant

N.I. Housing Trust Estate

Runs from Russell Drive
to Ardboe Drive

1 Brodison, Samuel
3 Turkington, Thomas H.
5a Smyth, Clare
5b Toland, Thomas
5c McKeown, Teresa
5d Eady, Francis C.
7 McGeown, Bernard
9 Brady, Edward
11 Brady, Francis
13 Tweedie, James B.
15 McIlwaine, Joseph
17 Gillespie, David
19 McStay, Gerald
21 McCollum, William
23 Archer, L. Stanley
25 Patience, Thomas J.
27 Hamilton, Thomas B
29 McGibbon, Raymond
31 Girvan, James
33 McGrann, James
35a Cordner, Ellen
35b Stevenson, Walter
35c Nelson, Samuel
37 Smyth, Patrick A.
39 Somerville, Thomas
41a McStay, William P
41b McKeown, Margaret
41c Anderson, Emily F.
41d Hamilton, Robert P.

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