The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory


House Number and Occupant

Runs from Church Place to to High Street

1 Lipton, Ltd.
1a 3rd Lurgan Group Boy Scouts
1b Lurgan Youth Club
3 Campbell & McGibbon, House Furnishers
3a Watson, Fredk., Cabinet Mkr..
5 Malcolmson, Ltd., John, Undertaker
7&9 Carson & Co., Ltd.
9 Houston & Beaumont, Architects
11 Dowey, D. J.
15 Bridgett, T.
17 McNabb, William R, Ph.C.
19 McKinney, Jas., Butcher
21 Dobson, Susan M., Publican
23 Wilson, Samuel A., BELFAST SAVINGS BANK
25 McAreavey, Joseph, Publican
27 Northern Bank
39 Milliken, Williarn H. G.
41 Foster's Cinema Office
43 McCaughey, Albert
45 Wright, Florence, Butcher
47 Malcolmson, Edward, Outfitter
49 Gilpin, Thomas, Boot Merchant.
51 Corkins, Hse. Furnrs.
53&55 Irwin, John Boot Merchant
57 Dobson, Margaret Publican
59 McDowell & Son, Ltd., Boot Merchant
59a Red Robin Restaurant
61 Smyth, Cecil
63 Palmer, James W., Grocer
65 Bridgett, Thomas
67a Turkington, J. J.
67b Brown, James
67c Funston, Robert J, Insurance Broker

Here Union Street intersects

2 General Post Office
4 Baxter, Walter Ph.C.
4a McConkey, E.L., Grocer
6 Foye, Mona, Jeweller
8 Pentland, Harold
8a Stewart, James. Printer
10 Kerr, Evelyn M..General Outfitter
10a Lavery William, Greengrocer
12 McKeown, Henry, Tobacconist and Stationer
12a Gardine, Mary T., Milliner
12b Milling, Iris, Dressmaker
14 Ulster Bank
16 Magowan H. & J.
18 Kelly, George, Greengrocer
22 Uprichards, J. & J., Drapers
24 McCluskey, Jos, G.. Ph.C.
26 McDonald, John, Newsagent
28 McKavavagh, Patrick, Publican

Here Castle Lane intersects

30 Electricity Board N.I. Showrooms
32 McMurray, William. Newsagent
34 Kerr, Robert. Ph.C.
34a McCullagh 36 Hall, John W., Grocer
38 Gilchrist & Son, Ltd., John. Drapers
38a Bleakley, Jackson A., Architect
40 Magurran Ltd., Hardware
42 The Cake Shop
42a Whelan W. R.
42b Lurgan and Moira R.D.C.Office
42c Rosser, Ronald. Solicitor
44&46 Menary Bros., Drapers
48 Brownlow Armas Hotel Mrs. A. McCaffrey
WOOLWORTH & Co., Ltd., F. W.
50 Dougherty & Co.,F., Drapers
52 McMahon, Austin, Outfitter
52a Livingstone, Charlotte The Central Cafe

Here Windsor Avenue intersects
Market Street

Market Street, Lurgan

Market Street, Lurgan in the early 20th century

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