Lurgan Church Cess Records - 1693

Church Cess was an annual local tax imposed upon every family in a parish to help defray Church of Ireland obligations. While the Church of Ireland was bestowed with many material advantages, many onerous obligations to the parish poor and indeed to other concerns fell on the shoulders of the Vestry. Each family in town and country was assessed on its apparent potential to contribute to the local tax which might well be regarded as corresponding to the latter-day Poor Rate. The disputes which arose as a result of this assessment are not the concern of this article. Suffice to state that local taxes paid to the representatives of one religious denomination could not have been popular affairs.

In the list which follows, ninety-nine household heads are detailed for Lurgan town. But it would be imprudent to assume that there were therefore only ninety-nine families dwelling in Lurgan, in 1693, since every population unit contains families and individuals unable to contribute to a social obligation, viz. the blind, the very aged, the incurable, the crippled and the orphaned.



Mr Robert Martin 0s - 10d
Mr Nath McCormick 0s - 6d
Madam Babersham 1s - 0d
William Bell 0s - 6d
John Porter 0s - 6d
Leit. Smith (Thompson) 0s - 4d
Thomas Kain 0s - 4d
James Fforbus 0s - 3d
Widow Compton 0s - 4d
Alice Thamie 0s - 6d
George Hoyle 0s - 8d
Thomas Walker 0s - 10d
George Fox 0s - 8d
Jo. and Thomas Turner 1s - 0d
John Clarke 0s - 2d
Henry Semple 0s - 4d
Torronce Murphy 0s - 6d
Widow Johnston 0s - 4d
William Taylor 0s - 8d
Bryan Gaynir 0s - 8d
Widow Blackburne 0s - 4d
William Wallace 0s - 4d
John Hamilton 0s - 3d
Alice Matthews 0s - 8d
Henry Ginniffe 0s - 8d
John Hoyle 0s - 6d
Thomas Mulligan 0s - 4d
John Wilson 0s - 4d
John Neis (or Neir) 0s - 3d
Ezokiall Bullock 0s - 6d
George Bullock 0s - 6d
Henry Mizror 0s - 4d
Widow Hamilton 0s - 4d
Alex Spence 0s - 6d
Henry Douglas 0s - 6d
Charles Kaine 0s - 6d
John Porter 0s - 6d
James Allen 0s - 3d
Thomas Johnston 0s - 4d
Thomas Bunting 0s - 3d
William Spence 0s - 3d
William Marshall 0s - 6d
Thomas Taylor 0s - 3d
John Addyson 0s - 2d
Henry Spence 0s - 6d
Widow Lawllis 0s - 4d
Widow Barrab 0s - 6d
Widdow Hodgson (Robert) 1s - 0d
Thomas Turner 1s - 0d
Saudard Ssi-b (Lennon) 0s - 8d
Alex Patterson 0s - 3d
William John Smith 1s - 0d
John Titterington 1s - 0d
Ambrose Hodgson 0s - 4d
Thomas Wanwright 1s - 0d
James Morton 0s - 6d
Robert Hoop 1s - 0d
William Porter 1s - 0d
Lawrence Hobbs 0s - 6d
George Straitton 0s - 6d
Francis Wallace 0s - 2d
Geroge Leggatt 0s - 4d
John Lawtherdale 0s - 6d
George Johnston 1s - 0d
John Donaldson 0s - 6d
Thomas Trimble 0s - 4d
William Loggan 0s - 6d
William Waddy 0s - 6d
Richard Bamber 0s - 8d
William Hall 0s - 8d
Sandard Shiols 0s - 8d
Jacob Turner 0s - 8d
William Roley 0s - 6d
John Hoop 0s - 10d
Widow Matthews 0s - 3d
Robert Robinson 0s - 8d
William Robinson 0s - 4d
John Hoath 0s - 9d
James Jamison 0s - 2d
Shane O'Neill 0s - 3d
Dorby Maglaughlan 0s - 2d
Thomas Pattison 0s - 2d
Widow Walker 0s - 4d
Widow Haddon 0s - 3d
William McMahon 0s - 4d
William Brooks 0s - 10d
Butcher 0s - 2d
Robert McCowan 0s - 2d
William McMurray 0s - 6d
Widow Clarkson 0s - 3d
Robert Richy 0s - 3d
George Slowall 0s - 4d
Mason 0s - 2d
John Turkington 0s - 4d
William King 0s - 8d
Alec Noble 0s - 4d
Broggor 0s - 2d
William McCiorr 0s - 2d
Thomas Walker 0s - 4d

Our thanks to Frank McCorry for the use of this information.

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