The 1959 Lurgan Street Directory


House Number and Occupant

Runs from Market Street to Queen Street

Union Street intersects here

1 Hobbs, Joseph Butcher
1a Kelly, James F, Ladies Outfitter
3 Uprichard, Hugh, Hardware Merchant
5 Hanna Bros., Plumbers
7 Herbert, Margaret
9 McKerr, Bros., Drapers
11 Stewarts Cash Stores, Ltd
Patterson, John, Wholesale Merchant.
13 Robert Graham & Co Auctioneers (Mahon, Joseph)
13a Hayes & Co., Solicitors
13b County Armagh Welfare Commitee
13c Maguire, Herbert, Store
15 Hurst & Son, Ltd., Seed Merchants
17 Calvert, Ernest, Accountant
17a High St. Methodist Church
19 Buckley, William F.
21 Russell, William: Estate Agent & Valuer
21a Thompson, Mary
23 Wade, Herbert
25 Williamson George, Electrician
25a Abercromby's Home Bakery
25b Callaghan, Chas., Builder and Contractor
25c McDonald, John
27 Buckley, Samuel Grocers
29 Buckley, William E.
31 Allen, Thomas H.
33 Gracey, William, Grocer and Home Bakery
35 Murray, James A.
37 Corner, Mary
39 Gracey, George
41 Old Ministry of Labour Offices (vacant)
43 Johnston, Jane
45 Pedlow, Dr. Robert
45a L. M. PRESS LTD. Printers
47 McNutt, Dr
49 Shane, Dr. William
51 Malcolm, Mary J. W.

Here Malcolm Road intersects

Queen Street Follows

Here Windsor Avenue intersects

2 Cowden, Clarence A.,
2a Cooper & Collen, Chemists
4 Davis, Andrew, Confectioner
6 Morrow, Frederick, Boot and Shoe Merchants
8 Magarrell, Thomas. Confectioner, Newsagent
10/12 Addis, George, H.Fruiterer
14 JOHNSTON, SON & CO.,LTD., William,
Hardware Merchants
14a McConnell, John A., Accountant
16 Dowey, John R., Butcher
16a Phillips, Robert
16b Niblock, James Photographer
18 Hutchinson J.P.
20 Robinson & Son, R.
20a Elliot & Co., J, Hemstitchers
22 Anderson, R.
22a Lynn, Elizabeth
24 Uprichard & Shilliday Grocers
26 Moffitt Win. J., Hardware and home furnishing
28 Turkington, John J., Draper
30 Fairfield, S.C. Stationer and Fancy Goods
32 Boston, James, Jeweller
34 Thompson Evelyn, Draper
36 Regal Pharmacy (L.A. Kerr) Ltd.
36a Devlin, Jean, Ladies Hairdresser
36b Mcllroy, K., Electrical Engineer
38 Buckley, S. H. W., Draper
40 Campbell & Son, Builders
40a Wilkinson & Co. Lurgan Ltd., Maurice,
Fibre Goods Factory
40b Elliott, & Co., J. Hemstitchers
42 McCullough, Elizabeth J.,Home Bakery
44 Hancock, David, Hairdresser
46 Kernoghan, Gertrude
48 Carrick, Joseph M.L.
50 Jefferson Agnes
50a Parkinson, James
52 Davidson, James H
52a Archer, Victor, Boot Merchant
54 Garvey, Ltd., James, Grocer
54a Gracey & Co., Hemstitchers
54b Lurgan Block Printing Co.
54c Best & Co., William, Reed Manufacturers
54d Burns Nan, hairdresser
56 Forbes, Walter. Optician
56 Sands, John, Chiropodist
58 O'Neill, Isabella, Dressmaker
60 Henderson Dr. Francis E
60a First Lurgan Presbyterian Church

Here Watson's Lane Intersects

62 McNabb W. Queen's Pharmacy
64 Windsor Laundry
64a Carson, James
66 McIntyre Robert J., Home Bakery.
66a Cunningham, James L.,Tyre and Sales Service
68 Cunningham, James, Wine Shop
70 Percy, J. H., Cycle Agent
72/74 McAvoy, David L., Motor and Cycle Dealer

Johnston's Row Intersects

76 Sparkes, John F
78 Sparkes. Richard
80 Hobbs, Thomas
82 Uprichard, Martha
84 Hill, Albert
86 Uprichard, William R.
88 Kirk, Margaret J. A.
92 Society of Friends House
92a Marshall Thomas J.

Queen Street follows

High Street Lurgan

High Street

High Street in the early 1900's

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